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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been a technological advancement that brought a plethora of opportunities in various sectors. You can get a customized development for your cloud Application Development by hiring the developers at Exato.

Cloud Computing Solution with Exato Software

If you wish to migrate your existing business’s software and applications to cloud computation then Exato can be your partner in this endeavor. We promise to provide a streamlined and seamless migration service which is helpful in making your business grow pretty fast at an exponential rate. Your organization can move towards some big changes and advancements by opting for the cloud computing infrastructure, in its business systems. The software and applications that are used by the company managers and employees can be of great advantage when they are able to access them remotely. Our clients get the following benefits by choosing our cloud computing services. These benefits are mentioned below:


Exato ensures that the integrity of the data is maintained and the access is provided to only the most trusted employees. This is because we understand how important the security of the data is. Moreover, we take care that the regulatory requirements are met timely as well.

ExatoSoftware LOgo
ExatoSoftware LOgo

Performance and scalability

The cloud computing services of Exato render excellent performance and scalability. We take note of the client’s and his business’s requirements and accordingly devise and render our services.

Availability and recoverability

To work efficiently it is important to minimize the downtime, we understand this and take care of it as well. Moreover, companies often lose their important and significant data which is why we take all measures to avoid such type of incidents. We make sure that permanent data loss never takes place.

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ExatoSoftware LOgo

Efficiency and operations

Maintaining the data is one of the most critical and complicated tasks and therefore it should be done with the utmost care and responsibility. Exato assures this along with taking care that the requirements are met timely and efficiently under continuous monitoring. 

The necessity of Cloud Computation

With the cloud computing integration services in your business, you can store, exchange and manage your company’s data easily. This is important in the digital world where the facilitation at work helps in the company’s overall growth. The employees can work using enterprise mobility services when they are far away. It has become a requirement for almost every kind of business. And this is why we at Exato carry a comprehensive approach at the time of providing you with the cloud computing solutions. Also, the competitive market asks for development such as applications and software that are robust and modern in nature.

Our Cloud Computing Expertise

By modern we mean that we render products to our customers that are able to withstand the challenges of the present as well as that of the future. With little management, our developers provide the essential features that are important to keep your application software updated.
Our cloud developers are proficient in providing powerful Saas, PaaS, and IaaS.

  • IaaS- provide infrastructure services
  • SaaS- provides software licensing through subscriptions
  • PaaS- platform services over the internet

Cloud Computing Services Acceleration

When you use any kind of cloud computing services, one fact is certain: large amounts of data will move back and forth between your end users and the cloud provider's data centres, over the internet.

Expert Advice

At Exato, we provide app consultations that will help you sort all your tensions and queries related to the development of your business’s applications or software. If you wish to build a new application or want to make changes in the already existing software, we can help you understand how to proceed. We provide the right strategy that will integrate well with your existing business processes and if you are planning for something new then we will help you thoroughly with that as well. The cloud implementation can turn into an interesting procedure if you make up your mind and select Exato as your cloud Application Development company.

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ExatoSoftware LOgo

Automation and Management

Streamlining the business operations for both Business to Business and Business to Client businesses becomes easier and efficient with Exato. We provide the best automation services for your cloud computing operations and management solutions.

Cloud App Development

The cloud developers at Exato make such a strong App interface that it is able to stand the challenges of various kinds of environment. We know what you are expecting from an application that is why we promise to take high on the cloud platform. The kind of automation and ease that our customers can expect from us well structured at the very beginning of the project ideation stage.

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ExatoSoftware LOgo

Cloud Integrated Services

If your business requires a paradigm shift then we can provide you with the desired integration which will not counter your regular business functionality. The new software and application will readily integrate well with your existing business systems and the changes will not slow down the working of your business systems.

Cloud Migration

The transformation of your current software applications to new cloud infrastructure requires hands-on experience in the making of native applications. The migration to cloud infrastructure is made seamless when you choose the experts at Exato.

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ExatoSoftware LOgo

Support and Maintenance

Exato developers stay in close contact throughout the project to help you provide loving support whenever your software applications require any maintenance. The cloud computing services at Exato are uncompromised and this is how we are able to multiply the experience of our clients at Cloud computing.

Why Choose Exato Software for Cloud Computing Service?

You will not regret the decision of giving us the project for your company’s cloud computing services. There are various cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and you simply need to decide which one suits the best as per your company’s requirement. And we will manage the rest for you.

SaaS- Software as a Service

Application hosting is done on the infrastructure of the cloud computing solutions provider. The users can access the software simply by using the browser. They do not need to install or download the mobile application. This delivery model provides software solutions that are relevant and innovative in nature.

PaaS- Platform as a Service

There are many advantages of PaaS that our cloud developers at Exato grab on to. Some of the offerings by PaaS include designing, development, testing, and deployment of the software. Our team of developers is able to use the agile approach in the development of your cloud Integrated Services. With this, we promise not only a faster but smart cloud Application Development as well. With the engagement of the most popular PaaS apps in your cloud computing software we make your brand interactive for the users.

IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service

The organizations can become stress-free regarding the cloud application infrastructure when they get their cloud computation done with Exato developers. In our Cloud Application Development, we take the IaaS model which helps us in using the right resources and in the exact amount as per the requirement in the market as well. We keep your app’s infrastructure upgraded by making timely changes.

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Cloud Computing Services Features and Benefits

Although most people have heard of cloud computing services by now, what, precisely, does it mean? Cloud computing is defined by its core functions and benefits, regardless of the specifics of individual clouds. 

These are the critical benefits that users of cloud services receive. Cloud computing services are hosted and maintained by the provider, and the provider purchases, maintains, and operates the necessary hardware and software for the service in their own facility. 

Because the service users don't have to develop the service themselves on-site, they can save on capital expenses and maintenance headaches. Self-service through a web interface is available, so users may initiate and adjust service functions as well as adjust their usage levels. 

Rather than building on-site IT capacities geared toward high usage situations, which are frequently underutilized, service users only pay for the amount of service that they consume. This method can result in substantial cost savings compared to the traditional approach of developing on-site IT capacities geared toward maximum usage scenarios. 

Cloud computing service providers have the infrastructure to deliver their services at a massive scale, which means that the cloud will easily accommodate business expansion or increased demand for services.


Our developers at Exato follow a structured development procedure and allows us to keep transparency in between. Our customers are always aware of the steps we are taking in the creation of their company’s software or application. They are thus able to correct us then and there and we provide them 24*7 support as well. We plan to change your business structure to highly customizable cloud computation by leveraging the frameworks and technologies at their best.

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