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Salesforce Migration

Salesforce Migration

We at Exatosoftware understand the needs of our clients and that is why we try to provide as many services with the latest technologies as possible. Salesforce migration services are included in them. This is required for the business to provide to their clients. As clear by the name, it involves the process of migration, now this migration is of data and information of the associated business or client.

The Salesforce CRM Migration services are required when a client changes the platform that he/she has been using. Adopting a new platform requires the shifting of all the information and data that the company has been using or working on. The previous platform is called as the legacy system. And the process of Salesforce migration is a complex one. This is because it involves transferring all the functional data from the existing platform to Salesforce. And Exatosoftware presents its patrons with speedy and flawless salesforce migration services.

The main goal of this transfer is to acquire a competitive edge and to enhance corporate performance.

Stay Vigilant

Now, this is not an easy task and moreover, it is a one-time activity. So it needs to be done very carefully. This is because once the data has been transferred any mistake and shortcoming if left will make the complete process repeat again. And this is not the greater risk, the bigger problem is that the client’s data is at stake. Any malfunction can lead to loss of data and that can have a huge impact on the patron’s business. But we at Exato take care of that.

Salesforce migration also acts as an opportunity to cleanse the data as before the transfer takes place it should be sorted out and only the required information should be migrated. Besides, it doesn’t make any sense to spend time and resources on transferring data which is not required, it is just a waste of storage, time, energy and resources.

Our Expertise

Things to take in stride before Salesforce migration begins

The key points and information mentioned below should be taken care of before using the Salesforce data migration services :

The very first step in the migration process is to sort out the fields that will be transferred.

  • Mandatory
  • Optional
  • System Files

After that look for any other fields that might be left and needs to be migrated.

Once done with the categorization of data next comes determining the order of transfer. And this is determined by the relationship of objects with dependencies. These relationships are represented via related lists and lookups. This is only done in the Salesforce, it means such type of representation takes place only in Salesforce.

Rules for Migration

There are some rules associated with salesforce data migration services. And we at Exato follow them to ensure a perfect salesforce migration. We have listed these rules for our clients to go through to get a better understanding of the procedure.

  • A proper definition of the project scope
  • The developer of the process must have complete knowledge of the format of the source as well as that of the salesforce.
  • The process must be able to identify which records have been transferred and which have failed to transfer. One way of doing this is to have a table in the source format that will keep on acquiring this information, and once the migration is completed it can be initiated again but this time only the failed records will be transferred not the complete data.
  • The project scope should be refined with profiling and auditing.
  • Data to be migrated should be minimized as much as possible.
  • The refining of the project scope should be done before mapping the specifications.
  • As per the data issues that can occur, the project budget and timeline should be decided.
  • The goal should be to finish with the volume-test at a unit level only of all the data.

Things to consider before Data Migration

Below we have mentioned things that we take into stride before the data migration takes place. All of this leads to a smooth and accurate transfer of that functional data.

  • Creating a user for the migration process with the system administrator.
  • Finish the configuration of the system
  • Distribute roles or profiles beforehand
  • Store the IDs of the legacy platform as much as possible, in salesforce which would help in the troubleshooting later on.
  • Check whether the values of record types are properly defined or not.

The sections mentioned above have stated the procedure and some of the techniques that we follow at Exato as they make us one of the best Salesforce Migration Company in the market. Along with Salesforce migration, we also provide a number of other Salesforce services such as the Salesforce CRM service, Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce implementation services, Salesforce development, Customization, optimization, etc.

Let’s go through some benefits of going for Salesforce migration

Why Go For Exato?

We have experience of decades in this field along with a lot of other technical services. This is what enables us to provide the best Salesforce CRM migration to our clients. We understand the business of today’s time and the need for customized services in all sectors. This is why we at Exato render top-notch customized Salesforce services to our clients. Our team of experts with their years of experience works diligently to cater to the needs of the clients. All of this is what makes us a leading Salesforce Migration Company.