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Comprehensive on-demand car wash app development services that are compatible with iOS and Android, for car maintenance, car service, and car detailing. With our car wash app's integration of location-based services, reviews & ratings, digital wallets, and much more, you can accomplish all of your business goals.

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Why Our Car Wash Solutions Are Unique?

Robust and future-proof car wash app development solutions to generate higher ROI and revenues for your business. As a global car wash app development company, we offer car wash app development services for businesses of all sizes and types.

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Convenient Booking

With around-the-clock car detailing service, the ondemand car wash solution offers service anytime, from anywhere.

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The car wash solution allows the admins and the users to track the real-time location/status of the detailer.

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Service Area List

Set an operational area to let the customers know that car wash services are available in the mentioned areas.

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Washer Registration

To maintain the service quality of the car wash app, all the detailers have to go through a thorough verification during the registration process.

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Cutting Edge Car Wash App Solutions For Win-win Situation

Our on-demand car wash applications are integrated with robust features such as secure bids so that the users can avail the preferred car wash service at their convenience. While developing a car wash application, we make sure to install the latest features and functionalities so that your business stays ahead in the competition.

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Accept/Reject Request

Once the service request is generated by the user, the admin checks if there is any availability for a new request. If yes, then the admin accepts the request and transfers it to the detailer, otherwise, the user has to wait for their turn.

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Rating and Review

The car wash app has a dedicated section of rating and review so that the users can share the experience they had with the car wash service. Placing the highest-rated detailers on the top will win the trust of customers.

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Dedicated Support

In case of any issue or problem regarding the car wash service, the users and detailers can easily reach you with the integrated in-app communication feature that offers hassle-free help and support.

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Place Bids

Multiple car wash service providers can place bids on different orders with the help of a car wash application. Users can select the desired bid which suits them the best for availing car wash service.

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Booking Notifications

If a particular car wash order is placed, then the detailers are notified with the orders for providing quick and fast car wash services through the on-demand car washing app.

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Promo Codes

The app enables the service providers to highlight their services by promo codes. Our car wash services are quality-oriented and offer attractive promo codes and discounts to the user.

How Car Wash App Works?

We have integrated our car wash applications with highly scalable features to offer extremely flexible and convenient services with a specific workflow.

A request is Generated by the User

This is the very first step that we consider while developing a car wash application for our customers. The users have to register themselves on the app to avail of the services and generate a request for car washing services.

Admin Accepts the Request

As soon as the request is generated, the admin is notified about the incoming request. If there is a free spot available to deliver the order within the deadline, then the service is accepted and this certification is immediately delivered to the customer.

Nearby Car Washers Reaches the Pickup Point

After accepting the request, the admin searches for the nearby available service provider to the customer’s location. The admin generates a request from the admin panel to the detailer and if the detailer can offer the service, they accept the request.

Date and Time slot are Allotted

Once the car washer accepts the service request, they receive the payment instantly. If possible, the car washer picks up the car instantly, and if it is not possible the user is notified of the preferred pickup time and date.

Customer Notification

As per the customer’s requirement and specifications, the car washing services are offered to the user based on the package they have selected. The customer is also notified of the current status and payment summary of the car wash service through notifications.

Why Choose Exato for Car Wash App Development

Our car wash app solutions are integrated with high-level technical features and functionalities such as simple order placement, secure payments, flexible admin access, and so on. As a renowned car wash app development company, we offer incredible assistance that helps in making the car washing journey easy for all the stakeholders involved.

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White Label Solution

Get your unique car wash app with our white label solutions that can be easily configured according to your brand.

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Flexible Admin Access

Our car wash solutions offer 360-degree access to admin for monitoring all the activities of users and detailers.

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Secure Payment Gateways

Choose your preferred payment gateway to integrate into the car wash app and allow your users to make flexible payments online.

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Quick Market Launch

Without wasting much time in designing and development, get your app launched in the market with our quick and ready-to-market solutions.

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Easily Customizable

Customize every feature and pixel of the app according to your choice, which is different from all the competitors in the market.

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The app offers operability in more than 60+ languages so that users and admin from every corner of the world can access it easily.

Feature-Rich on Demand Car Wash App Solutions

Heat Map View

This feature is ruling the car wash booking app industry. Through the heat map view, the real-time location of users and detailers can be tracked easily and efficiently.

Cloud Management

To smartly manage all the data about customers and detailers, our car wash applications are integrated with a secure cloud management system

In-App Chat

The make the car wash app more convenient for users, we have equipped the app with video chatting and voice chatting feature so that the users can have an idea of who they are working with.

Account Management

The flexibility of easily managing and editing accounts will attract more customers to the app. They can also sign up through social media to avail themselves of the car wash services.


Our car wash applications are user-friendly so that the customers can avail the car wash services easily. We make sure that the expectations of our customers are fully catered with our car wash solutions.

Pricing Calculations

To make sure that customers can easily calculate the pricing estimation of their order before confirming it, our car wash apps are integrated with calculation portals.

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Additional Benefits Of On Demand Car Wash App Solutions

Our car wash app development agency has a team of highly skilled and dedicated developers that promises to deliver quality-assured car wash solutions with the latest features.

Push Notifications

The car wash app has a feature of notifying the users about the status of their order and detailers about new incoming requests through in-app push notifications.

Subscription Packages

The car wash app offers multiple packages on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to users. TO build ongoing service loyalty, users can choose the desired package from the available options.

Quality Assurance

Before launching the product in the market, we perform a rigorous quality check to assure that the application is bug-free and working perfectly.

Tracking Service

Get a feature-rich car wash app solution integrated with a real-time tracking system so that the users and detailers can easily anticipate the accurate delivery.

Online Payments

To make sure that all the online transactions are safe and fast for users, we integrate secure key payment platforms with APIs.

Offers and Discounts

The car wash app enables you to treat your loyal customers with some special offers and attract new customers by offering some discounts on their first order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a customized car wash booking application similar to the demo application while doing a little alteration in theme and color scheme as per the client’s requirement.

Allow our experts to build an Car Wash App matching your vision!

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