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We are providing some of the highly considered cross-platform applications using the .net application framework for well-defined and proprietary uses. Our .net application experts know the comprehensive range of services to design or deliver them as per the industry requirements along with other needs. The utility of such applications is not only involved in our forte but also considered in designing and customizing them for various segments. We have also covered some of the most stunning desktop applications, mobile applications and other potential Store applications that are compatible with other platforms too. By utilizing portable libraries and ports while running the application we have marked various milestones.

As an development provider, we serve rapid application development and a platform-independent network through which you can carry the utmost transparency and object-oriented development all throughout. In a fully functional picture, all you need is to have a wide spectrum of the technology stack for distributed, web or mobile application development. With the time we have also propounded expertise in development solutions all across the industrial segments.

Why .net has no replacement

For the longest time asp. net development services have marked a major success in the technical World offering its convenience and ultimate reliability. Our services involve building a variety of diverse applications suitable for every platform or device. We also inspire the teams to correspond to their high-level investments and quality efforts. We have years of Expertise in asp. net application development including the perfect combination of data analytics, application development, collaboration and many more.

Our Expertise

We have also delivered a large number of successful projects to our clients and few of them are still in progress.

Our technical pool consists of delivering:

What do we offer?

By drawing the Microsoft technology into the picture our technical team offers the most scalable, fast and compatible .net solutions. These solutions are also based on mobile, web, IoT, big data or artificial intelligence platforms consisting of high complexity. As a leading .net development company, we can complement a variety of trending solutions by offering to engage in the highly interactive medium through which the user can have a feature-rich and easily integrated solution. Our major offerings include:

Web application development

You can explore the cross-platform or cross-browser application development with us. As we are proficient to deliver high performance, quality-oriented and cloud-ready asp .net web development or web application development.

Mobile applications

We have an extensive range of services for UX for building mobile applications with integrated tools and libraries which is capable to run on any device or platform. For instance be it Android, iOS on windows we can easily synchronize all of them easily with a variety of technologies.

Backend development

In the big picture of asp. net development services, we supplement a lot with the same framework to ensure delivering fast, secure and scalable applications. We also extend the possibilities for further integration in the future majorly involving the third party for a web application. With Azure services recover the adequate cloud storage and fast application buildup support.


This one here is a software from the most renowned company Microsoft. It is open-sourced. And the framework for web development of ASP.Net MVC combines the traits of Model-View-Controller(MVC) architecture, the latest techniques, and ideas from Agile and the most beneficial elements of the present ASP.NET platform.

.Net Core

This is one general-purpose platform for development that is maintained by the same company that developed it, Microsoft along with the .NET community. The .NET Core is a cross-platform that supports macOS, Linux, and windows and it can be utilized to build devices, IoT applications, and cloud as well.

Web APIs

The Web API of ASP.NET is a framework that is used for developing HTTP services which can further be used by a wide range of patrons including browsers, tablets, mobiles, and iPhones. This is quite similar to the ASP.NET MVC because it contains most of the features of MVC such as controllers, filter, IOC container, routing, action results, model binders, and dependency injection.

Our Expertise

We have also delivered a large number of successful projects to our clients and few of them are still in progress.

Our technical pool consists of delivering:

  • Cloud compatible platform
  • Supporting the robust Microsoft system including Azure, SQL Server, IIS and so on
  • Integrated tools for mobile or desktop application development
  • Potential developer community

What do we essentially

For asp. net application development what really matters, in the long run, is to deliver sophisticated services that can truly transform your development solutions. We have an appealing platform that is capable to power the components and other scalable data analytics solutions through which you can additionally complement the data clusters and set the whole configuration in Big data technology as well.

Most of the platforms are already recognized as .Net development company in reference to the same but our possibilities are beyond such because we also emphasize on providing the artificial intelligence solutions. Some incredible features involved are image processing, facial or voice recognition, lead scoring, intelligent research, brand representation and many more. our cognitive services include the monitoring and organization of such possibilities in broad terms. Also, we believe in leverage in the business processes by streaming data and incident response by delivering asp .net web development functions in real-time.

What you can essentially consider is to leverage the ASP.NET services to get the most optimized and manageable applications for collaborative solutions for your enterprise needs. To help you build and organize some of the most critical applications in the long run. The being an open-source framework help to build great web applications or websites involving the most suitable technology in real-time and tends to deliver the same to the users. Having tons of amenities or services to get the most reliable applications you can explore our endless possibilities as we also support in software development life cycle (SDLC) for your projects.

When is the time?

For streamlining the operation process of your organization it is always considered to build dynamic applications offering ultimate user experience. As a development company, we tend to provide a suitable combination of hardworking and experienced professionals to push the limits for the project execution and deliver expected results. Our skilled team of professionals offers extensive custom application development services for a variety of application development projects by creating the ergonomic or intuitive application buildup.

Why Choose Exato?

Asp .Net application development is highly compatible for building cross-platform applications and to extend the possibility beyond library projects. We also closely associated with the business folders and activity collects a variety of expectations for their solutions in sharing the relevance and real value for their proceedings. Without enabling much of the architecture resources we enable the substantial modifications in the project through which user gets negligible negative effects. Say if you are willing to prioritize the application specifications for your project in a fully functional picture we can help you get the estimation with active finances in it. Without compromising the quality of any project we have always faced the most challenging situation of application buildup pickup with absolute dignity.