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We are a reliable partner having a highly expert team for understanding all the cloud computing requirements of our customers. Our team has in-depth expertise and knowledge about the latest technologies to improve user engagement.

As a premier Amazon Web Services Company, our team renders several solutions ranging from access management to auto-scaling and AWS EC2. We have many certifications that helped us generate incredible demand for service and seamless user management. Our experts assist in the adequate use of present infrastructure for solid productivity.

There is a great list of companies that use AWS technology, ranging from Netflix to LinkedIn and Facebook. Not adding the desired portfolio will keep your brand away from an awesome set of cloud computing solutions.

Why Choose Amazon Cloud Computing Platform Services for your Business?

AWS is a great suite of hosting solutions that lets many remote servers centralise the storage data. It simply means accessing computer resources and services online. Let’s dive into the situation to know the potential reasons for using AWS for your business.

  • AWS allows businesses to add scalability to their system, regardless of size. It is the premier reason this technology has over 1 million active users that cover approximately 40% market.
  • Small businesses can minimize their infrastructure costs and management issues to a greater level. It means companies that use AWS can concentrate on other things while operating their business.
  • The eCommerce brands can add simplicity and flexibility with the wealth of cost-effective solutions using AWS big data solutions. Apart from site hosting, it comes with order processing integration to make financial transactions efficient and convenient.

Our AWS services company can reimagine your business solutions with cutting-edge technology. Partner with our developing team now!

What Amazon Web Services do we Offer?

With our incredible portfolio, we offer the following AWS cloud computing services to customers:

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AWS Cloud Migration Service

Our experts let the brands migrate and deploy a variety of business and web-based applications for building a responsive system and performing auto-scaling free from tolerance.

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AWS Managed Solutions

Exato Software has a team of experts who properly control the AWS-related database, infrastructure, and applications. Our AWS-managed solutions are created to optimize performance at the very best.

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AWS Cloud Consulting Service

Our AWS cloud computing solution includes a proper workshop with brands to create a detailed plan for the potential future. It consists of everything that ranges from resources & technology to cloud computing and specifications for a managed solution.

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AWS Cloud Optimization and Automation

We believe in an incredible cloud optimization process that demands a proper approach. The companies that use AWS know how design requirements and market perspectives are used for performing this task. Our experts always pinpoint bottlenecks by using the desired practices.  

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a major part of Amazon web solutions that need integration with software agents, on-site devices, and mobile applications in a centralized place. It gives access to functionality for protecting and storing data in a cost-effective solution.

Redesign your Business with our Amazon Web Services Company!

We follow a clear-cut methodology with redefined concepts for reducing operational costs. Our team plans everything with a strategy that is explained with proper explanation.

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We will ideate a Minimum Viable Concept of the proposed solution from beginning to end for creating a valuable product.

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AWS cloud computing solution is all about implementing the strategies for performing automation deployment mentioned during the visualization process.

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Every API and micro-service needs to be smartly integrated for better adaption of the entire system.

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Exato Software will provide a cloud-hosted solution having proper deployment and support for your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Platform as a Service also known as PaaS is used in AWS for completing the integration and migration operations.

DRaaS, Compliance, Security, and Savings are the major foundational service categories where AWS has divided their solutions. 

6 R’s is a practical model that explores various R’s for adequately implementing a strategy. It includes Re-host, Re-platform, Re-architect, Re-purchase, Retire, and Retain for covering every basic of the migration plan in detail. 

Amazon EC2, AWS Aurora, Amazon S3, and Amazon RDS are the most used solutions in AWS. 

More than 200 fully featured solutions in AWS cover a great range of industries and technologies across various categories. 

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