Xamarin App Development

Xamarin App Development

At Exato Software, the advanced Xamarin App Development is used for the development of Android, IOS and Windows applications. We use this open-source platform from Microsoft. Xamarin develops cross-platform apps and our team of experts uses the best tools to make user-friendly applications. There are millions of web application developers around the globe that use the .NET ecosystem that allows you to run your code anywhere. Our developers are skilled at Cross Platform App Development and Native app development. The coding is done using the most preferred programming language which is C#. Your applications behave exactly the way you want them to on various platforms because they involve the native user interface controls.

Why Xamarin App Development

With Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, you are able to make manual customizations and the code is reusable on different platforms. This is about the advantages of the framework used in building your apps and with our IT professionals who have years of experience, we assure you to produce a versatile application. Our Xamarin App Development Services make customer-friendly apps.

Your user experience and user interface decide the development of your online business and that is why it must be handled by a reliable source. Our team of developers knows how to use the various perks that come along the framework in the best way possible. We promise to provide Xamarin Application Development benefits by providing the best set of features. Choose Exato this time and we know how to create your dream application in reality.

Our Expertise

We follow a stable approach while providing our esteemed customers with the services in mobile and web application development. We carry the solutions that all the user and application owners look forward to, for their native or cross-platform app development.

Designing, Development, and Integration

UX and UI Design

At Exato, we endeavor to design the best applications that carry the advanced features and powerful functionalities with an ability to provide simple user interaction. The simple applications help users in getting the desired experience and this way we help in building your business profits. This becomes possible only with our unique and efficient UX and UI designing.

Future Ready Applications

We ensure that through our Xamarin App Development Services we provide our customers with a befitting application that is ready to face the competitive technologies in the future also. A modern web or mobile application must contain all the innovative aspects that are responsible for rendering the maximum ROI to its investors and owners. We know how to put those innovations into effect.

API integration and more

Through our Xamarin App Development, we provide the well-integrated system software which does not come in between your already existing business systems and functionalities. Everything continues at a similar pace in a smooth manner. At Exato, our experts know that you need the best coverage when it comes to the integration of existing business applications with 3rd party APIs.

Maintenance, Migration and Quality Assurance

Complete Maintenance

We provide all the multidimensional features that your mobile applications require to work endlessly without any flaws. With the upgradations being made timely, your application products always stay relevant with the time. Our developers update all the essential features that make your application relevant and efficient for the users.

Application Migration

You might be facing some challenges in migrating your business application to a newer platform. But if you choose us, then we will provide you with the professional assistance and that will help you in making enhancements in your already existing web and mobile apps. You will get quality assurance while migrating your mobile application to a new platform with higher scalability.

Quality is Assured

With our Xamarin App Development Services, we give you the best mobile application solutions. Do not settle for anything but world-class services. At Exato, we not only endeavor but assure the provision of quality services in app developments.

Advanced Technologies

The latest technologies are deployed in our app developments. We use:-

  • Near Field communication
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things Softwares
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Beacon
  • Geo Location
  • Chat Bot
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • Virtual Reality Apps
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Cloud

With these technologies we allow our customers to expand their business worldwide and exponentially. The latest technologies increase your business possibilities by giving it a great reach and the WEb developers at Exato are a pro at such integrations.

Our Business Methodology

In the end, we would like to give you a portrayal of your working methodology by sharing the steps that we go through once you finalize your decision of working with Exato.

First, we get a complete idea of your requirement, your goal, the scope, the idea of the specific software requirements and decide the time period for your Xamarin App Development.

In this step, we work on the prototype and designing where we evaluate UX and explore possibilities

This step involves development. The front and back end coding; cloud and third-party integration are done.

This is the testing period which involves bug fixing, finishing touches and the quality assurance of our Xamarin Application Development.

With this comes the last crucial step where you test the product and do the final testing. If you are happy with it then we proceed with the deployment and app launch.

Why Choose Exato software?

We have been in the mobile app development business for ages and with that growing experience, we have been able to serve some of our best projects to our customers. They are performing well with the present market. With us, you can get the Xamarin App Development Services in various different categories as we have mentioned below:

Our technical pool consists of delivering:

  • E-commerce Xamarin apps
  • M-commerce Xamarin apps
  • Educational Apps and apps for E-learning
  • Gaming Apps
  • Gaming and Sports applications
  • Tickets and Booking Apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Xamarin Apps for Navigation