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Revolutionize the education industry forever by partnering with the industry-leading education software development solutions provider. We help you build powerful software solutions that empower your business operations and optimize the experience for all stakeholders.

White-label Education App Solutions for your business

Find pre-built software solutions that offer you plug n’ play convenience, we have a range of amazing solutions that have the potential for resolving your operational challenges. These are customizable solutions, endowed with latest features to offer superior experience for users, tutors and admins.

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LMS Solutions

A learning management software that allows you to administer, document, track, report, automate and deliver content to your students, protected with technology for strong data protection. This is a must have feature for any educational software.

Tutor Application

Feature-rich mobile and web application that allows a tutor to build interactive lectures and tutor students all across the world. The application comes with data security, chat, call and video call options, assessment tools, live tutorials and sessions, etc.

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Student Application

Provide highly engaging experience to the students that helps elevate their learning curve and ensures knowledge retention. The student application comes with video lectures, interaction tools, gamified learning, data security, offline learning, etc.

Admin Application

Take a grip of all the operations happening over your e-learning platform, right from managing tutors and students to getting insights that help you in backing up your actions with strong reasons. The admin application comes with easy tools.

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Bespoke features of our education software

We are an education software development company that provides you white-label and custom app and software development solutions. Our software features and functionalities make us a market-leader in the domain, here are some reasons to partner with us. 

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Customizable Solutions

Our white-label solutions are easily customizable and come with built-in modern features that suffice your requirement to run an e-learning platform. This gives you a much faster way to market.

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Real-time Updates

Get real-time updates on android and iOS mobile applications keeping you posted of all the new happenings on your e-learning platform. THis helps you stay ahead in decision-making and boosts operations.

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Seamless communication ensures superior results. We have added some amazing features that bridge the gap between tutors, students, parents and offer unprecedented engagement over the platform.

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Our white labeled solutions are feature-rich and modern that ensures fast growth, high-engagement and increased user retention. These customizable solutions make it more cost-effective for you to meet your needs.

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Our modern solutions come with easy accessibility, a student and tutor can access the application even offline, increasing the engagement on the application and improved user retention. 

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Market Penetration

Improved market penetration with modern tools, we provide multi-device accessibility and data efficiency all across the platforms, including windows, android and iOS. This helps you in penetrating the market faster.

Work Architecture of Educational Mobile App

We are a leading education app development company that provides you comprehensive solutions to meet the requirements of all the stakeholders. Our applications are designed to offer a seamless journey, right from finding the right tutor to engaging with them.

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Search Tutor

Find the right tutor using the filters as per the ratings, reviews, expertise, cost, etc. This easy filtering helps in easeful browsing.

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Book a class

Choose the right tutor, make the payment and start learning with the expert teacher available on the platform.

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Get regular updates on any new lectures added on the platform or the class getting started, push notifications help keep you informed.

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Rating and Feedback

Provide feedback and rating to the lectures, courses, tutors, class experience that allows the app managers to improve the operations.

Why Choose Exato Software for On-demand Tutor App Development?

To develop on-demand solutions you require in-depth understanding of the needs of all the stakeholders involved in the operation and tutor app development is no different. Our innate understanding and technological prowess makes us a class-leading education app development company.

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Feature-rich solution

We offer you a high-end solution to meet the needs of tutors, students, parents and organization.

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Flexible Performance

We have a highly interactive mobile and web solution which allows stakeholders to access tools over any device.

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Development expertise

We use dependable technology and proven tools to make the app experience superior, this gives you a competitive edge.

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App Scalability and Security

We provide you highly secure solutions, we give major importance to code quality and development practices.

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Strong Experience

Our on-demand app developers have more than 5 years of experience in building on-demand tutor apps.

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Agile Development Approach

Our agile development approach ensures faster development of customized applications and ensures bug-free experience on all products.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken to develop an education software depends on the features and functionalities required by you. Also, factors such as complexity of the application, time taken to develop app, no. of developers, technologies, etc. play a major role in the cost of development.

 Here are a few important features required in an elearning application:

  1. Intuitive User Interface
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Gamification
  4. Multimedia Content Support
  5. In-App Communication
  6. Offline Learning
  7. Progress Syncing

Yes, as soon as the product is finished and successfully deployed we provide you the source code of the application. This gives you complete ownership of the product.

Yes, we have an efficient product manager for hire that has experience in handling products of any size and complexity. They are technically sound professionals that keep you informed of all the happenings related to your product development.

Yes, we provide you support and maintenance for your product. This helps you keep the product in best condition and provides the best experience to students, tutors, admins and super admin.

The best way to hire an app development company is to look for offshore developers. Offshore development in India and other south asian countries is way cheaper than the USA and UK. Quality-centric work and proven development practices are used to develop feature-rich and world-class products are Exato Software. Share your project with our technology experts to get a free quote.

We have a very flexible hiring model. You can hire developers as a dedicated team, time and material cost model and controlled agile model. These three models provide you maximum agility in choosing the pricing model and work settings as per the unique needs of the project and ensure cost-effective development.

There are various benefits of using elearning application. Here are some:

  • Helps establish modern learning techniques
  • Gives 24*7 access, online and offline
  • Effective communication
  • Provides systematic learning approach for better knowledge retention
  • Saves time
  • Cost-effective as does not require a physical infrastructure to start business


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Exato Software is a go-to team for the next-gen tech app, whether AI or the latest technological trends. On-Time delivery and 100% accuracy are their key points. 


From scratch to the finish, the Phontinent Team has made our dream project come to life with absolute hard work and professionalism. We had a good time working with them.

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Exato Spftware are a very confident team of professionals. All our project demands met with perfection and they complete their task no doubt on time. We are happy to collaborate with them.

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The website works well and the quality impresses the client. Exato Software provided a strong, comprehensive service at a cost-conscious price point. They took direction well and managed the work well. 

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Exato Software released the platform's beta version before the official launch, and it received positive feedback from users. The web app boasted a user-friendly interface, allowing anyone to start a fundraiser or donate money easily. They also ensured that it complied with government policies



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