Tableau is one of the most trending BI solutions available in the market. The products of Tableau software are generally query relational databases, online analytical processing cubes, spreadsheets and cloud databases with the aim of generating graph type data visualizations. The products of Tableau are also capable of extracting, storing and retrieving data from an in-memory data engine. It has an efficient mapping functionality. With the help of this software, we can plot latitude as well as longitude coordinates and can easily connect spatial files. Tableau comprises of a built-in geocoding that enables the administrative places ( such as a country state), postal codes, US congressional districts, area codes, airports, and European Union statistical areas to be mapped automatically. Geographies can be grouped to create custom territories or custom geocoding can also be used in order to extend existing geographic roles in the product.

Why Tableau Solutions?

From the list of BI solutions, there are a number of products which Tableau offers are:

Tableau Desktop

With Tableau Desktop users can get the following features:

  • Big data live and in-memory: The users might want to take the data offline or keep it in memory Tableau lets them extract a huge amount of data that too for limitless exploration in seconds. Computer graphics and advances in the database are combined in it. This is done so that users can analyze huge data on their laptops or desktops.
  • Secure sharing and collaboration: Communicate with the data in a unique way with Tableau. With the Tableau Server or Tableau, online users can share visualizations and underlying data securely. With it, organizations can create an environment in which everyone can share and collaborate on the data that is trustworthy.
  • Design for a mobile-first world: Device designer is a tool that is simple yet very powerful that helps users design, customize and publish the dashboards that are optimized for desktop, phones, and tablets. It is a technology that is always innovating.

Tableau Server

The users can extend the value of their data throughout their organization with Tableau Server. With Tableau Server, users can empower their business with freedom to explore the data in an environment that is trustworthy. All this is done without limiting them to the questions that are pre-defined, pre-defined wizards or chart types. The users can have peace of mind because both their data and analytics will be governed, secure and very accurate.

Tableau is loved by the IT companies for its ease of deployment, robust integration, simplicity of scalability, and reliable. The users don’t need to choose between empowering the business or protecting their data, with Tableau they can do both at the same time.

Tableau online

With Tableau Online features the users can share and collaborate on a cloud platform. For users, Tableau Online is the analytics platform that is hosted completely on the cloud. Through it, users can publish dashboards and can share their discoveries with other people. The users can also invite their colleagues or customers so that they can explore hidden opportunities with interactive visualizations and accurate data. All of the things mentioned before are easily accessible from an internet browser or on the go even without using their mobile application.

Our Expertise

We at Exato Software provides complete BI Development Services. Tableau is aimed to help people to observe and understand the data. There are many organizations starting from non-profits to global enterprises covering most of the industries and departments, and also empowers the people associated with that data. With Tableau, many people all over the world are finding opportunities in their business which have not been experienced by them before. Our platform helps organizations to drive their business better. It is a great business intelligence solution taking business opportunities and ideas to new levels.

Exato software is a great platform to maximize your data’s values using Tableau solutions. We provide the best in Business Intelligence services, analytics solutions and our expert team use most of the top features of Tableau along with amazing visual interface as well as their tools for device connectivity, collaboration, analytics, content discovery, data preparation, data access, governance and lastly, deployment options. We make sure your business is on the right path and hitting the ample amount of audience for profit.

Why choose Exato software?

When we talk about Tableau, we at Exato Software, provide a number of amazing Business Intelligence and Analytics solution with complete roadmap implementation, customization, training, support as well as expert advice. Some of the interesting services are :

  • Tableau Roadmap
  • Custom visualization
  • Data Platform
  • Training and support
  • Tailor-made Tableau solutions
  • Expert user advice

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best Business Intelligence services to create, save, and secure their data. With Tableau, users get many options that can make their task of creating dashboards and sharing the data and collaborating with other users with the data that is trustworthy, easy.