Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing is an internet-based virtual service that includes large numbers of remote servers that are networked to allow and support centralized storage of data, and also online access to computer resources and services.

We at Exato are working with cloud computing services providers like AWS. Amazon’s AWS is the biggest public cloud computing platform and we are one of its partners to provide our clients worldwide with the best cloud computing solutions. The enterprises that use cloud computing can share the resources for computing and storage rather than building, operating and improving the infrastructure on their own.

With cloud computing, the following features can be accessed:

  1. Resources can be provisioned and released on-demand by the users.
  2. Depending upon the load the resources can be easily scaled up or down.
  3. With a network that is properly secure, resources can be accessed.
  4. Some cloud service providers have started to enable the pay-as-you-go model. In this model, the customers are charged based on the type of resource that they are using and per user.

There are three types of clouds:

  1. Private Cloud
  2. Public Cloud
  3. Hybrid Cloud

There are three service models of clouds:

  1. Infrastructure as a service
  2. Platform as a service
  3. Software as a service

AWS, Amazon web services, is a cloud computing platform that was developed and then launched in the market by Amazon in the year 2006. They started to offer IT services to the market that too in the form of web services that is nowadays known as cloud computing.

Why Amazon Web Services?

The services that are hosted on the clouds can instantly spin up so many servers in minutes and can ensure fast results. In amazon web services the users pay only for the services that they use, there is no one-time fee for all the services. AWS follows the pay-as-you-go payment scheme, and that is why most of the people who are using cloud computing services and cloud-integrated services. There are no hidden costs, no long-term commitments and all that makes it the most cost-efficient and most preferable cloud computing service provider in the whole world.

AWS Services


VPC stands for Virtual Private Cloud and it allows the users to build a virtual private network inside AWS that is completed with subnets, NAT gateways, VPN connections, routing tables, groups that are responsible for the security and much more. Everything that a user may expect inside their own data center is available inside AWS.

When a user first enters the dashboard of the VPC, they will see some terms that they are already familiar from, the terms like subnets and routing tables, there may also be some terms that might not be so familiar, terms that are not so common and can be hard to understand for people who don’t know much about this sphere are described below:

  1. Security groups allow the users to set the inbound and outbound firewall rules and guidelines on their network.
  2. Internet gateway can be described as a service that allows the EC2 instances in public subnets to access the internet.
  3. Nat Gateways these are used to access the internet too.
  4. Elastic IP’s Fixed IP addresses that can assign to an EC2 instance.


It is the short form for Elastic compute cloud. It offers a virtual machine for the users in the cloud. It has got some tricks up its sleeves.


It stands for a relational database system. There are a number of exciting features in RDS such as cost efficiency and capacity of resizing. AWS uses this feature in many ways to manage data.


AWS(Amazon Web Service) identity and access management(IAM) is a web service that helps users securely control and access to AWS for users. The enterprises can use IAM to control who can use their AWS resources for their users. By using IAM the enterprises can create granular access control policies for their users, their coworkers, or the resources that are being used within their AWS account, they can access only the stuff that is actually needed.

Our Expertise

Exato is among the trusted partners of AWS globally. Below are some points that will show how the clients can be benefitted from our expert solutions:

  • ● The consumption of AWS than all other AWS partners has been activated by Exato. We have experience and skills that help our clients to build, integrate, secure and govern all the solutions that are based on the AWS cloud system and devices.
  • ● We at Exato Software are dedicated to helping our clients to modernize their applications since 2000 and we try to combine the skills and experiences of our team members with our cloud expertise so that our clients can realize the results.

We at Exato Software give cloud-scale solutions for the analysis of data that can help our clients in integrating data and business processes. In our team we have:

  • Many AI developers
  • Many service providers who are highly skilled and experienced
  • Experienced Analytics Professional
  • A large number of analytic system enterprise clients
  • Many Data engineers who are skilled and experienced enough to meet the demands of the IT industry

Apart from the services mentioned above Exato also renders the following mentioned ones:

Dynamo DB / RDS-

Amazon DynamoDB, a fully-managed database service of NoSQL type that renders fast as well as predictable performance along with seamless scalability. It lets the user offload the administrative responsibilities of operating along with scaling a dispersed database so that the users do not need to worry about setup, replication, cluster scaling, hardware provisioning, configuration, and software patching.


Lambda is an AWS compute service and one which is serverless. It runs the code in acknowledgment of the events and manages the underlying resources of compute automatically for the user. One can use Lambda in order to extend other services of AWS along with custom logic, in fact, one can also create his/her own back-end services which will operate at the scale, security, and performance of AWS

Cloud watch

CloudWatch service of Amazon is one monitoring as well as management service that renders data along with actionable insights for hybrid, infrastructure resources, AWS, and on-premises as well. With CloudWatch, one can collect plus access all the performance along with operational data in the form of metrics and logs from one single platform.

Elastic Beanstack

Elastic Beanstalk service of AWS is one easy-to-use service that helps in deploying as well as scaling the web applications along with the services that were developed with .NET, Node.js, Ruby, Docker, Java, PHP, Python, and Go, on well-acquainted servers, for example, Nginx, IIS, Apache, and Passenger.

Application services(SQS, SNS, SWF, SES)-

The mentioned name of the services SQS, SNS, SWF, SES are the most popular and most useful services for applications provided by amazon web services.

Why Choose Exato?

We are a team of exceptionally hard-working professionals who work to make your data safe and secure using the best and newest features of amazon web services so that the client’s organization can compete with the market and take the success of companies to new levels. We are a trustworthy platform for data management in the cloud and have been extremely time as well as cost-efficient for years.

We have a combined team experience of more than a decade and surely understand the ups and downs of the technology industry and its impact on the market. Cloud application development is on the boom because of its high functionality and we work hard to take out the best from Amazon web services so that your organization’s credentials can be made interactive, safe and secure storing huge amounts of data at the same time.