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using automated logistics solutions, your business can improve the delivery process and change the dynamics at a higher level. Today, logistics involves more than moving packages from one location to another.The companies need to deliver items quickly and securely while lowering costs. They must also use features such as barcode scanning to track assets in real-time. You can use smart technology to make your supply chain better and beat your rivals. We can make a personalized logistics app to fix issues and simplify the process.

Next-Age Logistics Application Development Company

At Exato Software, we believe in creating a solution that helps in increasing your logistics business ROI. According to MarketWatch, the global logistics industry will reach over US$ 287 million in 2024, proving how much potential businesses can enjoy in the future. However, there is a need to stay up to mark in terms of technology for utilizing this opportunity. 

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Transport Management Software Development

We offer custom development solutions for transport and logistics. Our custom-designed Logistic software solutions include warehouse operations and inventory management as well. We provide Transportation management software for mobile and web platforms. It will surely help your business access real-time data interaction and enjoy better user engagement.

Warehouse Management Software Development

The availability of a highly scalable warehouse management system is very useful for arranging the inventory & orders, manpower, and stocks in a better way. Our warehouse management software solutions will minimize transportation software development costs and improve customer satisfaction. Your brand will get rid of traditional spreadsheet and paper pen methods due to our fully streamlined development services.

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Custom Fleet Management Software Development

We have a team of talented professionals who can perform excellent logistics management software development involving custom fleet management software. It will let you enjoy various functional features for knowing the vehicle’s fuel management, consumption, location, vehicle maintenance, etc. In short, real-time insights about the fleet can be enjoyed with this custom-built software.

Smart Supply Chain Solutions

We believe in creating a deadly combination of IoT and Al with autonomy and intelligence in logistics software development. It helps provide customers with agile, effective, streamlined, and efficient services.

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Asset Tracking Software Development

Exato Software has hired asset-tracking experts to create custom logistics solutions to track and manage assets effectively. Asset tracking systems are very helpful for asset management, maintenance, and smart inventory system.

Telematics Software Development

Traffic management and efficiency will play a vital role in the logistics business in the upcoming times. Our logistics app development services consist of telematics solutions software development for optimizing the traffic flow according to the present infrastructure.

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Why To Select Exato Software for Logistics Application Development?

We are a well-acclaimed software development company that can automate fleet management and boost supply chain visibility using rich data capabilities. Our team is specialized in performing logistics application development to drive your company ahead of the competition.

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Superior Data Security and Protection

There are strict internal IP protection policies and NDAs used by our experts to eliminate the chances of any data leaks. Our team follows top-notch security development practices compatible with your logistics company's requirements while developing software.

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Agile Development Procedure

Our logistics application development include agile methodologies for crafting highly flexible and scalable solution without any potential risks. All the steps of the development phase are built to give maximum value to the brand. It make sure your brand can achieve the desired potential.

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Expert at Converting Data into Insights

Our custom-based logistic app development services include managing structured and unstructured data for creating actionable and useful insights. We go through plenty of data patterns to analyze customer behavior and streamline the various processes in a better way.

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Quality Development

Our logistics management system experts are part of a leading app development company. That’s why they always ensure complete reliability and transparency throughout the complete phase to deliver high-quality services that really deliver in the end.

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Seamless Communication

We believe in convenient data sharing and communication between ourselves and clients to streamline the process while providing logistics software development services. It make sure any issues can be eliminated quickly.

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Opportunity for Growth

Exato Software isn’t like any other company because we believe in creating a chance for growth for our clients. It can be done by rearranging the present structure or creating a new one to enhance productivity.

Discover the hidden potential of logistics software development to boost your visibility in the supply chain industry.

What is our Logistics Software Development Process?

We have a keen team of experts with niche industry expertise for growing your business. Our team employs best industry practices to craft a logistics software development solution to thrive your revenue.

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We are a leading logistics application development company that begins the process by consulting with clients about their requirements. Afterward, a strategy will be created by adding all the important points for sustainable solutions to your business.

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Deep Research and Analysis

Our team will conduct deep research and analyze your company’s needs to understand what functionalities need to be added to the system. It will be very helpful in creating a roadmap for building an effective logistic software application for your brand.

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UI/UX Logistics Design

We will develop a cutting-edge UI design for converting leads into sales. We will work on the blueprint, database, and user designs to create a better product.

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There are very strict protocols used by our team for deploying the logistics apps for different platforms to boost accessibility for the potential audience. We perform various deployment stages for development, testing, and evaluating processes.

