Node.js Development


Node.js is a free as well as open-source server environment which runs on numerous platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS X, etc. Node.js uses JavaScript as its language on the server. Node.js handles a file request differently from PHP or ASP, in Node.js a task is sent to the file system of the computer, after that it is ready again to handle another task request. When the computer’s file system has opened and read the file content is returned to the client by the server. The waiting time can be eliminated by using Node.js and the next request can be continued. Node.js is also very memory efficient as it runs single-threaded, non-blocking, asynchronous programming.

Features of Node.js:

  1. Dynamic page content can be generated using Node.js
  2. Developers can create, open, read, write, delete and close the files which are available on the server using Node.js
  3. Form data can be collected in Node.js
  4. Developers can add, delete, modify the data in the database with the help of Node.js

Node.js has become a popular javascript framework, and it is used by so many developers around the world to develop quality web-based and mobile applications. We at Exato Software also work hard to provide our clients with the best in class web and mobile applications developed with Node.js. Our Node.js development services give our clients an edge over their competitors.

Our Expertise

As providers of Node.js development services. We endeavor to develop the best mobile and web applications for our clients. Be it plug-in and module development or requirements of application development solutions, we are dedicated to providing all the customs requirements of small, medium and large-sized business companies. We help them in attaining the goals they have set for their business.

We provide our clients with Custom Node.JS App development solutions:

Our team ensures that the applications that we develop can cater accurately to the requirements of the clients and for that, we provide them with custom Node.JS application development services. These custom made applications are made exactly as the clients want them to be, and because of this the application made for them stands out from other applications of other enterprises. One more benefit of custom made applications is that is more relevant to the customer of our clients as all the content and the design of the application is related to the company and is unique. Our team of developers tries to create attractive and unique applications so that the application and the companies both can look different in the global market.

Other fields in which we master using Node js

We develop extraordinarily accurate applications that meet the demands and expectations of clients along with keeping in mind the futuristic requirements of them. Node.js has the ability to build faster and scalable real-time applications. We work hard to strengthen your back end with event-driven as well as speedy Node.js development. We build real-time applications, web and mobile-based applications, desktop applications, large as well as small scale applications, socket programming, IoT, full-stack development and so on.

With the advancement of technology, we are continuously adapting the latest inventions and working on their compatibility with the Node.js programming framework. We know the complications and sensitivity of the company’s documents and thus develop data-sensitive Node.js applications and solutions that are used as well as developed. We also work by combining Angular and ReachJS with Node.js to deliver robust enterprise solutions. Because of its open-source facility, it also provides the ability to build strong server-side network web applications.

The reason why our clients should choose Node.JS
for mobile and web app development:

There are many reasons why Node.JS is the framework that our clients should prefer for the development of web and mobile applications. The reasons that will make the users prefer Node.JS for the development of mobile and web applications are given below:

  • The speed at which Node.JS functions if very fast as compared to other frameworks.
  • For reducing overall processing duration Node.JS supports Flawless streaming of data.
  • It is very flexible to use, Node.JS has its presence everywhere from all the browsers to all servers.
  • It provides real-time development solutions for web applications that too at lightning speed.
  • Node.JS is capable of solving all the queries related to the database.
  • The developers can get rid of inter-silo dependencies for smooth functioning with the help of Node.JS.
  • It works on the concepts of the non-blocking I/O model.

Why Choose Exato Software?

We have a team of best in the field of web and mobile application developers. Our developers ensure that the services provided to our clients are good enough that they can match the international standard. The services that we provide to our clients are listed below:

  • Application development for Enterprise
  • Application development for the Finance sector
  • Social Application development
  • Sports and Game application development
  • Music Application Development
  • Healthcare Application Development
  • News Application Development
  • Development of Travel application
  • Development of an educational application
  • Development of Food application
  • Development of Lifestyle application

Our clients vary from fully grown big enterprises to new startups. We understand the needs and requirements of the enterprises and all the latest innovations in the market. We are a Node.JS Development Company that has experience and skills that can ensure our clients that the mobile or web application that we will build for them will surely make them satisfied. Node.JS application development is in trend and can give enterprises the kind of applications that really work in the global market.

Our node js developers develop applications that can stay for long. Node js consulting services are also provided for the clients so they can know everything they need to know about it. Exato has become a well-known node js development company globally because of its quality services and for providing satisfactory results to their clients.