About Us

25 Years Of Experience

Our Values

The DNA of Exato is made up of its values and principles. Exato values are based on their guiding principle that translates for its Customers as follows:

“To Enable Exato Software to take Decision Confidently with Commitment in its Integrity and Accountability to deliver; Consistent, Efficient, Disciplined & Predictable Outcome.

Be cost-effective and not cheap. We do not compare with competitors prices, we always compare quality and ensure it is best.

Cost-effectiveness is our primary principle – our guiding force and director. There is no fun in being cheap or economical if our services do not give optimum value for money. We remain cost-effective so that our client gets maximum ROI and best value for every single penny spent.

Remain client-centric. Success of our client is our success.

If we have list of successful clients rest will follow. This is what we strive for – relate to our client and his success and not as profit-center. There are ways to earn profit, many earn by making profit their bottom line but we earn by making it fruit of our quality-work. If client succeeds in his venture we succeed as service provider and profit always follow.

Challenge the status-quo. Even dead changes, there is nothing deserving to be called static.

We are ready to say ‘No’ when we have to, we are ready to innovate and improve, and we are always ready to hear good suggestions and criticism. Being a ‘Yes man’ is recipe for failure. We find and explore new and better ways to achieve better results, never hesitate to innovate and switch to better technologies, processes and working pattern whenever we have to for good.

Never fail on commitment. Be conservative in making promises but be quick to keep them.

We do not commit what we cannot fulfill. When we say yes, we do it with 100% conviction and confidence. Whether it is time-line, quality or understanding we give a positive nod only when we are doubly sure. We understand our value and know that our client may have build further plans trusting over commitment and we never let our client down.

Work with best. Enthusiastic minds are priceless.

We keep a team of professionals who work with passion and keep challenging the limits. We encourage their enthusiasm to improve and perform and create an environment where doing better each time is not only rewarding but satisfying too. We have a team and workplace that lurks with zeal to seek perfection each time.