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What Added Value Can A Mobile Application Development Company Deliver To A Product Owner?

The development of a product owner’s enterprise frequently requires the development of a product app to meet certain particular requirements. Whether you own a new company, an SMB, or a huge company, you need to have an edge over your rivals not exclusively to survive but additionally to take your company ahead in the recent competitive conditions. Your development depends generally on your technical ability. Thusly, the selection of the latest technology turns out to be extremely fundamental.

This means that you, as an entrepreneur, need not spare a moment to embrace the latest software trends. This is best accomplished by collaborating with a dependable software development services supplier or hiring a group of expert designers from such an organization. As well as giving custom arrangements, a reliable software development company would uphold continuous development needs and add esteem to all phases of item development.

The development of a mobile app development company depends on the growth of the software product. Moreover, the general requirements of the organization are generally its ladder to success. To improve the general process, one can hire reliable mobile app development services from an expert professional mobile app development company.

As a software product development business, you should think about following the latest software development trends for profitable results. For accomplishing something very similar, you can hire an iPhone application developer or a leading iOS application advancement team. However, as a business owner, you need to understand the essentials of increasing the value of any software product with the help of custom software development solutions.

Product Owner Responsibilities

The role of product owners is so essential since they are solely responsible for monitoring and managing the tasks identified with application development. They are additionally responsible for the final features integrated into the application. Picking up a mobile application development company is also a crucial task for product owners.

There is a standard term in the market that is called Scrum Team, and it was derived from another term Scrum Framework that permits a group to focus on a common objective to deliver a profitable and unique result. The product owner is the most essential individual from the Scrum Team. One thing you should note it has some similar features to agile development methodology. Below are some major responsibilities of the product owner:

Product’s Vision

Managing Product Backlog

Setting Up the Priority in Product Backlog

Managing the Product Development Stages

Prediction of Client’s Requirements

The Need for Value Addition

It doesn’t make any difference whether you are a star-up or a well-settled organization; for having the edge over your core competitors and taking the business forward, esteem expansion is an important requirement. In this way, to enhance the association or bring to a product owner, some additional components are required. For a similar reason hiring an iPhone app development company can be a great help. The reason behind this is technical support can do wonders in bringing rapid changes. The current time needs to adjust to the modern age of cutting-edge technology as quickly as possible.

As a business owner, it is advised that you need to adapt to the latest trends and technologies. It tends to be effectively accomplished as a team with a mobile application development company. Here you need reliable technical support that can bring value to the organization. The business holder should guarantee that the service provider should follow the right methodology organized appropriately. Before hiring any application development company, the product owner should run a background check about their services.

Tech-Stack Upgradation

Technology impacts all things, even our life too. In this quick-moving world, technology and trends can change for the time being before you understand you should remain updated constantly as an item proprietor. According to the current world’s prerequisites, you need to continually redesign your items to meet your clients’ necessities. It is ideal to take the assistance of programming item improvement administrations to overhaul the technology stack.

By offering the new functionalities, your competitors that incorporate new and old ones can break your association with your current client. Also, it could be conceivable that with the current product, the clients might be disappointed and your current technology stack has a few limits. All these reasons are sufficient for changing to another technology stack from the current one.

Product Engineering

Automation is one of the most smoking and most encouraging patterns. One of its drawbacks is fewer manual mistakes. It helps in streamlining and improving the interaction and helps in diminishing the overhead costs. Assume you have a web product that for its robotization; a web development company with a proven track record would be an incredible assistance. The item design required if-

In less duration, the benefit is required.
Need to take your business to the new or next level.
Searching for exploiting the furthest down the line advances to expand the business development.
Here the specialists will help you in regards to all your item designing requirements and increase the value of the business.

Server Optimization

For storing a lot of information, fundamental data, and other technical tasks, the server is required. It contains the information base. Similarly, the prerequisite of moving the information base or any revision, worker enhancement is fundamental for which custom Android application development company will help you all through the interaction. In the accompanying situations, you can profit the worker improvement administrations from a web advancement organization –

There is a need for appropriate maintenance and support
You need to move your existing services to the latest solutions, for example, distributed storage.
When you need to expand the features of the server.


