MSBI & Power BI


MSBI, as well as Power BI, are the most widely used services in the Business intelligence world nowadays. MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence and can be considered as a product that has ETL abilities that are, MSBI Extracts, Transforms, and Loads Data. MSBI can also organize as well as visualize multidimensional data. It consists of tools that provide the best solutions for business intelligence as well as data mining. On the other hand, Power BI is a data analytics tool that provides the users with various functionalities such as data modeling capabilities that includes data preparation, data discovery and creation of interactive dashboards.

MSBI has numerous advantages due to which it is preferred and used all over the world. Some of the biggest reasons for using MSBI are:

  • MSBI allows facilities like data storing and fetching for smooth processing and faster decisions in business.
  • It comprises of resource tools which provide solutions for business intelligence
  • The majority of companies search for business intelligent workers and experts. These companies require SSAS, SSIS and SSRS professionals and their demands are increasing recently.
  • The complete package can be learned as mentioned on SQL server and data tools.

Power BI can be defined as a business analytics solution that allows the user to visualize data so that he/she can share some particular points across the organization. These can also be embedded into the website or app on which the company is working on. With the help of Power BI, we can connect hundreds of data sources and share data with live dashboards and reports. It is fast and can make informed decisions quickly. You can connect, model and explore the data with visual reports that prove extremely attractive to clients.

These reports can be collaborated, published and shared. A major advantage of Power BI is that it integrates with other tools such as Microsoft Excel. This facility gives the power to speed up quickly and work seamlessly with existing solutions. It can connect to hundreds of data sources on-premises as well as in the cloud. We can use Power Query to simplify data transformation, integration, enrichment and ingestion. Also, custom visuals can be created as per the expectations of the clients and the company.

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Our Expertise

Microsoft has provided the world with a number of solutions to enhance their business management and its growth. That is why Exatosoftware has been working and providing and developing various Microsoft tools for more than a decade now. With the help of these tools, businesses are able to present their strategies and ideas in a much efficient manner. We develop Microsoft applications for our clients who belong to many different niches, with these applications and cloud systems, our patrons are able to work smoothly in a simplified manner and yet create the most complex business models and execute them.

And Exatosoftware with its BI development services caters to your needs by providing tools and applications for the process of analyzing and examing the scope of development of the created and proposed business models. BI solutions are required for the growth and development of a particular business. Exato understands this and therefore renders its patrons a personalized integrated service. For effective and productive execution, many things are required and out of them, one is migration consultation. Exato Software business intelligence services include this as well. There are hardly any services or products left that you will not find at Exato for the progression of your business.

Exato provides a number of BI development services which are mentioned below. Let’s go through them one by one:


Through Microsoft Consultation you will be able to understand the scope of success for your business model and design a strategy accordingly. And the strategy that you create here will be a reliable one for the development of your software.


There are many advanced services and consultancy services that you should incorporate into your business. Via these services, you can include cloud solutions into your business. These are Saas, laaS, and PaaS. These services along with cloud are worked upon by the Microsoft developers. And our team of MSBI Consultants has some of the best Microsoft developers to assist you.


Microsoft has developed some marvelous CRM platforms and we at Exato can help you create a CRM system that is so efficient that almost all of your customers will be retained. Sitecore and Sharepoint are such applications that are used in this procedure. These are some really effective and beneficial tools to use.


A Content Management System is a must-have for any corporation to work in a streamlined manner. And again Microsoft comes into play. It has one of the best CMS for you and we can help you to incorporate this system into your business and that too after customizing it according to the pre-requisite. With this, your analytics capabilities will be completely automated and you will be to work in a simplified and productive manner.

Why Choose Exato Software?

Our expertise and experience in the field will make you choose us over others in the market. The experience that we talk about here is not only related to working with a large number of clients over a decade but with Microsoft technology as well. Yes, our team of Business Intelligence and Analytics include expert and skilled workers who are well acquainted with the way Microsoft has changed over the years and the tools and applications that it has bought into the world mainly for the evolution and advancement of the business, corporate and technical sectors.

Also, we provide a number of services to our customers and clients that are related to BI solutions. You can come to us with your queries and troubles that you are facing with the Microsoft tools and our team of Business Intelligence and Analytics can help you with it. They will either fix it or will provide you with a new application or tool that your company needs to streamline its workflow. So reach us today with any communication method that suits you.