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Ecommerce website development trends 2020

Ecommerce, ever since it started, proved repeatedly that this is future of doing business. Even after skeptical and precarious response from many enterprises the E-commerce solutions gained trust and popularity as viable, economical, and efficient way of reaching buyer and increasing sales. Right from its onset and till today there have been regular changes in ecommerce website development and even in future these changes will keep coming thick and fast. Market is never static the forces that affect market keep it ever-changing bringing forth new patterns in behavior and trends. The advent of ecommerce is now unanimously heralded as major turning point that changed the game entirely.
Since market keeps on changing even if it is online market, the ecommerce website development services need to stay a step ahead to cater emerging trends. The emerging changes in buyer’s behavior, taste and choices eventually demands development of new features and sharper ecommerce website development services to match the expectations of businesses and customers. Let us have a look what new 2020 may bring in ecommerce websites and what their implications would be.

Augmented reality

This should create biggest wave of change in ecommerce websites in 2020. Right now AR is important feature of B2C websites of enterprises and companies dealing in certain types of products – the products that can sell easily and better if website can create a real-like visualization in buyer’s mind. But AR can be most efficient tool for increasing sales and convincing buyer online for companies dealing in different types of products as well.

Companies have already sensed the capability of AR and its significance in turning visitor into customer. Companies in large numbers are gearing up with readiness to invest extra which shall see more number of websites using AR in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

More use of AI for personalization strategy and identifying market patterns is another trend which will be in forefront in 2020. Companies are investing on having a well-laid AI strategy for customer segmentation and offering products and services based on customer segment. It is giving more personal feel to buyers and also generating stronger trust over online selling. AI can play a vital role in other areas as well like stronger customer relation and brand identity which were solely dependent on email, text messages and targeted social media campaigns.

Voice commands

Ecommerce solutions taking instructions through speaker will become more prevalent or rather expected to become essential in 2020. The Voice control feature itself is also expected to become more efficient capable of handling long narrations accurately. This feature is expected to become more common because people are becoming more habitual of using phones every day. The smaller screen and using phone on the go can be bothering if they need to type. Hence voice commands are handy if they can search items even approximately correctly. Using any B2C website with voice command feature is far more convenient and it will bring more enhanced versions of the feature in 2020.

Options for social payment gateways

Today social media platforms are coming up with their payment gateways as well. Initially it was just Paypal that was providing an option to make online payments but now google and facebook are also providing their payment gateways along with whatsapp, Applepay etc. These online payment gateways with better offers and extra offers over transactions will encourage B2C websites to incorporate their APIs of payment gateway to attract more customers. Social media gateways also make website more popular as market reach of social media handles also adds-up and increase their popularity.


Although not every enterprise may start this quickly but this is certainly a trend if not for 2020 exactly, than for future. Amazon is offering shipping of products through drone. Drones through google maps can identify shortest routes and ecommerce companies offering any such or similar shipping options can become first choice of buyers who value time of delivery over other factors. However as mentioned this may not see any substantial growth but is certainly a trend for future.


Full stack web development is currently buzzword for IT companies and professionals. Use of enhanced technologies, software and tools in designing is emerging strongly and is expected to grow faster in 2020. Use of attractive fonts, illustrations and images, and colors will become trend in 2020. Better designing tools may improve screen space management and developers can leverage efficient designing for providing more options. Presentation of products will become better substantially which will boost-up use of online B2C website even more. Responsive designs capable of handling foldable screens will be trendy in website designing.


Ever since its advent this technology is no less than storm and its sure to trend more in 2020. Blockchain provides free flow of information that has proved bliss for supply chain management. With every participant having access to real time information of every point this technology will share more responsibilities in ecommerce. Any best web development company would extend its efforts to provide blockchain in its service range for websites dealing with variety of products. Full stack development with blockchain and AI in place is formidable combination for users and most attractive USP for IT companies.

Online support

Better options like chatbot etc. would surge for providing better online help and support to users. In case of ecommerce websites this trend will be on a steep rise to accommodate users from all walks of life with ease. Online support in local languages is also given a thought. Our company is working untiringly to bring out online support system beyond chatbot. The major aspect that may change in near future or in 2020 is making online support system more effective than just hi-tech. Companies may not get fancied by a real techhie solution straightaway, but would stress more for a solution that is effective, even if it is with use of traditional tools.

Along with development there can be immense change in designing as well. Web-apps already in trend since 2015 may see more upward movement in terms of technology and also numbers. These are browser based hence no downloading and provide functionality and speed of an app. With more ecommerce sites security features will also trend in 2020 providing secured transactions and safety of information.