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MEAN Stack is the open source & future of programming for creating feature-rich apps that actually deliver. Its structure is well-defined and sounds suitable for maintaining dynamic performance in real-time. Exato Software is one of the leading companies known for delivering technical expertise in the latest MEAN stack app development services. Meet skilled developers to develop smooth applications matching the latest business standards.

Expand Your Business Horizons with MEAN Stack App Development Solutions

Let’s start with its purpose, it is used to develop and create web applications. This proves why it is also known as mean web development. Now, what it actually is a stack or a collection of technologies and these technologies are of JavaScript. It is mainly and greatly used to develop efficient and strong dynamic web pages being a branch of the full-stack development.

The technologies that it consists of are MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, and Angular. It is clear from the extensions that all of these technologies belong to the Javascript. All of these technologies are used to make web applications. The mean stack web development is basically responsible for the creation of each and every aspect of the website. And this progressions of creating a website takes place from the client-side to the database handling.

The main reason why a mean development company will prosper is because of the user-friendly nature of the mean. Due to this, it is very beneficial to use it for creating dynamic web applications along with another great benefit that is being open source. Being open-source makes it free to use and hence users prefer it over the others. These two features enable the developer for easy and quick creation of the prototypes of the web applications or pages.

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Why Exato Software for MEAN Stack Development Services?

Exato is a software engineering company with cutting-edge technologies and user experience design expertise. Since launching, our team has partnered with well-known companies and global start-ups of all sizes to scale mobile apps and full stack web


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Product Engineering

The mission of our agency is to let our clients stay ahead of the competition with quality MEAN Stack Web development services. Our agency creates products by following the best practices to match the industry's standards. The absolute transparency will stay for clients from evaluation to product launching.

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At Exato Software, every full stack developer follows an agile approach to creating a product that exceeds the client’s expectations. It helps us deliver value to clients quickly and with fewer headaches.

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Fully Professional MEAN Stack Developers

Whether it is about MEAN Stack cloud computing or development services, our team is skilled enough to tackle every need of clients. They work brilliantly for large as well as small brands with full dedication.

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Transparent Project Management

We understand complex project management issues throughout the development procedure for creating a product that instantly impacts the audience.

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Frequent Integration

Our MEAN stack development company is applying coding to make the mainline code base brilliant as quickly as possible. We will provide the enhancements to develop rich apps that immediately become a fan favourite in the market.

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Flexible Engagement Models

Various engagement models are available in our agency for easily matching specific business needs. Our expertise ensures super feature-rich apps and websites for quick delivery and integration.

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Hire MEAN Stack Developers from Exato Software!

At Exato Software, our team work to streamline the website and mobile apps with the right model that matches their business needs. We have a committed development team who understand the core requirements and pre-defined projects according to that.

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Evaluating Requirements

We hear the requirements of a client and follow a proper evaluation process. Our team will gauge their needs and choose most suitable technlogy stack for the requirement. We assign a full-stack developer to lead the project and give under him resources to work on the project.

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Development Process

We will talk with the client’s dedicated team to finalize the details and specifications. Our MEAN stack development company will begin the development procedure so clients can review it whenever needed. We prefer regular communication via phone calls, emails, and Skype.

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We will put the project prototype to let the clients evaluate whether the product is up to mark. Our team performs various tests to provide a product free from bugs. Once the client gives the green signal, the project will be launched for the audience.

MEAN Stack Application Development Services For Web/Mobile

Our agency provides top-class development solutions with specific deadlines for every client. We will offer the necessary guidance to fulfil all the development requirements.

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Exceptional Development Support

The availability of end-to-end MEAN stack application development ensures businesses of all scales work brilliantly without any queries. There won’t be issues related to development during the entire procedure.

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Migration Customer Support

Migration is most preferred way to update without losing a single benefit of legacy system. MEAN Stack App development offers a smoother and more seamless migration procedure of transferring the websites and mobile applications to the latest framework. Whether project is on any obselete technology or opensource or any other old technology stack our team helps companies to migrate smoothly without spilling money and time.

