About Us

25 Years Of Experience

Working with Exato

For an enterprise, SME or even one man company it is time to step out of “know it all, do it all” cocoon. Time is to step out of organization’s periphery and forge strategic partnerships particularly for tasks like product development, software and app development. Outsourcing is model that gives opportunity to tap global talent at economical pricing.

At Exato we extend outsourcing beyond lines of Virtual assistant or technological executive working under instructions. We work in style of Technological partner – we take you through complex and ever-changing world of technology and ensure successful ‘partnership’. We do not merely focus on giving what you expect, we are always eager to give whatever else you deserve.

While working with Exato

  • You get Advisory board to analyze viability and technological specifications focused on cost-effectiveness and quality to get best results.
  • Your idea or product is secured and protected with NDAs and IPR agreements.
  • Get benefited with reusability which brings minimal rework and cost-effective development.
  • Delivery standardization – key ingredient of our development process that ensures optimum utilization of product/software/or App.
  • Success-based remuneration – this corroborates our confidence, and our belief that our success lies in client’s success.
  • Scalability and flexibility to accommodate change in targets and achievements.