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The education sector has fully revolutionized in the digital era due to the advent of e-learning technology. They have become an incredible tool for promoting education, and that’s why businesses in this industry need to rethink their strategy. There is a need to add the online learning for making education interesting and better.

Education software development solution is a must-need requirement that brands need to add to their toolset. It doesn’t matter whether you operate a traditional education business or an online learning platform; this service can easily allow tackling present-day business challenges.

At Exato Software, we have hired developers who know how to use the potential of e-learning tools for developing solutions that aim to deliver next-level education.

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Customized Education Development Services for Boosting the RPI of Your Brand!

Exato Software has tremendous experience crafting top-level business apps with highly blended learning, the latest techniques, and unique tailor-made strategies. Our team members understand the true power of e-learning and want to ensure brands achieve maximum ROI.

We don’t believe performing education software development is all about creating an e-learning app and launching it in the market. Our professionals believe in providing 24X7 support and after-sales maintenance services to make the latest upgrades and add new features, whenever needed. We want to help the brands boost engagement and digitize the students' overall learning process.

Our team believes in mixing latest educational practices and technology's power to make learning effective and improve the teaching experience. According to Grand View Research, the market size of the education technology market will increase to more than US$ 420 million in 2030. We understand the power of this trend and prefer utilizing the technologies like mobile learning, virtual classrooms, content management systems, etc.

What Differentiates our Education Software Development Solutions?

As a leading education software development company, we believe in providing comprehensive solutions to clients. Our team prefers to analyze the customer’s requirements and create an app that understands their audience's demands.

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Proper Customization

We fully understand every education brand has a different approach and motives while creating a mobile app. Our team understand every need of our client and personalize the features according to that. We keep every challenge in mind and ensure the potential audience won’t have to face them.

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Real-Time Updates

At Exato Software, we believe in creating apps with real-time updates about the latest information & reports from any part of the world. Our e-learning application development is designed for Android and iOS with superb mobility that increases revenue for sure.

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Seamless Communication

The latest educational software solutions are made to minimize the gap between management & staff and students & their parents. We believe seamless communication is the backbone of education. So, our apps are created by reducing the communication gaps.

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Latest Methodologies Use

There are tremendous sorts of things for which school management and student information software are used these days. It ranges from interactive job aids to creating easy-to-understand learning nuggets and other essential features. We create highly scalable e-learning application development solutions using the latest methodologies to let the audience achieve maximum benefits.

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Use of Performance Analysis Tools

We prefer supporting analysis tools for evaluating how the education app is performing. Our professional team prefer adding learners with excellent methods and tries to ensure instructors stay updated about the progress. The e-learning software development solution and tools we provide allow the app to perform at the top level.

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What Kind of Cutting Edge Technologies Exato Software Uses for Performing E-Learning Application Development?

Exato is a reputed education software development company with expertise in providing e-learning solutions with the latest methodologies and technologies.

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Big Data Analytics

We strongly use big data analytics to provide learners better insight regarding reality-based scenarios and fine-tune the learning process. It also helps in creating highly personalized courses and giving constructive feedback.

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Gamification is a critical part of our development strategy that assists in adding game-like elements for learning purposes. It includes point systems, leaderboards, and other similar things to make learning appealing and fun.

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Blockchain Integration

Adding blockchain to your e-learning platform can turn highly beneficial for making the convention authenticated and secure. It closely monitors the learning progress of students and verifies the certification process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main reasons that education-focused application fails are bad tutorials, poor revenue model, lack of progress tracking, and too much use of gamification. Avoiding these issues helps in increasing the chances of loss in this business.

It entirely depends on what kind of features, tech stack, and learning type you want to add to the app. The cost of developing an education app can range anywhere from US$ 15,000 to $50,000. 

As per our experience, the top eLearning development tools are Adobe Captivate, SumTotal ToolBook, Articulate Storyline, and iSpring Suite. 

Every component of the education app should have the adequate quality to make the students interested. There should be proper research performed to make everything up to the mark. 

Ready to Get Started in the Education World?

If you have a vision that needs to be improvised with an e-learning software development solution, let us tell you about the available services. We will provide tremendous opportunities for delivering a great range of educational services to the audience.

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Exato Software is a go-to team for the next-gen tech app, whether AI or the latest technological trends. On-Time delivery and 100% accuracy are their key points. 

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From scratch to the finish, the Exato Software Team has made our dream project come to life with absolute hard work and professionalism. We had a good time working with them.

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Exato Software are a very confident team of professionals. All our project demands met with perfection and they complete their task no doubt on time. We are happy to collaborate with them.

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The website works well and the quality impresses the client. Exato Software provided a strong, comprehensive service at a cost-conscious price point. They took direction well and managed the work well. 

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Exato Software released the platform's beta version before the official launch, and it received positive feedback from users. The web app boasted a user-friendly interface, allowing anyone to start a fundraiser or donate money easily. They also ensured that it complied with government policies



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