Cloud Computing Integration

In corporate style of working and MNCs, silos form fast, as different units of a big org are compelled to use their own sets of software tools, apps, and services. The departmental divide is becoming more pronounced as application volumes rise.

Our Cloud integration services help bridge the digital divide for teams to monitor and control different apps from a single, centralized system.

Cloud Integration

At Exato, we develop Cloud-based apps to let our clients engage with their customers in better manner, shall be able to perform crucial research, and make data-driven choices that can help enhance their ROI.

Cloud Application Integration Roadmap With Exato

At Exato, we develop Cloud-based apps to let our clients engage with their customers in better manner, shall be able to perform crucial research, and make data-driven choices that can help enhance their ROI.

  1. Planning and Design
  2. Implementation and Testing
  3. Support and Evolution

These are three pillars of Cloud integration process of Exato. Indeed, the number of processes and the duration of the cloud application integration process will vary, based on

  • The number of applications to be integrated,
  • planned short-term and long-term investments,
  • overall IT strategy (for enterprises) or business strategy,
  • non-functional requirements to the integrated system (performance, availability, security),
  • integration with legacy software as needed,

these factors influence the choice of direct or mediated integration approach which is why to handle the variety of apps and factors Exato frequently favors hybrid approach for integration. Based on these requirements we select most effective cloud app integration strategy.

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Our Team Takes Care of

  • Analysis of integration requirements, applications, and infrastructure.
  • Design of integration architecture.
  • Migration, re-engineering, and re-architecture of the applications to be merged (if required).
  • Development, implementation, and testing of integration
  • After-launch assistance, as well as user and administrator training.
  • The integrated ecosystem's continuous management and evolution (on demand).

Our Cloud Integration Strategy

Organizations are finding it more challenging and harder to manage business data and digital transformation. More companies are using cloud integration to meet their data needs, and they are using cloud integration strategies to decide how their apps will share data between various cloud-based systems as well as between their on-premises and cloud systems.

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Service and Resource Management

Our Service management predefines set of apps and services that you can simply deploy and administer through a public or private cloud vendor.

Resource maintenance, resource guarantees, billing cycles, and measurement rules are all part of our service management.

We assist you in creating policies for data and workflows to ensure that they are completely efficient and that processes are supplied to cloud-based systems.

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Data Center Management Tools Integration

We employ a range of IT technologies for system administration, security, provisioning, customer service, invoicing, and directory services, among other things.

These connect current operation, administration, maintenance, and provision resources by utilizing cloud management services and open APIs.

A contemporary cloud service should support the existing architecture of a data center while also employing new software, hardware, virtualization, and other technology. We at Exato Software make sure that you get most cost-effective set of services and resources.

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Interfaces for Users, Admins, and Developers

By using automated deployment and self-service interfaces we make complicated cloud services more accessible to end users with lower operational costs and increased adoption.

Cloud services using self-service interface can manage virtual data centers, and makes developing and driving templates, maintaining virtual storage, networking resources, and leveraging libraries much easier.

We provide Administrator interfaces that provide visibility of all resources, virtual machines, templates, service offerings, and cloud users. All these structures communicate with one another via APIs for developers to work on with ease and less complicacy.

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Why Exato Software For Top-Notch Cloud Integration Solutions

Exato Software for Cloud Integration offers a comprehensive hybrid integration service that combines the best of conventional and current integration approaches and incorporates disruptive AI and automation. You can manage, protect, and socialize a diverse range of technological endpoints by exposing company data and assets as APIs.

Exato Software will walk you through the cloud - assisting you in selecting the appropriate architecture and ecosystem partners to develop solutions that suit your strategic business goals.

Our complete set of proprietary tools and cloud factories helps to accelerate cloud integration and business value realization.

Our solutions are quality-driven. To get the finest quality assurance results and delivery of faultless software solutions, we adhere to stringent standards and methods.

Why Choose Exato For Cloud Integration

As technology advances, the justifications for embracing the cloud become increasingly compelling. There are several evident pressing benefits of switching to a cloud architecture.

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Our Cloud solutions considerably cut the operating costs of your organization in setting up and managing its own data center. Instead of spending huge sums on software, servers, IT professionals, and upgrades that come with such a complex setup with our Cloud solutions you pay for the services that are used.

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With stronger firewalls, advanced encryption keys, and a hybrid approach that stores sensitive data in a private cloud and other data, including apps, in a public cloud, cloud infrastructure technologies and providers, we constantly improve protection against hackers, viruses, and other data breaches.

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Agility and Flexibility

We provide cloud service infrastructures that are self-managed, allowing service modifications to be made in minutes in a digital enterprise integration system. This increases business system reliability and efficiency while allowing off-site coworkers and partners to access shared data on mobile devices whenever and wherever they choose. With cloud infrastructure controlling operations, your focus shifts from IT to business.

Cloud Integration Types and Methods

Cloud integration might entail developing cloud-to-cloud integration, cloud-to-on-premises integration, or a hybrid of the two. At Exato Software, our cloud integration services handle many business components such as data and applications.

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Data Integration

Data integration is the process of synchronizing data between repositories. During data integration, data can be processed, transmitted, and/or changed. This is purely a data-related link which will help your business to work in a safe and secure manner.

Application Integration

Application integration is the process of connecting numerous programs and ensuring continuous operation and compatibility. This is about more than just data exchange. It entails sending requests and orders to initiate business events or processes.

Using a cloud integration platform enables enterprises to accomplish application and data integration in an agile, scalable, and reusable manner.

1.    Model with a Fixed Price

We use this model to determine the project scope of work, as well as its associated cost and timeframe, before cloud migration begins. You are always at rest knowing that the project will stay within the budget that was agreed upon. This technique is best suited to clients that have a firm understanding of their requirements.

2.    Employ a Dedicated Model

In this model you pay for the number of hours the cloud migrator spends working on the project. You may also upgrade additional features at any time and understand exactly what you are paying for.

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Model for On-Site Work

This method is used when you want additional temporary workers for on-site relocation. This contract form ensures that the engagement is cost-effective and that all encounters are face-to-face. This strategy assists in achieving the deadline since there is ongoing contact throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud integration solutions were developed to eliminate data silos, increase connection and visibility, and, ultimately, optimize business operations. Data integration solutions were developed in response to the necessity to communicate data amongst cloud-based applications and to harmonize information components.

A fully integrated cloud ERP collects data from all associated apps and enables better data-driven results. Self-service is widely available. Employees may now update and view their data from anywhere on any device using today's ERPs.

Consider the following requirements while looking for the best PaaS cloud integration services for your company: It must provide real-time connectivity between data and applications. Data must be accessed, cleansed, transformed, and shared. It must handle and distribute data from all storage choices, regardless of size or speed.

There are three kinds of cloud computing services: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) (SaaS). Choosing a cloud kind or service is a one-of-a-kind decision.

A Cloud Integrator is a company that helps organizations connect their software systems onto the cloud. Data conversion, process design, architecture, and application setup are all part of this.

These, in conjunction with the numerous deployment choices (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud), enable multiple integration options to maximize communication and handle sensitive data. One of the primary areas where cloud integration is necessary and performed with varying degrees of effectiveness is the hybrid cloud.


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