Mean Stack Development

What is Mean Stack

Let’s start with its purpose, it is used to develop and create web applications. This proves why it is also known as mean web development. Now, what it actually is a stack or a collection of technologies and these technologies are of JavaScript. It is mainly and greatly used to develop efficient and strong dynamic web pages being a branch of the full-stack development.

The technologies that it consists of are MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, and Angular. It is clear from the extensions that all of these technologies belong to the Javascript. All of these technologies are used to make web applications. The mean stack web development is basically responsible for the creation of each and every aspect of the website. And this progressions of creating a website takes place from the client-side to the database handling.

The main reason why a mean development company will prosper is because of the user-friendly nature of the mean. Due to this, it is very beneficial to use it for creating dynamic web applications along with another great benefit that is being open source. Being open-source makes it free to use and hence users prefer it over the others. These two features enable the developer for easy and quick creation of the prototypes of the web applications or pages.

Merits and Demerits of Mean Stack


  • Useful when fast pace development of applications is required
  • It is a completely free stack of Javascript
  • Consumes a very low amount of memory footprint
  • Mean helps by making the code isomorphic
  • Also should possess a thorough knowledge of DB architecture
  • Enables developers to use a uniform language throughout


  • MongoDB is not the one to go for at the time of working with large-scale applications
  • Absence of specific coding guidelines
  • Users can lose records
  • After creating a website using the mean stack approach, it is not easy to go back to the previous approach
  • Insufficient server isolation from business logic.

Who are mean stack developers?

A mean stack developer is a person or more precisely a programmer who operates the mean stack. As there are two types of method of working on a web application, this programmer work on both of them, the front as well as the backend. What he would need to work smoothly is a profound knowledge of Javascript and its technologies. Now let’s learn about these technologies.


A database written in the C++ programming language, this one is a cross-platform type which is also an open-source database. MongoDB is used to store data and that it does in the pair of key-value, it makes use of the binary data just like JSON. It is a NoSQL type of database which is document-oriented. A document in such a type of database appears similar to an object in the object-oriented programs.

This is one of the best database systems to store the huge size of data that is in millions of quantity. In addition to its efficiency, the database also enables the user to add a field without having to make changes in the entire table. With this, you can create another complete application by making use of a single application that is Javascript.

Express JS

Now, this is a framework which can be used to create a number of web applications that may be of a single page or hybrid type, one can also make multiple page web application with it. It is known to be a mature and lightweight type of framework. And in order to render support for templates, it makes use of the Pug engine. This framework is quite popular due to its flexibility as well.

The most renowned Ruby framework known as Sinatra is the inspiration behind this Express.JS framework.

Angular JS

This one is also a framework but an open-source one. It means that anyone can use, make changes in it, it is in a way free to use that is to say there are not any restrictions on it. The Angular JS though is written in Javascript, is owned, developed and maintained by Google. Its aim is to make the creation and testing of the web applications based on browser an effortless task to do via the Model view Controller. It enables users to create a web application that can be personalized.

One can also use HTML to express the parts of the respective application as it can be used as a template language. The two features that eradicate the need to write a larger part of the code are one-dependency injection and the second-data binding. Due to this developers prefer this framework.

Node JS

Node JS is a type of server environment or it provides an execution environment. Developers can use this to develop and build web servers or web applications whichever one is required. Node JS is a server-side Javascript. The input-output model used by it is an event-driven one that belongs to the type of non-blocking. Due to this, it turns out to be lightweight and efficient in performance. Therefore, it suits the best for real-time applications which have an enormous amount of data. Such types of apps operate across distributed devices.

Another benefit of Node JS is that it can be worked upon a number of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.

Skills for Mean Stack Developers

If you are looking to hire mean stack developers then make sure that he/she has the skillset mentioned below:

  • Should be able to work on both the ends
  • Can work efficiently with HTML and CSS
  • Should have profound knowledge of programming templates and designs
  • Must be able to develop a system that supports the business objectives
  • Also should possess a thorough knowledge of DB architecture

Mean Stack Development

Mean Stack Web Development sure has a promising future and so does the mean stack developers. Application Architecture is one where these developers can have a really good future. Being one such type of developer is a highly desirable yet challenging inclination.

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