What is staffing? how it helps

As technology continues to advance and become ever more sophisticated, a wide range of technological staffing solutions are available that have the potential to streamline many business processes. There are many types of temporary and permanent employee recruitment software programs and technologies on the market today. You just need to be careful while selecting one […]

Managing A Remote Tech Staff? 14 Tips For Keeping Them On The Same Page

Keeping your tech staff bound together when everybody is working distantly can be a major test and it’s not easy to mobilize your business. Telecommuting adds an additional layer of distance that can cause your tech colleagues to feel detached, which may at last prompt miscommunication and friends culture issues. To maintain a remote team, […]

Blockchain in Supply Chain Industry

Blockchain technology can be a game-changer by helping to collect and track data. It can be used to address a wide range of issues in supply chain management and Logistics Management. In addition to recording or tracking, there are several other ways blockchain technologies can help supply chains function. This cooperation aims to disrupt the […]

Managing Offshore Outsourcing Risks

Aren’t there times where you wished you wouldn’t have to multitask? To go home earlier than to sit in the office trying to tally an account ledger when you are an interior designer? To just focus on designing creatives than involving in sales and marketing? In such crucial times, before you could give up on […]

Best practices for the creation of corporate websites – the pre-project interview

The early stages of a web project are very important. Whether we are dealing with the creation of a new company website, the restyling of an existing website, the development of a new mobile application, or simply the modification of something already existing, it is in the first moments that are defined together with the […]

Common mistakes and best practices when buying custom software

Slow acquisition processes often hamper innovation. As more and more companies prefer to invest in creating software specifically for them instead of buying a finished product, the first process that needs improvement is the one related to concluding a performance contract. To avoid irrational fears, short-sightedness and confusion when acquiring new technology, it is important […]

4 ticklish questions when designing a website

Web design is a constantly evolving field in which professionals are constantly looking for new solutions to improve the user experience and increase the competitiveness of their customers. The creation of a unique website is usually done by a whole team, and it often happens that ideas and views collide. Here I will look at […]

10 questions to ask before hiring a web developer

Let’s make a clarification that is directly related to the title. In the phrase web developer we put a large team, and each member contributes through their competencies to get a well-oiled machine, a whole. A common interpretation for a web developer is a prodigy who can do anything. This view is far from reality, […]

5 Basic prerequisites for a profitable online store

The volume of online trade, both in the world and in the US, is constantly growing. Global turnover reaches hundreds of millions of dollars. The network sells practically everything from modern gadgets and appliances to clothes and accessories. At the same time, you can’t start an online store and expect a huge number of customers […]

4 ways to mobilize your business

How often do you use your smartphone during the day? When do you wake up while waiting in line at the cafe when you receive a message? The fact is that we already live in a digital world where everything exists within the dim blue light. This includes your company. Every business, without exception, must […]