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Salesforce Implementation

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Salesforce Implementation

You can opt for Salesforce implementation services at Exato to provide better services to your customers. With a better consultation and CRM, you can keep a healthy rapport with not only the current customers but also with the potential clients. The data analytics is done using the best technologies of all times at Exota and our specialized developers maintain your Salesforce solutions. Our developers make the best use of the latest CRM tools that help you to get the most efficient software applications for Salesforce. You not only enhance your customer experience by attaining the prerequisites and data beforehand but at the same time you are able to enhance your company’s reputation as well.

Through Salesforce Cloud Implementation you not only provide a mobile enterprise but also a lot of perks that come with this mobility management. The advantages of inheriting the salesforce cloud implementation are many and with Exato, you get to build your desired Salesforce application software under the assistance of the best developers of all times. They carry years of experience in the field of Salesforce and CRM solutions. We know how to make your business systems integrated with automated processing and the solutions are highly developed and responsive.

Your business might be facing challenges related to different sectors like sales, e-commerce, customer support, marketing and we know how to manage them all using the right upgradations and solutions. We know how to provide help to each kind of business enterprise irrespective of its size. So, you might be a small startup organization or a large enterprise, we know how to serve with our quality services and provide world-class services. It is your vision that we serve in the form of your application. You can enhance your already existing business applications in Salesforce or build an entirely new application. Our developers with years of hands-on experience with the tools know-how to provide the core personalized solutions.

Our Expertise

You can take our consulting services and we will tell you what in which all the ways we would be able to provide you with world-class services. Our developers will make your application relevant to the present and future technologies with their expertise and experience of making the software innovations. The applications that are based on the Salesforce implementation theory carry the complex files manner. They maintain the user interface in a proficient way. At Exato we provide our customers with the best customer support because we carry a comprehensive approach of development, implementation.

Our Services Support

At Exato, we are able to create the best Salesforce applications for our customers once we understand their business challenges and especially once that they are facing in context with their CRM. CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management and our developers first go through your ideation and then understand the scope for your Salesforce Implementation project. Once we understand your requirements we are able to provide the specific suite for your Salesforce application implementation.


The specialized developers for your Salesforce Implementation project at Exato first explore the possibilities related to your business scope and they henceforth provide the UX and UI solutions. They are based on proper research and exploration. The model upgrades of Salesforce are well put in your new Salesforce project when you choose us as your Salesforce Implementation Company.

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Configuration and Implementation

You might be looking for Salesforce implementation or solutions from either the purpose of migration or to enhance the UX/ UI design. Our developers are well aware of both these and they erudite at providing high performance in the form of your new Salesforce suite. They will make sure that the newly developed Salesforce application integrates well with the already existing business systems. The services related to data migration are quite efficient and you won’t face any kind of shortcomings in the future. The configuration and implementation thus turn pretty easy when you handle the project in secure hands.


In Salesforce integration, we provide integration of third party and API(In-built). We create integration modules, ERP and e-commerce systems. You get your desired customizations during this stage. At every point, we make sure that we abide by the Salesforce Implementation theory.

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Migration to Salesforce

At Exato you can easily migrate from your existing business platform. We migrate the data, modules, and APIs belonging to third parties to Salesforce in the most efficient manner.

Maintenance and Support

Your business growth and efficiency do not face any sort of drawbacks because at Exato we provide you with endless support throughout your journey with the software. You do not have to worry regarding the Salesforce application when it requires any changes and upgradations. We provide complete maintenance and support to your customers so they do not have to compromise with the productivity of their business.

Salesforce Cloud Implementation

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The Sales Cloud Solutions

We provide services in the Sales cloud in order to help our customers in their business growth and productivity. We focus to manage the customer interactions, providing a 360-degree view of customers, sales analyzation, lead management, provision of personalized experience to the customers. Marketing Solutions, E-commerce solutions, Service Cloud Solutions, App cloud, Commerce Cloud are other Salesforce Cloud Solutions that are available at Exato Software.

Commerce Cloud

You can increase the scalability of your e-commerce business by engaging your existing business technologies with new business tools and automation for better customer management and improved sales. In our Salesforce Implementation Services, we provide management of our inventory, multiple forms of payment support, mobile commerce, content management and management of marketing campaigns.

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Why Choose Exato?

Every industry requires its own set of Salesforce software solutions and we at Exato are providing industry-specific solutions by building. We provide solutions for almost every type of industry starting from the healthcare industry to the entertainment and media industry to transport, retail and e-commerce to travel and hospitality, etc. By now your search for a renowned Salesforce Implementation Company should be over because at Exato we have a solution to every kind of issue related to Salesforce implementation.


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