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Whether you are looking to improve your existing website or want a completely new one, Exato Software will approach both with lots of innovation and passion. Our team loves developing high-quality digital experiences to turn your marketing vision into tangible revenue. We are a professional best website development company having specialists with super creative minds. For our delighted customers from the USA, UK, AUS, Cyprus and India, our constant effort and professional development have led us to more than 100 projects that have been completed successfully.

Rational & Creative Thinking for Quality Web Design & Development!

The websites are finding it difficult to stay visible and engaged due to tough competition. However, our web app development experts make sure our customers stand out from the others by using the latest methods. We believe users should always stay the king, and adequate efforts should be made to engage them effectively.

Everything from UI design to creative touch and iconography made at Exato brings the maximum number of visitors. We prefer fewer talks and let our work do the rest. Our super creative design process focuses on information architecture, user personas, attractive icons, etc.

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Why is Exato Software the right Best Web Development Company solution?

We love web design that allows us to turn everything digital for clients. When someone approaches us, we show them the benefits of best web development when performed correctly. Our years of experience creating creative solutions using technology allow us to help businesses of all sizes. 
Our team always tries to bring complete value for the money client is paying for. Our professionals will give you access to the right tools and show how they can work for the betterment of your business. We will offer exciting web app development services that create results. 

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We believe in creating a deadly combination of effective design skills, integrated marketing techniques, and the use of technology to turn your vision into a reality. Our team will perform the necessary procedures and add the required set of tools to skyrocket revenue for your site.

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Marketing Ideas

Get access to various digital marketing ideas backed by our technological experts, creative designers, experienced advisors, and digital enthusiasts. Every idea is customized to match the needs of a company uniquely.

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Partnering with our agency will allow your brand to work according to its full potential. It will immediately let the business move to the next level and achieve greater results.

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Generate Sales

Our team doesn’t create good sites as we believe there is always a need for something extraordinary to boost sales. At Exato, every professional is obsessed with quality and follows standard compliance while creating a web application development framework. They are highly passionate about bringing the best version of themselves to serve clients. 

How do we work as a Website Development Company?

Our team work to follow the various web design processes diligently. It allows us to develop a web application development framework that satisfies the users.

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User Persona & Empathy Mapping

We believe every brand has different requirements to develop user personas for defining the audience that is required to be targeted. Our team perform qualitative and quantitative research to find what users think to generate effective results.

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Competitor Analysis

The first thing we do during strategic planning is performed competitor analysis to find what kind of opportunities and threats the market has. We sit with stakeholders to decide what should be added or avoided in your package of web development services.

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Information Architecture

Our team thinks information architecture is a secret tool that not only assists labelling but also boosts organizing content, ensuring intended tasks are completed comfortably.

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Developing Low Fidelity Sketches

While gathering the Information Architecture, we receive enough understanding about how to screen structure should look like. We will begin the process of paper prototypes and making content actions to boost user engagement.

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Setting UI Guidelines

The end game for web development services is creating a foolproof guide sheet with a proper set of UI guidelines with icons, typography, color palette, and other essential components. Our team set proper UI guidelines for each design while creating web application development platforms.

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Mix Digital Experiences for Boosting Customer Engagement

Our team believe in premium user experiences for customer’s brands with a mix of art, technology, and analytics. Since our foundation, we have helped hundreds of clients with quality web development solutions.

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Web Development

Our team uses highly innovative and cost-effective solutions for performing website development work. There will be full use of the latest design concepts and technologies to produce an advanced platform.

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WordPress Development

It is an incredible blogging platform that works as a CMS to generate great revenues. Our team uses a web application development framework for creating purely effective websites and blogs.

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PHP Development

Our advanced PHP development and consulting solutions are available to serve customers with projects of all sizes.

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WordPress Speed Optimization

Our professionals work hard to let clients use most of their WordPress sites and minimize the bandwidth cost as much as possible. We will optimize your site to deliver the final product efficiently.