The product owner is the most dependable individual and has a few liabilities for product development. There are a few brands in the market where that compete with one another in terms of cost, features, and functionalities. Because of the extreme competition, there is a requirement for expansion, which should be done in different ways. Probably the best solution is to hire an application development company that will help product owners for value addition to the brand.

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4 ways to mobilize your business

How often do you use your smartphone during the day? When do you wake up while waiting in line at the cafe when you receive a message? The fact is that we already live in a digital world where everything exists within the dim blue light. This includes your company.

Every business, without exception, must be present on consumers’ mobile devices. This also applies to small businesses, as their products and services are also in demand in the digital world. This is how a business, regardless of its size, can become mobile.

1. Take your website for a mobile test.

This is not just a recommendation, but a requirement: Your website should be optimized for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. If you are not sure that it meets this condition, it is easy to test it without having any technical skills. Just open your website on your desktop or laptop, and then on your smartphone or tablet. If the size of the text and images changes according to the screen size, then you have hit the ten. If not, it’s time for a change. With adaptive design, your website will not only be functional on mobile devices. You’ll be able to optimize it more efficiently for Google and attract more visitors.

2. Use mobile advertising.

Using a mobile advertising program is another important tool to reach your potential customers. Why is this so? You should be aware that not everyone who is interested in your product is looking for it directly through their mobile device. Mobile ads attract this type of customer. For example, if you have a pizzeria, these ads will appeal to people who simply use the keyword “pizza” for Google search and are located in your area.

To be able to really stand out from your competitors and maintain your market position in the long run, take advantage of a mobile application, created especially for your business. It will help you to develop your mobile marketing strategy through direct messages to users, creating a virtual zone, depending on the location of the user, links to social networks and many other tools.

3. Mobilize your customers

When building your mobile presence, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Do a survey to find out how “mobile” your competitors are. Find out exactly what attracts new customers to your business and what makes them come back again. This information will be the basis for the creation of your mobile website and mobile application.

As we illustrated earlier, your customers use their smartphones almost constantly – take advantage of this. Using a mobile app and a mobile website at the same time will help you keep them as well as make them loyal to your business. Let them get the most out of what your company has to offer directly on their mobile devices.

4. Be adaptable and use a native application.

Adaptive web design is the basis for winning customers in the mobile space. When someone opens a web browser on their mobile device and uses Google search, your adaptive website and therefore your business will be easily found. A native application created specifically for the respective platform such as Android or iOS, for example, will make the customer come back for more. It is at the heart of building customer loyalty.

A native app will allow you to retain customers. You just have to use its presence on their mobile devices for maximum effective marketing. While lining up in the cafe, for example, you receive a message on your smartphone that after two more purchased coffees, you will receive one for free. Guarantee that you will go again!

Take advantage of the opportunities of the digital world by providing your business with a competitive place in it. Consumers already hold mobile devices in their hands. Make them build a solid relationship with your business through them.

Take the first step towards building a mobile website and mobile application for your business. Send an inquiry.

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Create an app: get off to a flying start in 4 steps

Before you read on, stop! Creating an app may seem like a big hurdle now, but it’s not. If you compare making an app with climbing a mountain, reaching the top is far away. But if you start taking that first step, you will get there. Maybe you should rest on the way, have a drink or even spend the night; it goes in small steps. But … once you reach that top, you have such a beautiful view that you have already forgotten the outward journey!

So just like climbing a mountain, developing an app starts with small steps and intermediate milestones. With the steps below you will climb to a successful app.

1. Keep your motivation

It is important that you stay focused on your app. You will have to invest money and time and it will not always be easy. But in the end your app idea will be a success! The important thing is that you persevere. How do you keep your motivation high? Write for yourself why you started this app project. What do you want to achieve? What is your target? Who do you want to help? By reflecting on your ideals in the meantime, you will find motivation to continue, even if things go wrong. In addition, share your idea with friends and colleagues; they will help you improve your idea. Don’t be afraid that people will steal your idea, it hardly ever happens. 

2. Determine the market feasibility

Fun, such app idea but it has an after developing app developer will be well used. And how do you know if people are going to use your app? Right! Because the app is valuable to them! We know from research and practice that the most useful apps are becoming popular!

Whether your app will be a success can therefore only be determined in one way: by talking to your target group in advance. They are the only ones who can indicate whether they see value in your idea. 

