Retail Mobile App Development


The bigger part of the world’s business is occupied largely by retailers. And the advancement of technology with time has led to everything being accessible online with just a few clicks here and there. The same is true for the retail industry as well. Time has come for retail IT solutions to take over the market. All of this has one name that is E-commerce. E-commerce means commercial transactions that take place over the internet.

And the mobile app development for bringing the retail business online is a part of E-commerce. To expand the business and reach a wider target audience retail mobile app development has now become critical. This is why Exato provides E-commerce solutions to its clients. We will help you develop a mobile app for your retail business along with an online presence that will come under the type of E-commerce.

Challenges And Merits

The world has changed and shopping physically is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The challenge that businesses face while adapting to retail IT solutions is that there is already a tough competition going on in the market. To keep up with that and even get to the top it is necessary that the e-commerce presence and the mobile app are equipped with the latest and most advanced features. Moreover, they should cater to the needs of the clients well.

All of this and many more aspects are taken into consideration by our team of expert and experienced mobile app developers. End-user satisfaction is kept at the topmost priority. Also, several features are to be included as well, out of which the most important one is the payment. The E-commerce shopping cart development is also one to be made with the utmost precision as this is the vast and most complicated features to develop and provide.

Our Expertise

To provide our clients with thorough knowledge of the merits we will describe what are the reasons behind retail mobile app development so that it is clear why going for it is beneficial for you and your business?

Reasons behind Retail Application development

Convenient and Quick

The most important reason and the benefit behind the development and demand of mobile apps for business is the convenience with which the customers are able to use it. It is quite simple and easy for the users to look out for what they want from the comfort of sitting at their homes. The E-commerce shopping cart development enables users to keep their preferred products inside the cart and make the purchase later on. Also, shopping on an E-commerce site is a quick procedure, without any hassle.


There is always a chatbox on each and every site nowadays, this helps customers greatly in sorting out any queries that they might have. Also, if they require any type of support regarding a product or service then that it is provided through this. Such kind of features improve customer experience and thus help in improving the overall business.

Mobile usage

The next important point or reason behind the retail app development is the immensely increased usage of mobile by people. Almost everyone has their smartphones in hand all the time. The great benefit that mobile and mobile applications bought with it is that they can be used at the go plus they are quite easy to operate.

Highly beneficial for small scale business

Having an online presence and mobile apps prove to be really beneficial for start-ups as they need to mark their presence in the market and expand their business. This is possible only if people know about their business. Digital marketing helps greatly in reaching a larger audience. And the next step after that is or a simultaneous one is to have a mobile application through which they can continuously update their clients about the updates and discounts and events associated with their business.

High Conversion Rate

Another great benefit of having an online business is that the conversion rates are higher than that of physical shopping because there are other competitive shops nearby as well but it is not the case online. You can convert a visitor into a buyer through your attractive eCommerce shopping portals design and interesting products, higher discounts, fast delivery, etc.


Mentioned above are some of the reasons out of many that state the importance of the E-commerce sites and their respective mobile applications. The team of developers at Exato understands all such needs and requirements and then create a masterpiece with their knowledge that they have acquired over the years of experience. E-commerce sites and mobile apps are built according to the industry and business specifically. By this, we mean what the actual audience’s demands are and how your company will cater to that. All of this is kept in mind at the time of developing the required mobile app.

One common benefit for the customer as well as for the retailer that the online presence and mobile applications provide is the personalized experience. Let’s understand it deeply. There are many tools that help to understand the clients’ likes and dislikes and provide them with customized experience focusing on their interests. Now this helps both ways, the client gets what he/she wants and the retailer’s business grows as he/she will be able to sell more by providing what the customer wants. This is called understanding consumer behavior and providing a personalized experience with the help of analytics.

Why Choose Exato?

Now, there are many mobile app development companies in the market but choosing the best one is really important and Exato is one of the top retail application development company. Our foundation lies in the understanding and experience that our developers have. With the help of this, they are able to serve our clients with the best quality applications and services. We understand that the world is changing and know how to change with it and help businesses prosper with these changes. We have been working in this sector for decades and are continuously in an endeavor to provide the best.