Microsoft Azure


There has been a need for cloud application development services throughout the world because of the increasing amount of data and the inability to store it even in the costly data storage devices. With the development of the cloud, there has been a revolutionary change in storage and usage of data that too with more security and reliability.

Microsoft Azure is well known in both the markets, private as well as public clouds. It is basically an open cloud that is capable of providing access to more than 200 preconfigured services along with the facility of choosing the technologies that the user wants. Azure gives a complete integrated set of IaaS and PaaS capabilities which includes AI and machine learning, analytics, DevOps, internet of things (IoT) and lastly, security. All these technologies are inseparable parts of on-premises systems.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure gives a holistic set of services as well as expertise which helps the organizations in curating innovative solutions. Some of the most interesting and useful features of Microsoft Azure are :

Azure security

Microsoft Azure is one of the most secure cloud computing services in the world. It works well in protecting the user’s data, apps as well as infrastructure easily with the help of built-in security services in Azure. This also includes unparalleled security intelligence which, in turn, helps in identifying the rapidly involving threats earlier so that the user can respond quickly. Azure has implemented an in-depth strategy that is layered across identity, data, hosts, and networks. Also, security management can be unified and advanced to enhance security. Moreover, threat protection in hybrid cloud environments can also be enabled using Azure.

Azure stack services

Azure stack has been able to change the game in hybrid cloud platforms with a true hybrid cloud experience which is able to increase efficiency, flexibility as well as productivity. The user is able to experience a common and single-vendor platform across cloud and on-premise data centers. Azure is capable of meeting industry requirements and can provide a fully managed solution to on-premises in the data center. This facility also works at remote locations or at some of the hosted centers as well.

Azure AI and machine learning

Microsoft Azure Machine learning has made the data scientists able to prepare data, carry out experiments as well as deploy models at the same time at a cloud-scale. After applying Microsoft Azure, one can easily leverage Docker containers for experiments and also use advance hardware for particular functions such as accelerating execution, etc. Azure machine learning comprises three components namely workbench, experimentation, and model management service. It also consists of a learning library and a visual studio code for artificial intelligence. With the help of machine learning, Microsoft Azure helps organizations to create new business models, operational efficiencies, enhance customer experience and much more.

Azure SQL

Azure SQL database can be defined as a relational cloud database that allows the user to promote application development and then use a suitable SQL database engine. It also enables the users to migrate the SQL server databases without making any change in the previous applications. The user can avail these facilities by collecting the data with the help of the built-in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities. With this, one can maximize performance, data protection, and accelerate application development. This functionality of Microsoft Azure has promoted some very interesting features like low maintenance with the same level of performance, scalability, and reliability in IaaS and PaaS models.

Azure Cognitive services

There are Azure cognitive services that use image processing algorithms, complex information mapping, powered with semantic search, natural language processing, speech conversion and search to address almost all the business problems. It infuses the applications with intelligent algorithms so that they can see, speak, hear and understand and interpret the user needs through natural modes of communication.

Our Expertise

Exato is one of Microsoft’s global partners of choice for AI and Azure. Below mentioned are some points that show how the clients can be benefitted from our extensive expertise.

Why choose Exato Software for Azure Cloud Services?

Exato software has been providing Azure Cloud computing services to many enterprises all around the world for a long time and has always been a trustworthy name in this sector. The cloud computing solutions that are provided by us are suitable for all kinds of enterprises, be it a small start-up or a big fortune five company. With the advancement in the cloud integration services, we have always made sure to give our clients the best services that can help them to grow.