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Have you ever thought LinkedIn and Netflix are made using Node.js? Moreover, this technology is significantly used in the PayPal payment system. These are just a few examples proving how much influence this service stack has made on the industry. As a Node.js development company, Exato Software stays passionate about building scalable and intuitive applications by matching the business's needs to get you to achieve success at par with the best in breed.

Why to Choose Node Web Development Services for Building Business Apps?

Node.js is an open-source cross-platform that is known for building complex apps. It unifies the creation of apps and eliminates the need for different languages in the framework. It not only assists in rapid application development but also ensures the creation of quick service tools and network apps.

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Single Codebase

A web app developed using the Node.js development services runs on a single code base on servers and clients, ensuring massive portability. It synchronizes data automatically between both these sides.

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High Scalability

This framework offers great scalability for handling large applications with ease. They work on the even loop principle that boosts accessibility for real-time applications.

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Easy on Coding

The presence of Node.js custom development technology allows programmers to create JavaScript that works for both client and server. It makes things convenient for transferring data between them for developers.

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Non-Blocking Input/output

The Node.js-based apps can process requests without many delays. The synchronous processing ensures the execution of code in a sequence in the backend.

One-Stop Destination for Customized Node.js Application Development Services

If you want genuinely professional Node.js consulting services, Exato Software is very pleased to provide it to their experienced developers who have previously worked on plenty of such projects. Your business goals will be transformed into the vision with the combination of our expertise and Node.js technology.

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Node.js Consulting Solutions

Our company offers highly professional Node.js Consulting services according to the project requirements and business vertical. We will give recommendations about the development, maintenance, and customization of the Node.js application.

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Node API Integration and Development

Our skilled developers will develop highly secure and scalable APIs using robust Node.js development services. We follow a customized approach for assisting businesses in sharing the data of their custom apps.

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Node.js Custom Development

We build highly customized, secure, and UI-based apps that only do not fit within business standards but are helpful for long-term goals in the industry.

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Node.js Web App Development

Our developers strategize and create robust and flexible Node JS-based apps that actually deliver. It significantly boosts the business and helps them improve the quality of their services.

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Node.js Application Migration

Migrate any complex applications based on frameworks like PHP, Java, and .Net to enjoy the advantages of our expertise and Node.js technology.

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Node.js Maintenance and Support

Highly skilled SLA-based maintenance and support offered for frequent updates, new releases, scaling, and performance of Node.js applications.

What makes us better than any Node.js Web Development Company?

Always crafting something unique and different is the major quality of our agency. Exato Software always works to develop apps that give an edge to clients over their competitors.

As a well-known software and mobile app development company, we offer our customers superior end-to-end support. From evaluation to final launch, our Node.js web development services let us bring authenticity to the brands. 

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360-Degree Project Analysis

We perform analysis of client’s requirements from all sides followed by providing the ideal solution with an adequate number of Node.js developers to fulfil the needs.

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Mobile-Friendly User Interface

Our team believes in crafting a rich UI that works incredibly for different devices as per the app's functionality.

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Professional Developers

At Exato Software, we only believe in keeping professional and experienced Node.js developers who know how to craft efficient apps for brands of different industries.

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Unmatched Performance and Speed

We are 100% committed to giving unparalleled user experience with quick loading time. It only not assists in sales conversion but also helps in improving search engine ranking.

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Excellent Scalability and Security

The state-of-the-art data encryption and top-quality security plugins protect the app from bugs, malware, and threats.

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High-End Technical Support

We stay available to answer any technical query and make sure it can be resolved as soon as possible with our expertise. Our team believes in having instant interaction to find the best possible solutions to eliminate issues quickly.

Our Approach to Node.js Custom Development!

We believe in following the international standard of Agile Software Development Process to create apps based on node.js frameworks.


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Assessment of Project’s Requirements

Our team of experts evaluates the brand’s requirements and mission for starting the project to create an ideal roadmap.

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Engagement Model

Our team recommends an ideal engagement model according to the requirements of projects with the right resources.

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Design and Development

We will begin the design and development process for crafting an incremental application that fulfils every client's criteria and goal.

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Testing & QA Process

The entire process consists of extensive testing, proper documentation, and regular client feedback for delivering top-notch IT products to every client.

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Customer Support

Once launched, we will perform regular monitoring and debugging to ensure proper app maintenance.

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Eliminate Mediocrity with Our Node.js Consulting Services!

It’s time to utilize our decades of experience crafting software nodejs projects that have revolutionized the success of many brands. Contact us to get the best Node.js development services to remove the pain points in your IT operations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Node.js is a server-side, open-source, JavaScript runtime environment that is used for developing scalable, high-performance apps. It operates on a variety of techniques, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and others because it is a cross-platform runtime environment.

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Exato Software is the go-to company for the newest technical innovations, including Artificial Intelligence. Their main strengths are on-time delivery and 100 percent accuracy.

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Exato Software is a highly assured group of experts. They flawlessly adhered to all of our project requirements and completed their work on schedule. We are excited to work with them.

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The client is impressed by the quality and how effectively the website functions. Exato Software offered a reliable, thorough service at a reasonable rate. They managed the task well and accepted direction well.

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Before the platform's formal introduction, Exato Software published a beta version, which was well-received by users. The online application's user-friendly interface made it simple for anyone to launch a fundraiser or make a financial contribution. They also made sure that it adhered with laws and regulations.



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