You sometimes hear the comment “But people don’t know what they need or like.” And that’s right… if you do research the wrong way. For example, the question “would you use this app?” is answered yes by many people, regardless of the idea or the app. Therefore, ask your target group about their current behavior, what problems this causes and how much they have left to solve that problem. Because how do you make an app successful without knowing whether your app solves a problem for your user? A prototype is an ideal way to support this research. You don’t even need an app developer for that.

3. Make a prototype

An idea for an app only really comes to life when you have the app fixed and can touch it. Then people will see and experience what your app can do. You build a clickable prototype for about 10% of the price of an app. With this you test with the target group, make your friends enthusiastic and convince financiers and colleagues. You can find more about prototypes in this article about Making money with apps, which is the same whether you are going to make an iPhone or Android app.

4. Talk to an investor or your boss

Fact: building an app is expensive. The prices vary between $2,500 and above $100,000. On average, having a custom app made costs $19,000. 

Do you make an app that fits in well with the company where you work, or the industry you work in? Then go to your boss or any connections you have to provide financial support. 

If you make an app for yourself, a boss who invests is of course not an option. It is very wise to look around for successful companies, organizations or parties that can benefit from your app idea. Can you think of some parties that way? 

It is important to convince these parties of the value of your app idea. This is possible with a strong business case, for example. Or because the app matches their strategy. So get them in time and convince them with an app prototype.

Create a comprehensive roadmap for an app

With the above 4 steps you can get off to a flying start with your app idea. In addition, these are also globally 4 major steps in the app development process. Do you want a more extensive version of ‘The roadmap for apps’? 

I have made the step-by-step plan so that you can see exactly all the steps associated with making an app. Below you will have direct access to the step- by- step plan by entering your email address. You will immediately receive an email with access to the step-by-step plan.

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6 reasons why you don’t have to worry about your idea being stolen

I have heard it countless times: “I’m afraid my idea will be stolen!”. To relieve you of this concern, I will tell you 6 reasons why you don’t have to worry about your idea being stolen

1. Why you don’t have to worry about your idea being stolen

It makes a lot of sense that you’re afraid someone will run off with your idea. Of course you have a super good app idea; everyone wants to make money with that. It is quite normal to think this, but here I am going to put your mind at ease. People are not easily convinced of the success of someone else’s idea. An app development costs thousands of euros. Investing a capital in an idea that has not been worked out, or has not been invented by itself, does not occur.

If you continue with your idea, it is useful to look for financing. You will then have to write a good business plan and, for example, have a prototype to convince investors. An app idea without elaboration, prototype, technology or design is therefore negligible. Only when you put value into an idea yourself can it only be valuable. How to put value in your app? 

2. Why you shouldn’t be afraid that someone has the same idea

It is not entirely inconceivable that someone else has a similar app idea. You may have even seen an app in the store that comes close to your app idea.  If your app idea fulfills a need for a certain group, then you have more certainty that your idea is more successful than other ideas. And that applies not only to difference in target group, but also to difference in concept, user-friendliness, appearance, geography or technology. If other app creators had been discouraged by others, Tinder, WhatsApp, and Snapchat would never have been there. The makers would have seen other Dating or Messenger apps and had their idea cut. So don’t look around you too much but at yourself and your passion for your app idea! I also ended up buying Bolognese chips because I like them the best :).  

3. What cannot protect your app idea and why this is not a problem

A new chemical formula, a tangible product or a machine part can be protected. But an app idea is not unique enough. This not only applies to you, but also to the (nonexistent) thief. This is also not possible with your idea, until he puts time, creativity or work of his own into it. At that time, the same idea can become something completely different. Sorry, there is no real total protection. At the bottom of this article you can read how you can still protect your idea. 

4. Speed ​​is certainty

Okay, so there is no thick legal protection. Where can you take advantage? In your determination and speed with which you get started with your app. As you can read above, the value is in the implementation of your idea. So spend more time implementing your idea than negative attention to others. The further you develop your idea, conduct market research, create an identity and corporate identity or even make a prototype, the stronger your idea becomes. And this is value that you can protect!

