Cloud Migration

With the worldwide pandemic, more and more organizations are moving to the cloud, redefining their offers, and becoming more cost-efficient, nimble, and imaginative in how they run their enterprises. Cloud computing, as an on-demand, self-service environment, is increasingly critical to achieving end-to-end digital transformation. Cloud computing is more important than ever in assisting organizations to reopen, innovate, and outmaneuver unpredictability. 

The distribution and maintenance of modern software can be complicated. Collaborate with Exato Software to develop and deploy robust software at scale and speed. As your perfect partner for successful cloud migration, let us give the skills, resources, and expertise you require to realize the full benefits of the cloud migration project.

Cloud Migration

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Cloud Migration to AWS or Azure

Here is How We Do It.

Exato Software facilitates the transition from ideas to action by employing a pragmatic approach that simplifies complexity. Discover and analyze your current business needs, construct the best cloud solution, carry out cloud migration, manage and optimize the cloud estate, and constantly improve your cloud journey to maximize business value.

Exato Software models how prospective solutions would perform at scale, ensuring a good match the first time. The migration is then carried out, allowing a company's cloud goal to reach and sustain the desired business value. We combine industry, business, and technology expertise to create comprehensive cloud solutions that help you build a solid foundation for growing, innovating, and reimagining your business.Using our large-scale business strategy, we collaborate with you to identify the areas most likely to be valuable to you. With our customizable business model, you may change the size of your committed team at any time during the project to meet your demands. The bulk of software companies insist on preserving their own source codes in order to discourage their consumers from exploring for other providers or solutions. Under our agreement, you are the exclusive owner of the source code and intellectual property. 

Before We Begin Migration

Exato Software is a leading provider of Cloud Migration services, providing a comprehensive range of excellent services. Our professional cloud developers assist firms in achieving their commercial goals. Our skills enable you to generate more value, quicker. Exato leverages the knowledge of over 36,000 cloud projects to take the uncertainty out of your Cloud Continuum journey. It offers a wide range of capabilities to assist you: 
To move to the cloud fast, migrate your IT environment by picking the correct cloud infrastructure for your needs. Accelerate value by transforming your architecture, apps, and data for the cloud, as well as applying cloud-first tactics in your workforce and business model. Grow and innovate your business by leveraging cloud capabilities to improve differentiation and competitiveness. Across all cloud models and many delivery ways, our complete cloud migration platform combines industrialized capabilities with distinctive pre-configured industry-specific tools, processes, and automation (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS). Our capabilities are listed below:
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Migration Begins with Right Infrastructure

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Cloud Optimizer With Resilient Management

Cloud management allows companies to track and distribute their cloud computing bills, create reports, and forecast future loads. As a result, it enables precise cost management, forecasting, and reporting.Managed cloud services are services that give a client's cloud resources or infrastructure with partial or entire management. Migration, configuration, optimization, security, and maintenance are examples of management responsibilities. Cloud cost optimization is the process of reducing your overall cloud spend by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and Right Sizing computing services to scale.

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Cloud Migrator

The process of migrating data, apps, or other business pieces to a cloud computing environment is known as cloud migration. A company can execute many sorts of cloud migrations. Transferring data and apps from a local on-premises data center to the public cloud is a popular model. Migration tools help organizations manage and modernize their IT infrastructure and resources. Files, databases, programmes, operating systems, websites, storage, physical and virtual servers, networks, and data centers may all be migrated to new or updated platforms and products.

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Case Builder - Cloud Businesses

Creates a business case for cloud strategy/decisions and monitors and reports on the advantages by evaluating and reporting success against key performance metrics. The velocity of this transformation and marketing hype around the subject of cloud could cause a business to move too quickly into the cloud space. A compelling business case for embracing cloud technology should be one of the first things every company should create. Often the decision of adopting cloud technologies is now only in the hands of the financial group. For a variety of reasons, "complete" delegation of that choice frequently results in a deadlock.