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Online Shop Development

We have terrific experts in web development services who know how to develop a store that ensure great sales with effective management. It will have everything needed for converting leads into sales.

Discuss your project for Optimum Conversions!

We understand the importance of effective software website development services and ensure everything is professional for clients. Let’s discuss what you have in store with our team now!

Custom Web Application Development Services

Custom website development is important, and it uses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. We are a Web Development Company that has won awards. We use responsive web designing techniques to make the web look good. We have many ways to protect websites, applications, and APIs hosted from different places. They are called controls and can give you secure access. Our services have a big impact that lasts a long time. This impact is both visual and interactive. We offer custom web development services that go beyond Dove assets. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly platform for people to connect and improve the web.

When it comes to web development, high-quality work and updates are essential. We are a web development team that can make your dreams a reality. Our experienced project managers will provide you with full service and unique functionalities. Our range of services performs excellently. You can access many fully functional and feature-packed options that work well technically. We offer a variety of website services that let us build high-quality websites and responsive designs. This helps us create effective web solutions.

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Hire Developers from Top Website Development Company

We are a popular web development agency known for delivering great results. Our team of web developers, technical experts, project managers, full-stack developers, and designers are skilled and ready to take on any project. We are a top web development company with a skilled team who have over 25+ years of experience. Our team can create advanced web solutions, including web applications and portal development.

Most of our services are exquisitely robust and user friendly in delivering reliable user experiences and also our tailor-made solutions are proficient to provide suitable Web programming company solutions for every industry requirement. Our team of experts has also completed plenty of successful projects for various industries or diverse business segments from small businesses to enterprises including banking, e-commerce, finances, document management and many more. Among all the other competitive platforms you can count us as an expert in providing compelling functions and deliver the best of present services. As a web development service provider, we deliver the best web development services for your business segment and our exceptional services will help you extend functioning as well.

Our Expertise Web Development Services

Web-based software is developed, built, and improved with the aid of web app development services. Exato Softwares is a business you can rely on when it comes to the engineering of powerful, effective, and simple-to-use corporate and customer-facing web apps, online portals, XaaS solutions, and more.

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Custom Website Development

Less than a second is what it takes to capture your audiences’ attention and leave your brand’s impression. Website is the backbone of your brand. It serves as your primary customer touchpoint. Without a professional custom website design, your brand earns poor online reputation which results in an increased bounce rate and lower conversion rate.

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SaaS-based Product Development

SaaS-based solutions digital products are hosted at client’s The latest generation of innovative software solutions, Software-as-a-Service applications is the latest business solution delivery model in which the application is hosted remotely on the solution provider’s infrastructure. The solution users don’t need to download or install any other software other than a browser or mobile app.

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Tech-stack Migration

Old legacy systems whether your software, CRM or website when lack technological support become less productive and even create obstacles in path of growth. Migration to latest technology stack is the answer to such a problem which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our experts and well-versed project managers complete the task and make your organization capable of matching the competition without losing advantage of old and trusted features.

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Web Portal Development

We provide full-cycle web portal development services. With our Web portal development services leverage the best user-centric designs to enhance customer engagement. We create documents, prioritize requirements and choose the right tech stack and architecture to develop a customer web solution for your business.

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CMS Development

Being a top Website Development Company we are in habit of providing astounding and resilient end-to-end IT deliverables. We also undertake the responsibility to develop cutting-edge CMS Web Development Services for our clients to handle their site with ease. Our Enterprise CMS development solutions are focussed on client’s needs and requirements.

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Web App Development

We are top custom Web application Development Company and offer a wide range of technologies to deliver exquisitely robust web app solutions for our clients. Our core fundamental languages and technologies are MEAN, .Net and PHP. We build apps that deliver value to customers and give companies strong online presence.

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API Development

We are trusted Custom software Development Company and also develop SaaS-based applications and ecommerce websites. Our team is well-versed and frequently dealing with APIs in their normal day of work. We provide Custom API development for internal as well for establishing a connection with other system. We integrate Third Party APIs including Payment APIs which enable smooth functionality to websites and software.

