10 questions to ask before hiring a web developer

Let’s make a clarification that is directly related to the title. In the phrase web developer we put a large team, and each member contributes through their competencies to get a well-oiled machine, a whole.

A common interpretation for a web developer is a prodigy who can do anything. This view is far from reality, as web development is a wide field of expression, saturated with different technologies and levels of competence.

Once we have made the lyrical introduction and found that the target is a web development company, we can move on to the essence.

What to ask to hire the right company?

1. Where can I see your project portfolio?

This is the main issue with which the dialogue must be opened. The portfolio will immediately shine the skills, expertise, achievements of each web developer. At the same time, there will be shortcomings that signal that you should not engage with non-professionals. Examine carefully everything they have built for their customers. Don’t just look at the colorful pictures, deepen the research, read all the explanations, challenges and suggested solutions. See our portfolio.

2. Can I look at a list of customers?

It is important to see who the web developer has worked with and continues to work with. This will give you information about his level and scale of thinking. A quick look at our customers.

3. What is your favorite project?

This question is important to check the level of connection between the web developer and the projects he creates. You will easily find out if he loves what he does or beats things up to get home earlier.

4. What technologies will you use to create my site?

Here the web developer must be able to describe the technological solution he offers, as well as all its specifics. It is good to point out the advantages and disadvantages if it offers different options.

5. How will you optimize my site for search engines?

Learn about the level and know-how of the developer in terms of search engine optimization. Your site needs to be indexed well to make sense. Discuss the types of strategies for pushing the newly created site to the top positions.

6. What else can you put on my site?

This is a question that aims to test the proactivity of the web developer. Solutions for connections with social networks, chat systems, banner systems, forums and many others should be made here. Additional modules that are relevant to your specific case.

7. What happens after the creation of my site?

Inspect the after-sales service offered by the developer. Whether it provides monthly maintenance, warranty service or entire one-time sales. Ensure the operation of your site by making backups, as well as the mandatory presence of an administrative panel.

8. What about the content?

Take up this topic from the very beginning to know what is expected of you, what the developer takes as a responsibility. Each site has images, they must have licensed rights. The content is also a serious commitment. Have a discussion about who will get them and who will introduce them on the site.

9. Who owns the site?

Look carefully at who owns the website. Whether it remains in your possession or you use a “rental site”. Clarify this part of the contractual relationship.

10. What are the payment terms?

Get acquainted with the payment scheme for the construction of the site, everything you need to run it, as well as subsequent maintenance. Ask what is included in the creation price, whether there is an administration, service fees and so on.

With all this information you will be able to safely vote of confidence in the other party. Or vice versa, redirect your attention to another web developer.

How about we discuss your site? Our team will answer all your questions. Send an inquiry now.

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