Real Estate Mobile App Development Cost Estimation and Key Features

Real Estate Mobile App Development Cost Estimation and Key Features

Today we tend to square measure traveling within the age of digital transformation wherever everything has gone mobile. Individuals may navigate through a web site however with the emergence of property mobile apps, finding a sweet house is no additional a headache for the $64000 estate investors and consumers.

The real estate domain has long occupied and distinguished place online and within the app stores. Today, there’s loads of speculation that assets websites and mobile apps would possibly someday replace agents and brokers fully. This could sound a small amount of worrying if you’re a true factor. World Health Organization hasn’t already gone digital. On the opposite hand, assets mobile app development are some things that agents will invest in to stay pace with the days.

How Real Estate Mobile App can Enhance Your Business Growth

Top Features For Your Real Estate App

The real state apps are the trend in the market due to some advanced features and functionalities it offers. Here is a list of some must-have features of the app.

User/Admin Panel


The basic and must-have feature for every on-demand app is account creations. You can allow users to sign up by email or they can directly login with social media credentials.

Profile Verification

The user has to verify the profile by mobile number OTP for adding further details like name, address, etc.

Search and Add Favorites

Users can search for various properties by applying filters according to their needs. They can also add desired properties to the favorite list.

3D Model Search Option

Implementing this feature will attract more customers and will allow them to view the entire property structure in a 3D model.

Information About Property

In addition to photos and videos of the property, you must add various details like area size, number of rooms, number of floors, etc. also to convince customers.

Listing Property

Apart from searching the property for buying, users can also list their properties for selling.

Viewing Options

Providing a couple of options to users between map view and list view for finding a perfect property will surely make the app flexible.

Currency Converter

This feature will help users to view the actual price of the property in their respective currency.

Loan Facility

This will be very beneficial if you offer loan services to your users for purchasing the property.

Broker Details

Providing details of brokers in the app will allow users to contact them directly for post-processing.

Admin Panel

Managing Users

Admin has to manage and monitor all the details and information of brokers, buyers, and sellers.

Managing Property

Admin manages the details of added properties and also monitors them by approving or disapproving the addition of property. He can also remove already listed properties.

Discounts and Offers

To maintain customer loyalty, the admin rewards them with reward points and also provides time to time discounts & offers to customers.

 Revenue Management

Admin needs to manage the profit and revenue earned through subscriptions, deals, and commissions.

Additional Features for Developing a Real Estate App

Apart from these admin and user panel features, there are some other features also that you must include in your app if you want to stay ahead in the competition.

Loan Calculator

Providing an in-app loan calculator feature will help users to calculate the monthly installments and loan EMI.

Push Notification

Users can be notified about new offers and discounts by push notification, SMS, or email.

Real-time Messaging

Providing a fast and hassle-free messaging feature will help users to directly communicate with the sellers and brokers.

Advanced Search

Adding an option of the advanced search will help users to search for the property at their desired location.

Advantages of Real Estate Mobile Application Development

Planning to develop a real estate app for your business, here are some advantages that show why the real estate app is a beneficial idea.


Now you don’t have to waste your time by roaming at various locations. The real estate app saves your time by allowing you to directly buy properties from the app.

Property According to Budget

With the app, it is really easy and flexible to find a property according to your price, location, and facilities. The app also eliminates the need for agents and middlemen to find the right property.

Single Platform

Real estate apps are a one-stop platform for both buyer and seller as they can strike the best deal from it.

Complete and Detailed Information

Generally, people ask their relatives or friends about the property. The real estate app contains all the detailed and complete information about various listed properties.

Tech Stack for Real Estate Mobile App Development

Our skilled developers created a list of useful tech tools that will help you in developing a Real Estate Application.

CoreData or Realm FrameworksManage the list of saved properties
Google Places API Provide information about cafeterias, stores and other similar places
Firebase SDK or Apple Push Notifications Service Integrate push notifications
SimplyRetsiHomeFinderSpark APIsNormalize data flows from mlss
Facebook SDK Facebook sign-in option
Zillow API Neighborhood information and listings
MapBoxGoogle Maps APIsTo build real estate apps with custom maps

 Best Model for Developing a Real Estate Mobile App Like Trulia

Your app must be profitable that’s all matters. If your app is not profitable, then you won’t be able to find investors to support your app development. Choosing a monetization model is always difficult as multiple options are available. Your app must allow you to earn enough money but also be flexible for users and brokers. Here is a list of models from which you can choose.

1. Professional Advertising

This model is used by Trulia as well as Zillow. Brokers and sellers can promote their services by paying a fixed fee for high leads. In this model users don’t see random annoying ads, only verified profiles are shown that can help them to rent or buy the chosen house.

2. Simple Advertising

On the other hand, you may integrate standard and famous advertisements that now may be determined in every second app. In this example, you may get the money both for the number of perspectives or faucets. This model helps you to maintain your app loses for users however nevertheless makes a terrific revenue. Furthermore, the bigger your target audience is, the better the profits you may expect. The drawback of this model is a negative impact on the UX. But, ensure your app isn’t flooded with commercials, in any other case it’s going to appear too cheap and unprofessional.

3. Freemium Tools

Another alternative for you is the freemium version. The idea at the back of it is straightforward as that: your app can be used at no cost, but users have to shop for a premium account to get right of entry to some extra capabilities and services. But, don’t restrict the free version to an excessive amount. It may scare users off and make them go away with your software at the very starting. Consider a simple rule: try to make cash with the aid of promoting something to the 1/3 birthday celebration and not users.

Real Estate Mobile App Development Cost Estimation

We already know that the costing estimation of app development depends on the features, functionalities, designing, model, and platform of development we need for our app. Developing a Real State application costs around $20k to $23k.

Real Estate Website Development Features and Cost Estimation

Unlike mobile application development, the features and cost estimation of the website are quite different. Besides purchasing a domain name, the total investment needed for a new real estate website depends on the total amount of hours of development.

1. Content Creation

Content to your website comes in many special codecs and can be had to populate the pages of your site. This can encompass branding property, professional photographs, renderings, written replica, and constructing statistics (floor plans, site plans, stacking charts, and so forth.). If you don’t have the time or ability to provide all of this yourself, you could do not forget to outsource to experts to assist get your preliminary content equipped on your new internet site.

2. Web Design

The layout segment is a considerable part of the website advent technique. It includes several important additives that have an impact on the general aesthetic of your website, as well as a person’s enjoyment across all devices (computing device, mobile, tablet). Typically, this includes:

Universal visual layout

Content material format for all pages

Selecting shade schemes

Choosing typography

Graphical elements (icons, buttons, and so on.)

3. CMS Integration

A content control device (cms), along with WordPress, is an administrative tool that allows you to manipulate and make edits to the content of your internet site. In this manner, you have entire autonomy to replace your internet site on the fly without having to depend upon a web developer or employer every time you want to change something. The prices associated with cms integration depend upon the extent/depth of the integration and whether or not any custom modules or plugins are required to manage any advanced additives of the website. 

Simple (informational)$5,000 – $8,000
Mid-size (custom functionality)$9,000 – $15,000
Large (custom functionality)$16,000 – $30,000
Large (database-driven)$31,000 – $100,000


The real estate market is booming at a face pace and with the important estate apps, this is often additional heightening the method. If you’re trying to find the best property app development company to develop a mobile app for your property business, then get in reality with our professional developers to contour your business prospects.

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