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Ecommerce Website Development

We offer top-quality digital solutions to customers around the world. Our ecommerce solutions are particularly impressive. B2C ecommerce platforms are websites that help businesses sell digital products to customers. They have many features to make the process easier and more engaging for both parties. 

So what else does top Website Development Company brings to your plate?

Advance infrastructure:

As a Custom website development services provider we have the advanced infrastructure to scale the large size projects by delivering ultimate client experience. As sophisticated development agency we also follow through the easy communication process activity involving collaboration and seamless integrations all throughout.

The pool of technical efficiencies:

As a top web development company we strive to deliver the most emerging technology combination and latest trends to you. Unlike other web development agencies, our technical experts are also consistent with their scale distribution system and in the big picture, they have big data processing, cloud application development platform and many other amenities in line.

Perfect consultancy:

As a Best website development company it is our major goal to provide you with necessary consultation acknowledging the tools, for other emerging technologies required for web development. Our web application development consultants and project managers extensively help our client’s decision making and to bring fruitful decisions at best. Our helping hands are not limited just to our clients but to all the potential seekers who have queries with their development.

Exploring the Most Diverse Web Application Development Verticals

As a top web development agency by using the top-notch Quality of technical dimensions we provide remarkable Custom web application development services to our potential seekers. As a renowned platform, we provide a number of amenities for our users to collaborate with us. We also have experience in working with the most diverse industries and business segments. The highly concerned services offered by us include:

  1. Transport and logistics
  2. Streaming the applications
  3. Productivity with mobile applications
  4. Virtual reality applications
  5. Education or e-learning apps
  6. Augmented reality mobile app development
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many tasks like server-side scripting, eCommerce development, network security configuration, content management, client-side scripting, and many more. 

The key aspects of web development are security, scalability, platform compatibility, tech stacking, and UI/UX design implementation.

Ask them what kind of projects they have previously worked on or how their research process works. Also, don’t forget to ask about engagement plans and delivery models and how much time they need to complete the project. 

Although it can have some kind of effect on Google ranking, it isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered. There is a need for careful planning by the website development team to minimize this impact on the rankings.

It greatly depends on the complexity and functioning of the website you want to create. Giving a fixed amount is difficult, but it can cost as low as US$ 1000 and as high as US$ 50000, according to available features.

Again, it depends on the complexity level and size of the sit. We commit to a date for every project and try to fulfil obligations without delay.

Our team will offer technical support to all the developed sites for the next twelve months. We will also assist your team in managing and editing the content. Maintenance solutions beyond a period of 1 year will be chargeable.

Why Choose Exato Software for Web Development

In our complete range of services as the top best web design & development company, we involve developing the websites compatible with every platform. Our web developers and experts have comprehensive skills in web engineering, web designing, web content development, client-side server-side scripting, network security, Custom E-Commerce development, Custom website development services and many more. Amongst web development agencies we have been rated by our clients as the best. All of our previous clients have a fantastic experience working with us and we have also ensured to provide them with absolute value made in the investment.

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We work to help brands in creating websites that actually deliver results. Our top-level web app development solutions will let your company turn leads into revenue.

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Exato Software is the go-to company for the newest technical innovations, including Artificial Intelligence. Their main strengths are on-time delivery and 100 percent accuracy.

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The Exato Software Team worked tirelessly and professionally from beginning to end to bring our dream idea to life. We enjoyed our time spent working with them.

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Exato Software is a highly assured group of experts. They flawlessly adhered to all of our project requirements and completed their work on schedule. We are excited to work with them.

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The client is impressed by the quality and how effectively the website functions. Exato Software offered a reliable, thorough service at a reasonable rate. They managed the task well and accepted direction well.

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Before the platform's formal introduction, Exato Software published a beta version, which was well-received by users. The online application's user-friendly interface made it simple for anyone to launch a fundraiser or make a financial contribution. They also made sure that it adhered with laws and regulations.



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