5. What you can protect from your app idea

If you develop your idea further, you will arrive at concrete content that can be protected. Namely the house style and source code of your app. If you have developed the identity of your app, including certain colors, fonts and a logo, you can record this. The same applies to the code of your app. You will have to make certain agreements with the developer about this, often they are the owner of the code. This is useful for the developer because they can reuse part of the code (and therefore work faster on subsequent projects). However, you can record that the code may not be used for the apps of competitors. This is a clear example of putting value into your app and that is protectable. So go like a rocket and provide that extra value.

6. Sharing is caring

Sharing rewarded! You are a bit suspicious at the beginning of sharing your idea, which is understandable and I have heard it before. But what else have I heard from successful app entrepreneurs? The great confident feeling entrepreneurs have got after their idea was received with great enthusiasm! In every success story, there is a stage where the app idea is told to an investor, expert, friend or family member. Each time sharing has provided motivation, enthusiasm, insight, tips or even an investment. 

All options for app protection under each other

After reading this article, you know what you can and cannot protect from your app idea. You now also know how important it is to share and add value to your idea. Still, you might want an overview of exactly which legal options you have.

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Developing an app: 5 tips for a successful app

Developing an app is not easy. With these tips we give you tools to make app development successful. This prevents your idea from becoming a zombie app, like 83% of all apps, which has fewer than 1000 downloads.

1. Develop an app based on strategy

The most important tip I give is: start with the end in mind. Many apps are created because there is an app to come, with no clear purpose. Such an “app for the got” often delivers nothing more than a nice story during a drink. Nice to tell, but it will be a big blunder when people find out that nobody is using your app. And that while a good app based on your idea shows your success! For example if you make a lot of money with it, but especially if it is a popular app! That popularity does not come automatically. No, every existing successful app has a strategy! (Tip: The main strategy that these apps follow is that they solve a big problem for users!) So don’t start working with your app like a head over heels, but make a strategy beforehand. Can’t do that on your own? Let yourself be supported by an expert in creating your app.

“This user audience determines the ultimate success of your app.”

2. Conduct market research

With your app you want to reach as many people as possible. He must become popular. That does not start with from 0 to 1 million users in one day. You grow there! That’s why you start by reaching out to a certain group of people. This first user audience determines ultimate app success. 

It is therefore important to approach this target group during the app development process. Through surveys, interviews, already available market knowledge or other research methods you will find out what users find important. Use that to determine the strategy for your app.

The same applies when developing an app for employees: you must also involve them in app development, because the better they are able to use the app, the better your app will achieve its goal.

3. Make a recipe for your app

In a document you combine your idea and market research into an “app recipe”. It states which functions or elements your users want in your app. Before you start having your app made by an app developer, you make this concept.

You then know what you want and as soon as you start looking for an app maker, you show him this app concept. (You don’t have to worry about your idea being stolen for this reason). 

It is then much easier to compare the offers and proposals they provide. Big advantage: you get a competitive price! And, when the app development starts, you keep control over what is delivered, because you have recorded this well in advance.

“Many developers work with an agile approach where there are pre-planned interim delivery times.”

4. Develop app based on user input

The actual development is not just a technical process with tight project management. You also control during the process! This is because an app is very personal for a user and you want to take this into account.

Many modern developers work with a so-called agile approach where there are pre-planned interim delivery times. As interim client you can give input based on your own opinion, but do not forget the users in this phase.

For example, test in advance with a prototype of the app to find out the convenience for the user. But testing is also important at interim delivery times. You then test whether it succeeds in preventing the frustrations in app use. Or even make using your app extra fun! If interface elements are added that make it fun for users to use the app, an app will be used more often. That increases the chance of success of your app a lot. This optimization of the experience of your target group in the development of your app is also called User Experience or UX.

5. Find the best app developer

If you have the above ingredients for a successful app, then you need an app builder to program the app. So an app developer does steps 1, 2 and 3 for you. Some help you with step 4, but most only help with programming.

Good to know! Because if you skip these steps, the chances of success are very small… And most people do. Therefore, 83% of all apps are Zombie apps! They once started as a nice idea and now they are never downloaded or used again. These apps never got more than 1000 downloads at all. 

If you have previous steps in order, you can start finding an app developer with confidence. The two most important elements during app creation are the cost and quality. App development costs are an important consideration for your budget, but that can have a negative effect on quality. That is why it is important to find the right price-quality ratio. App makers with the right experience reuse their acquired knowledge and programming code to give your app a higher quality and lower price. A better price-quality ratio. 

