E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce Solutions

We know how to improve your system security and increase your business sales and provide our customers with a platform that is powered by innovative technology and features. At Exato Software we provide the most efficient e-commerce solutions that do not face any security-related concerns. Our robust software development protects your information from any kind of malware or data breaches. Our web and app development company has been creating e-commerce applications and software for a long time and we have specialized developers. This time you should choose a web development team that knows how to bring business at its zenith by providing their world-class e-commerce solution services.

Exato is a web and app development company that follows the barrier-breaking approach where you connect with diversified solution services. You can reach out to wider audiences. We provide personalized web development through which you can increase your brand awareness and multiply your business revenues exponentially.

Our Expertise

Internet of Things

With the advent of the Internet of Things, the IT professional has taken a foot forward towards revolutionizing all types of industries that are spread across the world. Hence E-commerce is no exception. With the integration of IoT in your business processes, you are able to expand your services to multiple devices and that will increase the number of potential customers. User Experience and friendly user interface are the most worshipped parts of any development according to the present scenario. With Exato, you can build a customer-friendly app that provides ultimate customer engagement with its efficient IoT solutions. We will provide personalized solutions through our Software development services. You get:

  • Smart payment gateways
  • Wearables apps
  • Smart home devices based on IoT solutions
  • Inventory management based on IoT

Analytics based on Real-Time

For proper decision making, you need to keep a track of all your business functions and operations from close proximity and we help you do that with the help of our analytic solutions. You can map the shopping behavior of customers and have transparency in sales. The other perks of real-time analytics include:-

  • Analytics of customer behavior
  • Marketing Analysis based on multichannel
  • Analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence (which ensures accurate results and solutions)
  • Comprehensive and Detailed Reporting

Other than these services at our web and software development company, we have our expertise in various sections. Let’s have a look at how the developers at Exato can help you with E-store, marketplace and other types of solutions.

Talking from the perspective of specialization, Exato Software through the medium of its special developers provide customizations in various sections:

E-store development

We provide business intelligence in the form of a friendly user interface, such capabilities that allow you to manage your software without developers’ assistance, big data analytics. You have every reason to choose our services for establishing a business landscape that is digitally sound with the best technologies that allow you to attract a larger audience. Our software development company gives a foundation for building a powerful E-commerce services platform and it is lucrative.

Marketplace Development

You get the leveraged development benefits when you choose us as your web development company. At Exato our E-commerce service app developers provide an end to end support and that’s how we give the maintenance of your E-commerce websites and applications. You always provide the most upgraded form of services and platform that is suitable for the trends and technology. We understand the scope of your web and app development by learning about your requirements and then we gather the data through proper research work and analytics. With the management of your inventory in the most advanced manner, we assure you of a sustainable marketplace.

Booking and Ticketing Solutions

With native support and third party support, we provide the best ticketing and booking solutions. You get personalized solutions through our E-commerce seasoned developers.

Aggregators for E-commerce

You get all the functionalities and features that provide complete E-commerce solutions for aggregators. They are responsible for connecting the vendors to various brands.

B2C -B2B Portal

We provide our business solutions for both, Business to Business and business to the Consumer process. For the businesses that are based on B2B or B2C, you desire a smooth workflow that does not face any interruptions. At Exato we keep in mind that our efficient software solutions are effective in your profit-centric approach. The E-commerce portals that we build for you are adaptable to local as well as international environments and challenges.

Solutions for Online Auction

If you are looking for a team of developers who know how to innovate your auction portal then your search ends here. At Exato, we provide multichannel management options and you can add some more rich features like acceptance of multicurrency. Solutions for maintaining your online auction must be based on a feature-rich foundation that can bring targeted customers to your online auction services. These are a bunch of diverse e-commerce solutions that can make a lot of difference in your project development and the after results.

Why Choose Exato Software?

We know how to serve what we promise for and that is why we do not merely boast about our services but our developers have actually made it possible with their expertise. With our business analytics, you tend to make wiser decisions in your business events and manage your inventory. We provide Payment solutions, E-commerce Enterprise Resource Planning, accounting, billing, shipment solutions, warehouse management, loyalty programs, warehouse management, Customer Relationship Management.

These are some of the operational solutions that we provide at our software development company. Your business needs a team of developers that knows how to provide real-time solutions, IoT e-commerce, AR and AI e-commerce solutions. With the integration of Artificial intelligence and augmented reality one can build some advanced mobile app experiences. We have a lot to serve in the form of our e-commerce services, so give us a chance and we will open a variety of opportunities for your business.