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Why Exato Software For Superlative Cloud Migrations

Exato guides you through the cloud, helping you choose the best architecture and ecosystem partners to build solutions that meet your strategic business needs. Our comprehensive range of proprietary tools and cloud factories aids in the acceleration of cloud migration and the realization of business value. Our customized Cloud migration services are exactly what you need to achieve commercial success and market dominance. With our cloud migration solutions, we promote innovation and provide value. We are a business-focused bespoke cloud migration firm that uses a simplified migration strategy. The foundation of which is based on in-depth study and extensive analysis performed on a large scale.

Exato Software provides superior migration solutions while complying to the most stringent security and scalability requirements. Maintaining their performance in a variety of operating and servicing environments. You may be certain that your product will be free of jolts and gaps if you use our specialized tech support service. While also offering general maintenance and upgrading services! 

Exato software development solutions are focused on quality. We adhere to tight standards and processes in order to get the best quality assurance results and provide flawless software solutions.

Strategic Cloud Migration Approach

Understanding what cloud migration is, how it may benefit your organization, and what is involved can help you decide on the best plan for a successful cloud move. Exato Software assists you in navigating complexity, from cloud landing zones to data sovereignty regulation. We collaborate with you to identify the most appropriate cloud strategy, operational model, roadmap, and ecosystem partners. We then assist you in accelerating your migration and modernisation to the Cloud, which is safe, cost-effective, and nimble. 

Companies looking to transition away from outdated and increasingly inefficient legacy infrastructures, such as aging servers or potentially unreliable firewall appliances, or to abandon hardware or software solutions that are no longer performing optimally, are increasingly turning to the cloud to reap the benefits of cloud computing. This is why so many businesses are making at least a partial shift to the cloud.

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Cloud Change Management

Companies looking to transition away from outdated and increasingly inefficient legacy infrastructures, such as aging servers or potentially unreliable firewall appliances, or to abandon hardware or software solutions that are no longer performing optimally, are increasingly turning to the cloud to reap the benefits of cloud computing. This is why so many businesses are making at least a partial shift to the cloud. A strong change management approach enables business benefit to be delivered while balancing risk and business value. It should do it in a way that maximizes productivity while minimizing wasted effort or expense for all process participants.

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Cloud Security

Cloud security is a set of processes and technologies that are meant to handle both external and internal risks to enterprise security. As they implement their digital transformation plan and include cloud-based tools and services into their infrastructure, businesses require cloud security. There are three kinds of cloud computing services: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) (SaaS). Exato Software's cloud security technology imposes access limitations on workers and anybody else who has official access to the data. We do this by restricting access to data to those who require it. This makes it far more difficult for individuals who want to leak the data or use it for malicious reasons.

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Cloud Assessment

We assist you in gaining a thorough picture of your cloud readiness, infrastructure and application landscape, and give recommendations and a transformation path aligned with your business goals. A cloud readiness assessment is a comprehensive procedure that establishes your organization's readiness by discovering and assessing applications. Our major purpose is to examine the application and data infrastructure, which will be utilized to create a plan for cloud migration.

Three Important Types of Cloud Migration

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Re-Host (Lift & Shift)

The most easy cloud migration method is rehosting. It entails migrating apps, virtual machines, and server operating systems from your present hosting environment to public cloud infrastructure without making any modifications. It is a low resistance migration approach that recommends storing an application as an image that can be transferred to a container running on the public cloud using migration tools such as VM Import or CloudEndure. When selecting lift-and-shift, keep in mind that its immediate victory comes with a drawback: restricted usage of cloud efficiency. Simply hosting an application workload in the public cloud does not take advantage of cloud-native capabilities like efficient CI/CD automation, monitoring systems, automatic recovery and self-healing, containerized environments, or open-source compatible services.