Success check: how good is your app idea?

These 5 steps contribute to making an app successful. But do you want to know how successful your idea actually is? Which can? 

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What type of iOS app you can make using Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform open-source mobile SDK with which you can make iOS apps. Although this SDK needs bit more update to mature yet so far the trends have already declared it as popular platform for cross-platform apps. iOS app development has been costlier in fact costliest when comes to app development. Any iphone app development company would charge more for iOS apps majorly because of tight control of Apple to use latest models of phones and operating system, and also because Objective C and Swift programmers are in scarcity hence are on higher package. During iOS app development, many times developers encounter limitations and cannot use certain features without going around the problem. All these factors make iOS app development costlier and challenging.

The hybrid or cross-platform app development companies provide easy way out by delivering an app that runs on iOS and android platform both with reasonably satisfactory functionality to fulfill objectives of business. Flutter app developers are another addition to the list of options businesses now have to get cost-effective app for their ventures.

Ever since flutter came into market people have started using it to develop apps that fit in the budget range of majority of clients, although other platforms like React Native are still more popular and more apps are being developed in these compared to flutter. So if you are planning to get an app developed in flutter and not through any iphone app development company you should consider following crucial points before making a decision.

Fast coding

Flutter uses Dart – an object oriented programming language, and comes with rich widgets along with facility to create custom widgets. The UI is easy to develop and handle and provides great look and feel. The hot reload makes developing the app and designing easy and much faster. Developer or designer can make changes in the code and see them straight away without a restart. This facility reduces development time considerably as compared to iOS development and provides more cost-effective app development.

However the libraries and support of flutter is rich but it needs more development to fulfill requirements of native development. If you need complex and bigger app the developers may need to develop certain functions on their own that can demand more time. The development cost and time increases with complexity of apps.

Fast apps

Flutter app development dishes out applications that run faster. There are technical reasons why flutter delivers faster apps in which you can scroll down without cutting or breaking. When apps are developed in flutter for iOS the look, feel and speed matches native apps and give user similar experience.

Same app for older phones

Even if you are using an older model of iPhone or iPad, flutter apps work perfectly and as good as these work on latest models. This is one advantage which weighs heavier in favor of flutter development as iphone apps may not function properly on older models. Apple’s strict policy to urge users to keep switching to newer models and OS makes many newly developed apps incompatible. With flutter app development companies can be sure that all types of users whether using an older model or latest are able to access their app.

One code for two platforms

You can use one code for both iOS and android platforms. If you get an app developed specifically for iphone users and in future need its android-version as well, flutter app developers can float android version of app in no time. This saves valuable time and money that gets spent in native iOS app development and then one more time for Android app development.

Flutter is out of nascent stage?

As said earlier here flutter is making enviable progress in popularity right from the moment of its launch. It was launched in 2015 but recently the sudden rise in its popularity has brought it in top 30 SDKs used for developing apps. Many experts dedicate the popularity of flutter to growing popularity of other hybrid or cross-platform technologies. It is also an open-source which means development cost is much lesser than other established technologies. 

After mentioning all this it is important to understand flip-side of the story. Flutter needs more additions to mature as complete cross-platform mobile SDK. The whole idea of flutter revolves around widgets. It comes with its own widgets and does not use OEM widgets. These widgets look like native to iOS apps Cupertino. The UI is designed by using widgets for buttons, menus, fonts, styling etc. and it also provides facility to create custom widgets.

Flutter uses Dart as programming language and does not need javascript bridge. Flutter app developers need to learn Dart for efficient Flutter app development, though it is easy to learn and master. The size of flutter apps is another major concern. The normal size of flutter app is much higher than native apps. Play store accepts apps not bigger than 10 MB and any flutter app can measure up to 20 MB.

If your app needs to communicate with other devices via Bluetooth flutter development can cost more time and money and even after that you may not get as smooth functionality as native apps provide. Flutter app developers need to develop this feature separately and then add to main flutter app. If your app demands any rare or native functionality developers may need to burn more oil to get this feature accommodated in flutter app, as flutter library still needs some serious enhancements. To solve such problems developers are pushed to go around the problem to find a solution.


