How and why to choose the right web agency?

Choosing a web agency may seem like a simple action that requires a few clicks on Google. In fact, using search terms such as “web agency”, “website development” or others, the results are not lacking. But what is the real quality of these results? How to choose a web agency that really knows how to […]

Web App or Mobile App – What is better to start eCommerce?

Do you want to create an online business or startup? You are probably wondering which platform is best suited to your project: launch an e-commerce site, develop an e-commerce mobile application, or a web application. With the observation that purchasing behavior is moving more and more towards the mobile and that a multichannel marketing strategy is now almost essential to […]

10 trends in the software world for 2020

The Digital Transformation entered the personal and professional lives of most people. Today we try on shoes before buying them, we talk with our voice assistant and we analyze any data that is produced by the web. But do you know what the problem is? This transformation is running faster and faster! If you are an entrepreneur, or […]

B2B vs B2C e-commerce: 5 key differences you need to know

Have you always seen the e-commerce market as a large and single sector? Well, we must confide to you that this vision does not reflect reality. Within the sector we all call “e-commerce” we must distinguish two completely separate factions: the B2B vs B2C e-commerce. What do these two acronyms refer to? What are the differences between these two sectors? Why […]

Software development: what the future holds and how to get there successfully

For some years now we have been talking more and more about “Application Economy”. We live in a world where there is an application for everything: not only on our mobile phones, but also – indeed, above all – in the services, solutions and technological platforms vital for the success of every type of company. The cloud […]

Business Intelligence: what it really is?

The concept of Business Intelligence evokes solutions for advanced reporting, exploitation of data marts and sophisticated algorithms for the synthesis of large quantities of unstructured data to support management decisions. The result is a sort of crystal ball, with a little more scientific rigor, capable of helping the company to keep the right course to achieve specific objectives. In […]

The best Business Intelligence Tools to consider in 2020

Do you want to maintain a competitive advantage on the market in 2020? Your company must take advantage of the Business Intelligence tools. Today, there are numerous tools that allow businesses to identify and monitor external and internal data trends. Before analyzing the trends of this year, however, it is necessary to specify that all companies must trace a […]

8 stop signs for app development you don’t know yet

From research has shown how important it is to develop an app for app development that is user friendly. If you don’t do this, users will get annoyed, delete your app, or go to the competitor. You can prevent this! Therefore, read here the stop signs that are most ignored in app development: Stop sign 1: App development with too many […]

Create an app: get off to a flying start in 4 steps

Before you read on, stop! Creating an app may seem like a big hurdle now, but it’s not. If you compare making an app with climbing a mountain, reaching the top is far away. But if you start taking that first step, you will get there. Maybe you should rest on the way, have a drink or even spend the night; it […]

6 reasons why you don’t have to worry about your idea being stolen

I have heard it countless times: “I’m afraid my idea will be stolen!”. To relieve you of this concern, I will tell you 6 reasons why you don’t have to worry about your idea being stolen 1. Why you don’t have to worry about your idea being stolen It makes a lot of sense that you’re afraid […]