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Support and Maintenance

Every software needs a few modifications with time. That’s why we offer quality post-maintenance solutions for fixing glitches, bugs, custom update requests, etc.

Our Logistics Software Development Expertise

Among various services that form a part of the logistics businesses, we at Exato provide logistics Management Software development for fleet management. You can have an efficient operational flow of your business with a comprehensive transport portal development. Vehicle acquisition, vehicle disposal, leasing and vehicle management, features of health for drivers and features of safety-related o the vehicles are several services that can be streamlined on a single platform.

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Latest Technology

At Exato we use Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Internet of Things. We give light to your vision and goals by adding our latest and advanced technologies.

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Quality Assurance

We provide such Logistics software solutions and products that are relevant not just locally but globally as well. Our world-class services are developed keeping in mind the quality assurance. 

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Extensive Support

Clients get uncompromised support at Exato. Our developers guide you from the beginning of your logistics application development project until the end. Our extensive support will never disappoint you.

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Adaptive Scalability Framework

The changes in the business world are rapid and with that, we know how to keep the essential factors in mind that transform your business scalability and growth. We create an adaptive set of business solutions that can withstand the changes effortlessly. This keeps your business growth consistent.

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Access your Solutions

The logistic app developers at Exato, provide easy management of operations by making the best use of advanced technology. They create a smart business application for you to keep your approach intelligent and challenges minimum.

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Multichannel Approach

With a multichannel approach, your business can spread to a wider area exponentially. Your reach becomes effective because then you are able to connect everywhere irrespective of the platform. It might be IOT, Android, IOS and VR/AR, etc.

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Exato experts know how to serve industry-specific solutions and that is why we have trained our developers to provide our clients with the type of personalization that they expect and deserve. We provide goal-specific applications that focus entirely on your business requirements to the core. You can achieve maximum results with our core personalization of apps.

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App Architecture

We use the technology and toolsets that comply with the security measures that one should take. This keeps you confident and you do not have to worry regarding the security issues amidst the ongoing business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The real-time information provided by the logistics app development solution offers several advantages. It enables, for example, real-time management, real-time troubleshooting, time savings, and so on. Furthermore, you may have improved insight and real-time delivery status.

Our company has vast experience developing business software and is an industry leader in the field. To reach this level of expertise, you'll need a professional team, hands-on experience, cutting-edge tools and technology, and the ability to think beyond the box. Several business engagements with demonstrated ROI for deployed solutions. 

Design thinking is used by solution architects to examine business issues and create acceptable solutions. In addition, we understand industry-specific challenges and use design thinking to address them.

We deploy innovative development strategies to boost your revenues. We can assist measure traffic and increase asset and inventory visibility. Our adaptable mobility solution can assist you in growing your business simply and effectively. With result-oriented logistics and transportation mobile application development, our skilled development team will provide you with wings to soar.

Exato Softwares respects your ideas and maintains their confidentiality. As a consequence, we maintain complete openness throughout the whole process and sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement to ensure that everything relevant to your project is properly secured.

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Let us use our innovative ideas to create a custom-made logistics software development solution for your company.

Why Work with Our Logistics Development Company

At Exato we follow a well-organized approach for your transport portal development. First, we take the ideation of your logistic application development project and learn about its scope. You share your requirements and duration within which you want to get developed. We then start working on the designing, we explore the possibilities and evaluate the UX and UI. Then comes the turn of coding and integration. Once that process gets done, our developer’s test your application for any bugs. Post debugging, we present the Logistics Management Software to you and then you see your complete application product. If you give any feedback for changes then we make those changes and then you are good to launch your application in the market.

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Exato Software is the go-to company for the newest technical innovations, including Artificial Intelligence. Their main strengths are on-time delivery and 100 percent accuracy.

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The Exato Software Team worked tirelessly and professionally from beginning to end to bring our dream idea to life. We enjoyed our time spent working with them.

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Exato Software is a highly assured group of experts. They flawlessly adhered to all of our project requirements and completed their work on schedule. We are excited to work with them.

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The client is impressed by the quality and how effectively the website functions. Exato Software offered a reliable, thorough service at a reasonable rate. They managed the task well and accepted direction well.

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Before the platform's formal introduction, Exato Software published a beta version, which was well-received by users. The online application's user-friendly interface made it simple for anyone to launch a fundraiser or make a financial contribution. They also made sure that it adhered with laws and regulations.



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