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What is Exato?

‘Exato’ is a new launch, by professionals that collectively carry more than 50+ years of experience in conceptualizing, prototyping, designing, developing and delivering complex to large software solutions. Through Exato we funnel our entire experience and expertise to deliver most exact and correct solutions within given timeframe and with high cost-effectiveness. We cover services like software development, app development – native, hybrid and cross platform, and our specialized Advisory and Consulting services. You get Advise and Consultation from us related to selection of technology, framework, platform and best team for your development work. We also build team for you choosing most appropriate set of profiles from your pool or from ours.

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Putting Your Business on a high-octane Automation Drive

Delivering strictly acording to the document that client agreed is good work. But we do not feel satisfied with just Good. We always want to deliver that extra advantage to our client which even he is not aware of. After working with a varied clientele and having experience of quite a few domains we in our in-house discussions always find something crucial that is missing in document. Our client-centric approach is based on delivering a compact and future-proof solution to our client even if it makes us walk an extra mile. Our commitment to feel success in client's success is what makes our solutions different and better than others.


To Be Able To Produce Predictable, Repeatable & Quality Delivery for Customers in Stipulated Time, At No Extra Cost.


The DNA of Exato is made up of its values and principles. Exato values are based on their guiding principle that translates for its Customers.


When you work with Exato you do not offshore your task but outsource. You get benefit of our past experience.


Why Exato?

What is successful Outsourcing Partnership to Exato?

To Be Able To Produce Predictable, Repeatable & Quality Delivery for Customers in Stipulated Time, At No Extra Cost. This is part of our delivery ecosystem.

Major focus is to “Customize Customer Service Experience” which is identified out of “Client Discovery” sessions to understand particular preferences and pain points to exceed customer expectations.

For Exato successful customer engagement is to be a partner of choice, sharing common work ethos, values and principles with capability to take risk and intent to invest in engagement with coherency in delivering IT solutions with similar speed, velocity and scale.

Client is fourth pillar of project governance model that we put in place right after contract. Strategic, tactical and operational teams are other three that uphold the model. This model works with seamless collaboration and communication to set a perfect project plan and identify and assess obstacles, deterrents and possible issues work-out their solutions.

ExatoSoftware LOgo
ExatoSoftware LOgo


What we strive for?

Outsourcing development work is major phenomenon which has actually given a boost-up to entire IT industry. Offshore or Near-shore development has given opportunity from small to medium companies to have electronically driven system and management of their complex to iterative operations with minimal or no-human effort. But like any other arrangement even outsourcing in software development world does not come free of pitfalls. The idea to start ‘Exato’ didn’t occur to us on any good day or just on drop of a hat, it evolved slowly but steadily throughout the years we worked for our employers with their team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals.

‘Exato’ comes with certain philosophies and work ethics that uphold the fundamentals of outsourcing strongly and always make it a win-win arrangement for us and our client.


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Lisa Smith

Exato Software is the go-to company for the newest technical innovations, including Artificial Intelligence. Their main strengths are on-time delivery and 100 percent accuracy.

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The Exato Software Team worked tirelessly and professionally from beginning to end to bring our dream idea to life. We enjoyed our time spent working with them.

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Ronald Addico

Exato Software is a highly assured group of experts. They flawlessly adhered to all of our project requirements and completed their work on schedule. We are excited to work with them.

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Giuseppe Uslenghi

The client is impressed by the quality and how effectively the website functions. Exato Software offered a reliable, thorough service at a reasonable rate. They managed the task well and accepted direction well.

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Vinay Agarwal

Before the platform's formal introduction, Exato Software published a beta version, which was well-received by users. The online application's user-friendly interface made it simple for anyone to launch a fundraiser or make a financial contribution. They also made sure that it adhered with laws and regulations.



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