Flutter no doubt may prove as technology for future but right now it is great for making lighter apps or MVPs. It is certainly getting up to give some serious competition to React Native and other cross-platform technologies. If you need complex app for iphones right now it would be advisable to go for native development or choose other hybrid technologies. But if you need fast mobile app development and attractive powerful UI and not any critically important rare or complex functionality you can safely choose Flutter. Now Flutter 1.7 is already available with latest enhancements and solutions for many initial obstacles.

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Top Mobile App Development Features in 2020

Mobile application development is going to change in big way, not because there will be a serious change in method of development but intrusion of new technologies that provide enhanced features those were literally unimaginable few years back, will bring this tidal change. Now if you are professional developer or need an app for your business it is vital for you to feel the pulse of mobile app development.

Any Big boy mobile app development company would offer features in app that can be surprisingly cool for your business or service. But foremost is that you know what is best for your business and how you can use an app as tool to generate revenue. If you engage any mobile app development company or any React Native app development company for instance to get an app developed, besides ‘idea’ you should have a clear image of features you would like your app to have. The latest trends show that there will be quite a few astonishing features that will rule the roost in coming 2020.


This is already categorized as revolutionary technology which possesses capacity to change the complete scenario how apps will be used in coming future. In 2019 itself this technology has stepped in and has proven its immense worth in variety of industries. Food chain, banks, fintech, insurance, real estate, crowd funding, healthcare etc are already using this technology and gaining benefits.

Blockchain with IoT

Blockchain as a service

Federated blockchain

The above solutions are just the beginning this technology has potential to offer much more in 2020 and later.

Artificial Intelligence

More AI integration in mobile application development will make apps smarter. The trend of AI inclusion in mobile apps will continue to grow even in 2020. In fact 2020 may see arrival of new AI enabled services like AI-enabled chips and integrated machine learning. These features are bound to bring considerable change in features of mobile apps. Right now one can see disparity between users of AI-enabled apps. Some industries are pretty high in percentage use, while some are still out of the picture. This disparity is going to vanish very soon. The AI-enabled features with their efficiency and ability to reduce workload will bring a bigger wave of change in app development in 2020.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology right now has been picked up by companies for location-based and proximity marketing. Beacons are wireless transmitters that transmit signals using low energy Bluetooth to smart devices available within certain range usually mobile phones. The technology is simple but its usage can be immense. Experts this year have predicted that by 2024 beacon technology is going to surpass 24 billion in revenue. The technology runs on simple concept. A beacon sends signals which are picked by smart device in proximity and gets connected with the beacon. Once connected, beacon can perform all sorts of functions it has been programmed to. Right now Google ad marketers are utilizing this technology and nearly 40 billion queries by android users pull from beacon-related content.

More use of AR and VR

These technologies are bound to come out of gaming industry and take other industries by storm. Some of the industries that can emerge as major players in using AR are expected to be healthcare, advertising, marketing and manufacturing. However the scope of use of these technologies will not allow it to remain limited to just these industries. 2020 may see Augmented reality spanning across other industries and of course with few more amazing new features. Companies in flutter app development are already floating out mobile applications equipped with AR feature.


If you are working with any mobile app development company or have engaged one for your app this feature is going to be fiercely important. People simply love the apps that carry chatbots, and prefer to download such apps. In a study in USA alone nearly 63% of app users prefer the apps with a chatbot for its quick and precise answers. This feature is going to be a lot in trend in 2020.

Cross/hybrid app development

Any React Native app development company would be preferred for engagement over company expert only in native apps. Flutter app development is expected to be in trend in 2020 although it is newer than React Native but promises much structured, reliable and cost-effective development than other technologies. Some major players like Alibaba already have an app in flutter. However whether any new like flutter or already tried and tested technology like React Native, cross or hybrid app development will trend more as these technologies are now coming equipped with toolkits for iOS and Android focused development. This gives hybrid apps functionality, speed and reliability as good as any native app may have.

Cloud-based mobile apps

Integration with cloud computing enhances performance of apps in numerous ways. App can be accessed from anywhere which is major plus for various sectors those need info in real time from anywhere. More importantly apps can use large data without compromising speed and size and also high-standard data security features. Most of the mobile apps are using AWS for their cloud computing backup. In 2020 development of apps that may come with cloud computing integration using services of other companies than AWS is expected to happen. Any Mobile app development company offering cloud-based apps will be able to offer its user more efficient apps.