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As with typical lift-and-shift, replatforming entails operating system improvements, modifications to application APIs, and middleware upgrades. As a consequence, you may take advantage of more cloud benefits, reconfigure the source environment to make it cloud-compatible, fine-tune application functionality, and eliminate post-migration labor. Before making any product upgrades, keep in mind that the underlying codebase will be altered. This implies that even minor modifications necessitate a comprehensive retest of your application's performance. Once the required improvements and up-versioning have been done, the application may be migrated to the optimized platform and cloud servers. The re-platforming method falls halfway between a basic lift-and-shift and a more comprehensive application re-architecture.

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This method, which is the polar opposite of lift-and-shift migration, is motivated by a strong desire to improve your product. It is believed that a clear business goal will be established from the start, such as application performance reliability. This may need totally re-engineering your application logic and developing the cloud-native version from start. At Exato Software, if you choose this cloud migration methodology, keep in mind that it may necessitate additional resources owing to the increased complexity of its execution. On the other hand, it enables full use of cloud-native features such as disaster recovery and application containerization. Because these new features have been introduced, restructuring may be more cost-effective in the long term.

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Model with a Fixed Price

This model is used to determine the project scope of work, as well as its associated cost and timeframe, before cloud migration begins. This is the preferred choice for long durations of contact at Exato Software. The client is always at rest knowing that the project will stay within the budget that was agreed upon. This technique is best suited to clients that have a firm understanding of their requirements.

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Employ a Dedicated Model

This is a very standard and easy type of engagement in which clients pay for the number of hours the cloud migrator spends working on the project. Clients may begin work immediately because they are not required to supply detailed specifications. Clients may also upgrade additional features at any time, and they understand exactly what they are paying for. This substantially improves trust and communication between you and us.

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Model for On-Site Work

This method is used when clients want additional temporary workers for on-site relocation. This contract form ensures that the engagement is cost-effective and that all encounters are face-to-face. This strategy assists in achieving the deadline since there is ongoing contact throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exato's tailor cloud solutions to your company's exact requirements. We provide public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions to help you achieve your strategic IT goals.

A cloud migration allows your company to develop and flourish without disrupting its current infrastructure. This implies that apps and data may expand without affecting company performance or the consumer experience.

Absolutely! Exato spends a substantial amount of time and effort learning about your company and its goals. This enables us to create cloud solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements.

With several qualifications or current training in cyber security best practices, we have familiarity with particular cloud platform security features and add-ons. A thorough grasp of systems, integrations, and security technologies, as well as how they should work together in a cloud environment.

The method begins when you contact us, either through the contact form or by contacting us at our phone number. You are connected with one of our client service representatives, who will guide you through the firm's specifics and anything else that is relevant to you. When this is accomplished, our specialists enter the picture and completely address your project and requirements.

Here are some of the obvious advantages of cloud migration:

Scalability: Cloud computing may readily scale up to serve larger workloads and more users than on-premises equipment.

Cost: Companies that migrate to the cloud often pay far less on IT operations since cloud providers handle maintenance and updates. 

Performance: Moving to the cloud can help certain firms enhance performance and the overall user experience for their consumers. 

Flexibility: Users, whether workers or consumers, may access cloud services and data from any location. This makes it simpler for a company to grow into new markets, offer their services to a global audience, and allow its personnel to work flexibly.

Exato Softwares values your ideas and their confidentiality. As a result, in order to prevent your unique app concept from being stolen or reproduced, we maintain total transparency throughout the whole process and sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement to ensure that everything related to your project is completely protected.

Databases frequently need to migrate to a new platform entirely in order to run in the cloud. Moving a database is challenging, especially when huge volumes of data are involved. For large databases that would take too long to transfer over the Internet, some cloud providers provide physical data transfer options, such as putting data onto a hardware equipment and then sending the appliance to the cloud provider. Data can also be sent over the Internet. Data migration, regardless of method, frequently takes a long time.

Exato Software provides a single control plane for the performance and security solutions required for a successful cloud migration, such as DNS, load balancing, the Exato Software WAF, and others. These goods are all linked and may be handled from a single interface (see a cloud migration case study). Exato Software interacts seamlessly with any cloud setup, whether public, private, hybrid, or multi cloud.


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