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Exato Software is a full-framework IT services company delivering new-age information automation and technology solutions at par with domain benchmarks. We understand the IT needs of today and strive to build adaptive programs that are designed to drive growth and innovation. Keeping it along with the idea of the new-generation business practices and market trends, we act as your partner for transforming ideas into agile growth opportunities.


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We go that Extra Yard.

Do you wish to achieve optimal efficiency in your projects? Our wide scope of end-to-end enterprise software development services helps your business grows more.

We have a large team of competent software developers, professional engineers, and experienced IT consultants, who can leverage the analytical approach. From inception to the development and maintenance, our quality services invariably works for the bug-free development environment. The team of an expert at Exato software works for the cooperation with your business and deliver your state of the art end solution from scratch.

Exato softwares rely on agile methods to effectively solve complexities and deliver within stringent deadlines. Our services are adaptable to your specific business requirements and deliver the optimized custom solution.

Our solutions are reliable and cost-effective

Known for the best software development solutions, we assist you with customer-centric web and mobile solutions and 100% satisfaction.

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Putting Your Business on a high-octane Automation Drive

Delivering strictly acording to the document that client agreed is good work. But we do not feel satisfied with just Good. We always want to deliver that extra advantage to our client which even he is not aware of. After working with a varied clientele and having experience of quite a few domains we in our in-house discussions always find something crucial that is missing in document. Our client-centric approach is based on delivering a compact and future-proof solution to our client even if it makes us walk an extra mile. Our commitment to feel success in client's success is what makes our solutions different and better than others.


To Be Able To Produce Predictable, Repeatable & Quality Delivery for Customers in Stipulated Time, At No Extra Cost.


The DNA of Exato is made up of its values and principles. Exato values are based on their guiding principle that translates for its Customers.


When you work with Exato you do not offshore your task but outsource. You get benefit of our past experience.

Full-Spectrum Technology Partner of Your Business

We offer technology solutions to help you start from deck zero to grab the leading acceleration in your niche, offering abundant digital value prompted towards your value and performance goals in business.

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Setting cloud benchmarks with the most entitling Salesforce development and implementation solutions built to serve your requirement at length.

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Cloud Computing Services

Of everything that goes under the hood of cloud programming and implementation, we are ready to take off through the runway.

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Business Intelligence

Building a business-critical sensory network of data processing, analytical validation, process compliances, and decision-making through trend-facing BI solutions.

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Staffing Services

Hire dedicated experts from Exato to work on your project as extended resources appointed, managed, appraised, and directed to perform and deliver for you.

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Mobile and Web App Development

Build custom applications and online products to reflect the best customer-facing version of your idea leveraging the best of web and mobile technologies.

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Project Consultancy

Professional advisory with seasoned experts on building and augmenting possibilities in IT routing through the most authoritative tech possibilities.

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We provide Best Software Services for different Domains

Notwithstanding of the industries they work in, we have a track record of providing different companies with high-quality projects. Our team of skilled and experienced software developers enables us to provide enterprises with bespoke, world-class software solutions at affordable pricing. Connect with us to use our software developers' experience working across many areas for your software development projects.

Our Recent Works

This is something that Exato Software owes to every member of our team who tirelessly explored develop new spaces in order to develop revolutionary ideas and turn them into reality.

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Health App Solution

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Software Development FAQs

Developing software with a ReactJS Development Company can take between 2-6 weeks. Software product production depends on a lot of factors. The client's requirement is considered, after which the team analyzes it to check the project's scope. The developers write the project in the specified code, after which it is sent for testing. The testing and QA team runs tests on the software to check for accuracy and consistency to deliver a quality solution.

A logistic web application takes anywhere between 2-6 months to build. 

A cloud-based application is handled in the cloud environment to store the logic and data. An application by a cloud development firm may cost between $12,000-$15,000 and need about 300-600 hours. However, this highly depends on the complexity of the application. A medium complex application requires 600+ hours and can be priced between $20,000 and $50,000.

Yes, Node.js is a popular app development framework for building apps. With various NPM modules, the Node.js developers can build you MVPs and prototypes for your web page. Firstly, the requirement gathering is done that sees your goals and the scope of the software. Post which, the consultants propose a solution. Research and planning of the project decide the functionalities that need to be included. After the team selection is made, the app's architecture is designed. Node.js team uses UX/UI design with frontend technologies. Developers start writing the code, and the software is sent for testing. Once the QA team approves the software, it is ready to be launched.

An SDLC or Software Development life cycle is a process that ensures the correctness and quality of software. Exato Software is a custom software development company, and we produce high-quality software per the client's requirements. Our software development project essentially includes six phases that include Requirement and Feasibility Analysis, Design, Coding, Quality Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance.

Exato Software is the go-team for the next generation of tech apps. Exato Software produces quality software over the stipulated timeline. Our team of experts and consultants check the project thoroughly, studying its scope and course. Additionally, they gather strategic elements for your service. As new technologies keep hitting the market, we focus mostly on what the client wants and how we can keep it up to date with the market.

We ensure the quality of the software solution that we develop by ensuring that the requirements of the project have been understood well, in the first place. We offer end-to-end consulting to make sure the project requirements are interpreted and understood well and it is headed in the right direction. At the development front, we appoint a clear development roadmap and assign resources best serving the situational requirements of Startup Consulting Services, Cloud Development, or Full Stack Development, as the case may be. You get an all-around consultation and support to help you keep track of KPIs, metrics, etc. Not only that, they ensure smooth execution in all the development stages. This is further routed through a solid quality assurance program putting in place regulated development guidelines and practicing standards to identify and eliminate gaps and glitches in the program to ensure high-quality results.

We commit to what we can fulfill. With realistic timelines and guiding principles, we offer cost-effective quality services. We have a wide and loyal client base and can assist you with your project, the completion of which can help you decide on a future long-term engagement with us. 


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Lisa Smith

Exato Software is a go-to team for the next-gen tech app, whether AI or the latest technological trends. On-Time delivery and 100% accuracy are their key points. 

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From scratch to the finish, the Exato Software Team has made our dream project come to life with absolute hard work and professionalism. We had a good time working with them.

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Ronald Addico

Exato Software are a very confident team of professionals. All our project demands met with perfection and they complete their task no doubt on time. We are happy to collaborate with them.

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Giuseppe Uslenghi

The website works well and the quality impresses the client. Exato Software provided a strong, comprehensive service at a cost-conscious price point. They took direction well and managed the work well. 

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Vinay Agarwal

Exato Software released the platform's beta version before the official launch, and it received positive feedback from users. The web app boasted a user-friendly interface, allowing anyone to start a fundraiser or donate money easily. They also ensured that it complied with government policies



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