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Looking to elevate your operations with cloud application development services? The cloud technology is a sure choice for scaling and maintaining flexibility on the system. It maximizes operative profitability and lets the business enjoy an impeccable level of growth digitally.

At Exato Software, we offer cutting-edge cloud solutions with a highly advanced customer experience and streamlined workflow. There is rigorous testing performed to give a glitch-free experience for all our clients. Let us help you harness the true capabilities of cloud app development for developing secure and scalable digital solutions.

Our Cloud Application Development Services

Being one of the biggest cloud app development companies, we have a rich portfolio of services that allow us to provide consistent solutions to clients. Our team follows a very strict testing approach to give a glitch-free service. Have a look at our rich set of cloud development services below:

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Cloud-Based Application Development

Our experts specialize in creating applications for brands seeking cloud to fulfil their business requirements. We implement a strategy by adopting top methodologies, applying automated validation procedures, and giving high-end outputs.

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Cloud Migration Solutions

At Exato, our experts know how to migrate on-premise and legacy data from enterprise data centers to cloud platforms. We will test the remaining dependent applications and go for an effective transformation technique to adequately complete the cloud application development process.

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Cloud Integration Solutions

We will bring multiple environments to work together to perform data sync through the company's on-premises and cloud solutions. Our experts will evaluate the overall organizational requirements to improve operational efficiency.

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Cloud Consulting Solutions

Our consultants believe in providing end-end support to clients for pinpointing the issues and eliminating them using the cloud application development solution. We love creating new opportunities by finding a perfect deployment model and creating a plan for integrating the cloud into the on-premise system. 

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Cloud Maintenance & Support

We always use top-notch tools to ensure our cloud development platforms perform optimally. The presence of a dedicated SLA allows us to detect and monitor any issues affecting the health of the system.

Optimize Time & Resources with a Cloud Application Development Framework

Exato Software provides full-cycle development solutions for creating applications by leveraging cloud computing capabilities.

We are a professional cloud app development agency that knows how to cater for the needs of every business size and across various geographies. With decades of experience, our team performs everything from consulting to maintenance & support for clients.

We will combine our incredible technical knowledge and holistic approach to migrating the applications & data to a virtual environment. The benefits of cloud application development aren’t limited to virtual storage as it also minimizes operating costs to a great level.

Our professionals help brands fully utilize cloud-based architectures' capabilities for consolidating applications. It boosts agility, scalability, and performance in business environments. Since its inauguration, we have served various industries, like media, travel, fintech, etc.

Many reputed companies like NetFlix and Apple have adopted cloud application development to take themselves to the next level. According to a rough estimate, more than 100 zettabytes of data will be stored in the cloud by 2025.

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Why Should Businesses opt for Cloud Application Development?

A business owner should always look to simplify the processes and manage the workload.  Cloud application development can perform this job by bringing the following benefits to your business.

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Data Security

The benefits of cloud application development begin with providing security to the company’s critical data and adding flexibility to the system. The cloud makes sure the sensitive information of a company from third-party violations.

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Scalability & Quality Control

Businesses can enjoy the liberty to control the size of IT solutions conveniently and quickly with cloud application development. Furthermore, storing all documents in a single place ensures quality remains intact, and files remain free from errors.

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Automatic Software Updates

Companies no longer rely on professionals for updates as cloud-based applications receive automatic software updates whenever required.

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IoT Ready

A cloud application development framework can create an incredible partnership with IoT (Internet of Things) to let developer access data from any part of the world.

Drive Innovation with our Cloud Application Development Services!

We at Exato Software provide a detailed cloud implementation plan with flexible architecture and consistent support.

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Client-Centric Engagement Approach

Our professionals believe in a fully centric approach for delivering top-notch solutions matching the customer’s requirements. They focus on effective management process and adequate utilization while creating the cloud application development framework.

100% Transparent Process

We believe in maintaining complete transparency while briefing the development process. It will ensure clients stay aware of potential mitigation steps all the time.

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Managing Complex Cloud Projects

Every cloud project has plenty of moving parts that must be addressed throughout the process. We integrate each of them to manage the environment and eliminate the vulnerabilities greatly.

Quick & Lightweight Applications

Our cloud app development services will ensure businesses get access to applications that aren’t only lightweight but also work at an incredible speed.

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Hire Exato Software for Cloud App Development!

Our main motive is to assist brands in developing cloud-based apps with scalable and agile nature. We offer top-level cloud application development services for quick updates and deployment. Hiring our developers will only help in saving money but also the time while migrating to cloud computing.

Your brand will have the perfect framework to tackle your business requirements, irrespective of nature. It means the cloud app created by Exato Software will easily suit your customized requirements.

Break into the cloud with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearly 40% of small-scale businesses use cloud computing solutions or related hosting services for their operations. It is estimated that over 70% of total enterprises will use this service in the next five years. 

A few major industries highly relying on cloud technology are healthcare, education, banking, automotive, real estate, and insurance. 

This technology is perfect for boosting capacity, scalability, and productivity to a greater level. It also helps reduce maintenance and minimize the business's running costs. 

Yes, this technology help in accessing resources in a matter of minutes allowing companies to improve market developments at a rapid speed.

An exceptional set of advantages offered by cloud computing ranges from big data analysis to online data storage and e-commerce applications.

Minimize development costs and enhance flexibility with cloud migration services!

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Exato Software is a go-to team for the next-gen tech app, whether AI or the latest technological trends. On-Time delivery and 100% accuracy are their key points. 

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Exato Software released the platform's beta version before the official launch, and it received positive feedback from users. The web app boasted a user-friendly interface, allowing anyone to start a fundraiser or donate money easily. They also ensured that it complied with government policies



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