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View the reports in mor emeaningful manner, collate data from disparate sources and get more deep insights for better decision making. 

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The Qlikview based business intelligence solutions provided by us allows you to deliver better insights and self-service in an insightful manner. Preceding the informed decision making solutions it rapidly helps you to combine the regular updates and information obtained from disparate sources. The latest BI solutions allow organizations to accelerate the solutions by mitigating the risks and achieving the overall business goals. Business intelligence services providers have become the largest ERP partners globally.

We have combined the business intelligence and analytics solution tools and software by integrating Qlikview in a precise manner. We are also recognized as a dedicated partner by indulging in some of the most skilled Qlikview efficiencies for our enterprise solutions. Serving in the long run we have also accomplished maximum rewards for hosting in various Management services and solutions. You can easily tailor the BI solutions for your requirements with hosting, platform management, application management and many more with us. We offer a range of efficient and flexible solution that is ultimately proficient for your Qlikview landscape.

Solutions with Qlik has a story to tell

To make data-driven strategies and decisions faster it is possible to leverage your platform with business intelligence solutions. It will help you transform the data into various actionable insights where the bespoke services and accurate data visualization will build the latest technologies that can help you uncover all the underlying commodities. We offer better and presentable services that highly consider intelligent tools and dashboards. If you are keen to make bonds with business intelligence solutions then you can partner with our Qlikview services to expand your business capabilities. We offer easy to implement existing managed solutions and services with our highly integrated tools and Data Analytics software. All of these contribute to provide better data revenue streams and improvise customer relationships to grow better future prospects.

We are only the service providers on board having many years of expertise in the segment thanks to the BI development services and cloud. We have the exclusive environment of Qlikview managed services that optimize the business intelligence solutions in general. In the latest BI revenue, we tend to meet every requirement invented by the clients and deliver highly scalable and flexible solutions. Exato Software is secure in a various operating environment where the professionals are only asked to focus over the results appearing on dashboards

How we help?

We Assist in - 

Data Analysis

we have combined business intelligence and analytics solution. The data analysis services offered by us help the organizations to uncover valuable insights by integrating their voluminous data. The data available from various sources get really faster and easily accessible that helps the enterprises in real-time decision making. Our services will dynamically empower you to expand your perspectives with business and help you to deliver extraordinary outcomes.


Data Visualization

State of the Infrastructure

Application Management

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Our Expertise

We as a recognized part of Qlikview business intelligence services offer several services in sharing that you have an optimal landscape available at the time. These services are also combined to meet your specific requirements where most of them are available under the remote head. Let us have a brief account of some of them-

  • Continuous approach with professional maintenance
  • Implementation of the hosting which is entirely based upon projects
  • Implementation of international services or agreed service and customer support
  • The utilization of the latest technology and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Out-of-office assistance and support
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Why choose Exato software?

We help the organizations to implement supreme Business intelligence solutions to our customers through which they can leverage complete benefits. It also includes a modern BI platform, enterprise Data Management Services, DataOps solutions, and other such practices. You can quickly integrate our solutions and strategies that enable you to access the cluster of data anytime anywhere. It gets easy to transform the data in real-time actionable business insights.

We also assist our customers with BI consultation, development, implementation of solutions that allow you to easily visualize the data. Through this, you can easily share the discoveries in an intuitive way and organize various multiple Data sets and sources. The high-quality services and actively managed professional assistance offered by us make sure you get the enhanced end to end services. We also host personalized services and excellent business intelligence solutions based upon Qlik technologies. We have already marked various heights by delivering consistent services to various companies in designing and implementing. Utilizing the best of Qlik environment we invite them to get the most out of their valuable instances. We have always succeeded in keeping our incredible services accessible to the customers in a variety of affordable means.

Qlikview as a business intelligence solution is widely adopted as strategic as well as a business-critical amenity. Hence it becomes the necessity of companies to maintain the availability of product range keeping the IT support infrastructure costs to a minimum range. Our vast range of BI development services helps organizations to build and deliver agile analytics and BI vision with utmost proficiency where managing the operational requirements for supporting the integrity solution gets easy. Our team is also capable to work with your Analytics professionals to offer a combination of services considering the checks.


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Exato Software is the go-to company for the newest technical innovations, including Artificial Intelligence. Their main strengths are on-time delivery and 100 percent accuracy.

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The Exato Software Team worked tirelessly and professionally from beginning to end to bring our dream idea to life. We enjoyed our time spent working with them.

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Exato Software is a highly assured group of experts. They flawlessly adhered to all of our project requirements and completed their work on schedule. We are excited to work with them.

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The client is impressed by the quality and how effectively the website functions. Exato Software offered a reliable, thorough service at a reasonable rate. They managed the task well and accepted direction well.

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Before the platform's formal introduction, Exato Software published a beta version, which was well-received by users. The online application's user-friendly interface made it simple for anyone to launch a fundraiser or make a financial contribution. They also made sure that it adhered with laws and regulations.



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