React Native App Development


At Exato Software, we provide, React Native application development. We choose this unsurpassable application developing framework because it deploys Javascript that supports both Android as well as IOS platforms. We have a team of trained IT professionals that create applications rich in UI/ UX designs. They analyze, understand your business application requirements in order to remove the redundancy preset in your present business application. It is important to build an application strategically such that it integrates well with all the business systems already existing in the company. With our React Native app development services, we provide quality assurance with years of experience in web and mobile application development. We learn everything regarding the user requirements and keep you updated on each step of your mobile or web application development.

A well-Structured Approach

We are a well known React Native development company, where the components are built focussing on a friendly user interface and they provide the feel of a native app environment. We thus can produce innovative ideas for your native ios or android app development. Our React Native app development is based on the latest technology stack and this allows us to provide our clients with a successful and ever-emerging product. We understand the importance of providing an application that can be updated from time to time with the newest of technologies. These factors ensure a friendly user experience which decides the development of a business organization. Choose us to see your app design turning into a reality and we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Our Expertise

We help you to build an efficient software for our company in lesser time. We provide customizations in your React Native app development such that you get the solutions related to our already existing as well as new apps.

UX/UI Designing

At Exato, we know how to build intelligent software that carries a well-developed set of complex features along with a simple and friendly interface for the users. This way your application attracts a larger number of a targeted audience. Our professional mobile app developers understand the significance of providing your app with the power to stay capable throughout its life.

A Reactive mobile app development

With React Native Framework, our team of efficient developers at Exato, endeavor to build the most innovative application software that can stay relevant with evolving technologies and time. Your application will stay friendly to future technologies and you will stay on top of the competitors with maximum Return of Investment.

App Integration work

The Application Programming Interface of third parties is integrated well when you hire the React Native development services at Exato for your mobile app development. The application ecosystem integrates well with your existing business systems. So, basically, you do not need to worry about the functionality of your business run when you opt for enhancements in your existing business software or plan to develop new app software.

Migration Turns Easier

If you are planning for React Native Migration for your already existing business application then Exato has an abundance of services to make your processing easy. Migration from one platform to a newer one cannot be smooth without the assistance of proficient developers team. We assure you to provide better scalability, app performance and quality with our React Native app development.

Best Application Services and Solutions

We know that you wish to compete with global businesses through your mobile application. Thus, we provide such mobile app solutions that are able to withstand the trials and tribulations of future technologies swiftly. We provide a robust app base and that is why you should choose us as your React Native app development company.

Maintenance that serves ulterior motives

We provide app maintenance services so that we are able to keep your app updated in the present as well as the future. A multidimensional approach makes your mobile applications robust and it always stays relevant with the complete set of imperative functions and features. At Exato Software, we provide such endless support from the beginning and after your app development.

The latest Technologies

Your possibilities in business expand when you choose to build a mobile application based on the best technologies of the time. Your growth turns exponential and this brings you among the top competitors of all times. You can this way choose to work as a man of history. At Exato Software, we use the following latest technologies:-

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chat Bot
  • Wearables
  • Beacon
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Cloud
  • Geo Location
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • Virtual Reality Apps
  • Internet of Things Softwares
  • Near Field communication
  • Blockchain

We have some well-versed structure models for hiring and engagement through which you can decide the best model for a mobile app development project. Our hiring models that are based completely on friendly client experience.

Why Choose Exato Software?

We know how to provide our clients with the flexibility to choose a suitable working pattern. Talk to us and we will help you in the best ways possible.

  • E-commerce ReactNative mobile Applications
  • M-commerce ReactNative mobile Applications
  • Educational and E-learning mobile apps
  • Mobile apps that provide news and information
  • Sports and Gaming Apps
  • Apps for Ticketing and booking
  • Apps related to productivity
  • React Native Navigation apps
  • VOD and Streaming apps
  • Money and Finance Management apps
  • Social Networking Mobile Applications
  • Transportation and Logistics Applications
  • Business to Business services through mobile apps
  • Mobile Apps Development for Business to Consumer services

Our Working Mechanism

We understand your vision, pen down your specific software requirements and the schedule within which you want your mobile app to be developed. With this, we start the first stage of your React Native Application Development. We in the next stage work towards the UX and UI, to create the best app design for you. In the third stage, we develop your app with coding and cloud integration. In the fourth stage, we test the bugs and in the last stage, we handle the product wherein you get to see and test the software.