Exato Differentiator

25 Years Of Experience

The Exato Differentiator

When you work with Exato you do not offshore your task but outsource. You get benefit of our past experience, work and expertise, which saves time, cost and improves efficiency. You get access to libraries where we showcase the works (related to your project or product only) which we have done in past. Repeatability and reusability of our modules, features and add-ons saves time and your valuable money and promotes efficient development.

Team of Exato adheres to policy of minimum rework. With collaborative approach; regular communication between client and tactical, strategic and operational teams; quality checking and real user feedback; we ensure that first deployment needs minimal changes.

We go extra yard to understand your business, strategic elements, objectives of project or product, competition, positioning and most importantly your future goals. This comprehensive data gives insight how to customize our services that suits you best. This information not only helps us in making development process smooth and amicable but adds value to deliverable.

You get ‘quality @ zero cost’. We exceed our SLAs. For us quality is what extra than agreed we delivered, and that extra ought to be flawless, practical and should add value. The extra is what we call quality, and this quality comes at zero cost. We challenge the limits of agreement as far as deliverables are concerned without incurring extra cost and time.

A time-tested team adds finesse to work they contribute in. We are working with professional those have proven skills and expertise. There is no alternate to team skills, from top to down we fill every place with people having proven track record of their efficiency and efficacy. Our team always leads to innovative thinking and solutions and enhance value of deliverable.

Project development is a process, it cannot be execution of pre-designed and pre-planned outline, and it has to be vibrant, flexible and gullible enough to handle abrupt changes, new ideas and thoughts to achieve perfection. We give leverage to our clients to scale up and down the team, and manage skills as per new thought requirements to needs. Development process is like creation not execution at Exato.