Predictive analytics for better UX

Companies are going to utilize predictive analytics to improve user experience and it is also going to be a hot trend in 2020. Mobile apps use huge amount of data, machine learning and other techniques to predict future trends and happenings. These predictions enhance user experience considerably and this feature can worth a million for variety of industries in attracting customers and generating sales. There can be various other features that may trend in 2020 as this year is expected to be one of the landmark years in terms of mobile app development. Many new technologies have already earned trust of developers and users and now all set to make a big mark.

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How Would Foldable Phones Impact the App Development Process

Few of the top Smarphone companies are heavily investing to offer consumers Foldable smartphone devices for better user experience. These phones are already in the market and soon will be available at almost every store. These are believed to be sure hit, if you believe the signals users are sending after using these phones. Before these foldable smartphones are in hand of every user App developers need to adapt quickly to provide applications that can support new changed screen and other functionalities. App migration is another area where developers would need to focus their minds on if they are not in a position to build a new application altogether.

However, new development may not face as stiff challenges as migration may, but still there are few challenges that even developers developing entirely new app may need to overcome. These challenges can become stiffer for any mobile app development company because smartphone providers are offering devices with different folding options. Take for example Huawei and Samsung. These giants have come up with foldable phones which are already in the market but for an app developer these are two different conditions for screen to adjust because of different folding options.

Advantages of foldables

For android developers or custom mobile app development one of the challenges in foldable phones would be to make app switch from single screen to expanded screen seamlessly. The transition from single screen to fully expanded screen and vice versa need to be seamless without even a flick. This means app should be able to adapt according to screen size and should possess intelligence of sensing change in different screen modes.

What makes it bit more complicated is different types of foldable options or screen supported by smarphone makers. Samsung is offering a device which has two screens, cover and main, whereas Huawei smartphones are coming with a single screen that can be unfolded to get a tablet-sized display. To overcome this problem all Android SDK provides is measurement of screen size and adjust display accordingly.


Developers need to put in some extra effort in order to manage multiple apps at the same time in foldable screen device. The feature of running multiple apps at the same time is already there in Android but it was not introduced for smartphones, this is for large screens like LEDs. Right now android can manage multiple apps at the same time but keeps only one app active and remaining on dormant mode. With foldable phones, users would like to run multiple apps at the same time. With Android 10 SDK managing multiple apps is not a problem and can be managed.

The real problem arises and will need some development effort if these apps access any hardware resource like camera simultaneously. Managing apps that access hardware resources and running at the same time calls for some changes in development methodology for flawless user experience.

Resolution factor

To handle fold screen there is a need for different user interface. But even after having a different user interface different resolution of screen that smartphone manufacturers are offering may pose some difficulty. Samsung and Huawei have hit the market with phones that have different resolution for single and unfolded screens. The aspect ratio can vary from 21:8 to 1:1. Android 10 SDK offers support for range of screen ratio.

QA of Apps for foldable phones

It is not just developers that are going to face some challenge because of foldable devices. Even quality analysts would need to gear up to test functionality of apps across different devices offering different screen sizes, resolution and folding options. Although there are emulators that can help a tester to check how app functions over different hardware specifications but to be sure of quality for real testing app should be run on as much variety of devices as possible.

With arrival of foldable there is going to be no change in business logic of apps which actually saves lot of repeated work for every android development company. But any custom mobile app development company would need to do plenty of changes in user interface. The advent of foldable phones is going to increase time and cost for every mobile app development company and eventually for end users. How much change in cost and time can be absorbed by companies and providers will be seen in future and may even decide how well foldable smartphones venture in the market.

It is not just cost of development but quality checking is also going to incur more cost while developing apps for foldables. With companies just beginning to launch their new devices in recent future rush of new mdoles with different options are going to flood the market. Changing models and screen resolutions are going to pose more challenge for developers and eventually for testers. All these are going to make apps costlier.

In the end the impact of foldable phones is going to increase competition amongst manufacturers and will test app development companies for managing development cost-effectively. However custom mobile app development is not going to pose any stiff challenge which may bring any substantial change in process of designing and coding the apps. Experts even view that how well app development is going to respond to foldable phones may prove to be deciding factor for future of foldable phones.