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Extended Consultation

Our team will offer the MEAN Stack App development solutions with proper guidance and assistance for matching every requirement.

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Terrific Performance

If someone hire MEAN stack developers with the utmost expertise, the present pages are audited continuously. They will provide the suggested tweaks to boost performance at the best level.

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Deployment Assistance

The team will ensure brand new websites and apps are launched with regular updates and create extensions for a long-lasting experience. They will provide all the required replacements, even if the commitments of projects are fulfilled.

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After Launch Maintenance

Extensive maintenance support is guaranteed with these solutions for maintaining the website and app performance. Our MEAN stack development company offer assistance that will stay beyond launch.

Develop a Great Range of Mobile Applications with MEAN Stack Web Development Solutions

MEAN Stack technologies are speedy and scalable enough to take your business to a different level. Thanks to its super robust framework, you will succeed in developing applications and mobile websites that can benefit your business for sure. It comes with automated testing to ensure that quality stays the same from beginning to end, even beyond that.

The MEAN Stack development services allow the clients to benefit the audience. It not only adds flexibility but also ensures high-speed performance to the base which can be very beneficial for the business. Make use of latest technologies like MongoDB atlas and robust web application frameworks to gain advanatage over competition.

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Discuss your ideas with Exato Software!

Exato Software has a great team of certified developers who create user-responsive websites and applications based on MEAN. They are equipped with the right capabilities and expertise to do justice to the client’s requirements. Our reputation for delivering top-class products will always be maintained.

Merits and Demerits of Mean Stack


  • Useful when fast pace development of applications is required
  • It is a completely free stack of Javascript
  • Consumes a very low amount of memory footprint
  • Mean helps by making the code isomorphic
  • Also should possess a thorough knowledge of DB architecture
  • Enables developers to use a uniform language throughout


  • MongoDB is not the one to go for at the time of working with large-scale applications
  • Absence of specific coding guidelines
  • Users can lose records
  • After creating a website using the mean stack approach, it is not easy to go back to the previous approach
  • Insufficient server isolation from business logic.

Why Choose MEAN Stack Web Development Services?

MEAN Stack is a highly based on JavaScript framework that combines technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS, and Express. Where Express is the framework and Node is for server-side programming, Angular provides fascinating client-side UI/UX and MongoDB is for storing data. A few world’s top brands, like Forbes, Facebook, YouTube, and even NetFlix have developed their applications using MEAN development.

MEAN and MERN stack web development provide great sort of flexibility for handling user-generated data. The companies who hire MEAN stack developers to create user-based Web applications and websites, succeeded in providing their audience with interactive experiences.

Development companies recommend it because of its ability to provide an advantage of many different technologies in a single product. nosql database, MongoDB Database and mongodb express.js as framework, along with NodeJS and AngularJS for Web server and Web-Apps the brands can enjoy effective data management, a hybrid framework, and a powerful domain-specific framework. The apps and websites created by MEAN Stack App Development Company bring authenticity to the brands providing an exceptional boost for the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. You are the owner of your project, and we will be developing it on your behalf. So, you will get ownership of every aspect of the solution. All we need to do is follow some legal papers for legitimate handling of the tasks.

This is just a matter of consultation, but we assure you that you will get something more than expected. We have a team of professional and skilled MEAN Stack developers and project managers to reduce the overall project burden from your head.

We also understand the importance of post-sales services for a business, so we also provide constant support to our clients until the project is successfully implemented and deployed. We offer free after-sales services for a predefined amount of time, and once the subscription time is over, we will charge you for further support.

We offer very cost-effective development rates. You can hire top-class MEAN Stack developers from us at a starting cost of $15/hour. However, the cost varies according to the developer's experience.

You are always in the loop with us during the development process. We communicate with our clients regularly to make sure that everything is going the way they want.

Get in touch to have the most professional MEAN stack development services now!

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Exato Software is a highly assured group of experts. They flawlessly adhered to all of our project requirements and completed their work on schedule. We are excited to work with them.

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The client is impressed by the quality and how effectively the website functions. Exato Software offered a reliable, thorough service at a reasonable rate. They managed the task well and accepted direction well.

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