Mobile Application Development


In this digital era, mobile applications have become an important part. Mobile applications are used everywhere, be it day to day life, business, healthcare, sports, entertainment, etc. Every business needs a mobile application these days, and we at Exato Software understand the demands and requirements of the businesses who wish to have a mobile app that can take them up in the market and can take them close to their customers. With years of experience and a skilled team, we can provide our clients with the best mobile app development services.

From the development of the concept of the application to the actual development of the application, we help our clients at every phase of the software development life cycle, no matter how complex the needs of our clients are, we can create applications that are distinguishable to make their enterprise look distinctive in the market. Our world-class team for mobile application development does proper market research about the needs and the challenges faced by emerging businesses, it spreads its wings in both established large enterprises and growing startups.

We provide our clients with mobile applications for android, iOS and also cross-platform. These solutions make way for improving productivity and help them in reaching more clients. We are dedicated to providing our clients with mobile applications that can fulfill all the future demands with all the advanced features and an attractive design to make the application and our client’s enterprise stand out from the pool of other enterprise and their apps in the global market. We also develop custom mobile app development solutions to our clients so that they can have the application that they wish for and that is relevant to their business, with custom made apps the clients can reach close to their customers and create a different image in the market.

Web Development

Our team and it’s potential

We are providing some of the highly considered cross-platform applications using the Dot net application framework for well-defined and proprietary uses. Our dot net application experts know the comprehensive range of services to design or deliver them as per the industry requirements along with other needs. The utility of such applications is not only involved in our forte but also considered in designing and customizing them for various segments. We have also covered some of the most stunning desktop applications, mobile applications and other potential Store applications that are compatible with other platforms too. By utilizing portable libraries and ports while running the application we have marked various milestones.

As an ASP dot net development provider, we serve rapid application development and a platform-independent network through which you can carry the utmost transparency and object-oriented development all throughout. In a fully functional picture, all you need is to have a wide spectrum of the technology stack for distributed, web or mobile application development. With the time we have also propounded expertise in development solutions all across the industrial segments.

Mobile app development platforms

iOS App Development

We develop applications that are capable enough to make their presence felt in the competitive market with our strong purchasing ability. iOS applications play a vital role in making a market in the section of buyers by being informative, interactive and impressive at the same time. With the help of our iOS application development services, you can get the app you are desiring of with the latest features and exceptionally good user experience.

How do we achieve this?

These are not only promising but the reality which we have achieved and are continuously aspiring to do the same. There are several parameters that are always kept in mind to gain perfection in iOS application development. We understand your condition, competition as well as objectives through various sessions held for client discovery. We also create wireframes, prototypes, and mockups for a better understanding of the concept behind the app.

Then a pool for identification and creation of a pool for beta testing followed by coding, testing and debugging if any problem persists. Beta testing reports and client reviews are assimilated fully for a final-tune app. We also work hard on testing and deployment and gather support and refinements for better marketing and grip over users.

Tech stack we use

We use various tech stacks such as XCode, SWIFT, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa framework, SQLite, iOS/Aviary SDK, and XMPP Chat. We create apps to make a mark on the industry and for better user experience. For us, iOS app development is a challenge and a milestone we wish to conquer along with fulfilling the expectations of clients at the same time.

Android App Development

We, at Exato software and mobile application development company, have always strived to be a leading custom android application development company that innovates and applies most of the latest tools and technologies for custom mobile app development. We are now a company of huge experience of almost a decade and are leaders when it comes to designing and developing fully functional as well as productive android applications for almost every industry possible. We have a team of experts for creating android applications using Java and Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

A careful monitoring process is done and additional features are added with the help of intelligent software like debugger, external libraries, database management systems. We also use technologies such as C, C++, 2D/3D graphics application programming interface, gaming engine and much more. We build applications that give an edge to the companies and help them to stand out in the competition of innovation and user experience in the market.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform applications have become popular because they save a lot of time for the developers and a lot of money to the clients. Cross-Platform application development has become an alternative to the relatively expensive native application development. Our team of developers understands that cross-platform applications need to be unique, for that we utilize it to reduce the cost, efforts put in by our developers and the complexity of the mobile application.

Our team has people that are talented and experienced in the cross-platform mobile application development field. Our mobile app developers use many hybrid mobile app frameworks like React Native, Ionic, and PhotoGap for effective cross-platform mobile apps. Exato Software is a mobile app development company that ensures that all the apps developed are based on international standards.