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Top 6 Predictions for Salesforce for the year 2020

Salesforce is indisputable leader in the world of CRMs. It has recorded an increase of 4 Billion in revenue in last assessment year compared to 2018’s revenue. In last year itself Salesforce has made some serious acquisitions in order to overcome few drawbacks that are arguably dents in flawless image of the product. These acquisitions and company’s policies designed to extend its reach to areas where people are still intrigued for its efficacy are bound to bring some notable changes in 2020. We try to make a calculated guess as what these changes can be and what users can expect from Salesforce in coming year.

There has been lot of buzz about implicit costs and costliness of the CRM. Even mediocre companies find themselves short of budget when comes to Salesforce. Lot of smaller CRM have flourished because of heavy cost of Salesforce as economical alternate for companies with budget constraints. Even Salesforce representatives and associates providing Salesforce consulting services have admitted officially or unofficially from time to time about high costs that turn chunk of users away from CRM.

So, one of the predictions for Salesforce in 2020 is that there will be massive surge in use of technology to make this CRM even more vibrant and feature-rich. This belief is not without solid reasons. Salesforce has made acquisitions in recent months, and these seem very well planned and made with a strategy. Some of the major additions in the company’s kitty are Bonobo AI, Griddable and Mapanything.

These three mergers along with tableau and Clicksoftware will bring more analytical tools in service offerings along with location based software integration, AI based communication and data visualization facilities. Salesforce appears to be lining up for offering more facilities with a plan to an extent relieve the cost by weighing it against wide range of features.

Second one – that seems as inevitable in Salesforce in 2020, is unified customer profile. If this comes out true in coming year there will be a hike in business for companies in Salesforce migration services. Organizations have been using data in Customer360 for designing their marketing strategy and finding sales opportunities. Salesforce has made huge investments in Mulesoft and Customer360 which strongly indicate that company is going to offer unified customer profile in next year discharge for users to gather and govern the data in more professional manner. This will give organizations an opportunity to have universal profile and get valuable data to utilize CRM more efficiently.

Extending Einstein Analytics to many other cloud service offerings of Salesforce is another what can be expected in 2020. The trend of extending Einstein analytics to various other cloud services is presumed to continue and in fact to be carried out more aggressively by the company in coming year as well. The AI based features that analytics has brought in CRM have been appreciated. Companies in Salesforce consulting services and Salesforce implementation services have reported new business largely because of AI-based features available for different verticals in CRM. Now, when company has already seen the success, it is obvious for them to go ahead with current plan in coming year too.

One more guess about Salesforce in 2020 is actually pleasing for Salesforce migration companies. It appears very clearly that Salesforce is genuinely trying to bring their lightening platform to forefront. Although this may sound like a wild guess right now, but people are speculating that company may wipe-off slowly its Classic platform in coming few years.

But as far as 2020 is concerned it is not hugely speculative to believe that lightening platform will get most or almost all the new editions. This brings new business for companies in Salesforce migration services and also opens new doors for Salesforce consulting companies. Lightening platform of CRM is all set to unleash more productive new features in coming year.

Salesforce may take a very firm step in the direction of offering latest AR and VR based features. Company has indicated many times in 2019 that these facilities including AI-based VAs possess potential to change the way how CRM operate altogether.

These features can bring massive change in facilities and potential of any CRM and make it extremely powerful tool to run businesses. Introduction of industry specific vertical is already on the floor and is much more real than to be called as prediction for 2020. Introduction of separate vertical for retail and manufacturing shows clear trend of more industry-specific verticals in coming year.

Mobility is an area where Salesforce would be taking few serious steps to enhance their features and services in coming year. The mobile-based features of CRM as fascinating as Salesforce need quick revamping and refurbishing to stay ahead of any competition. With buzz of 5G already breaking the sound barrier coming year should see few quality steps in this direction from the company.

The mobile SDK of CRM is already present and extending mobile-based services to users, but to cope-up with ever-changing mobility environment Salesforce will bring more speed, security and reliability and few astonishing features to boost-up sales capabilities of organizations.

The above-mentioned predictions are based on developments that we have seen in current year. These are speculations based on how company has aligned itself and is gearing up to move in certain direction. Although, these predictions also possess the backing of user reviews which gives them a big touch of reality as well. The major industries that have been using Salesforce primarily for their marketing and customer management strategy and activities are on the rising curve.

Development and diversification in work of these industries would urge Salesforce to adept and fulfil requirements before these become drawbacks or turn-offs. Watching closely how these industries are going to move in near future also give strong indications what Salesforce would add in its kitty in near future.

Apart from traditional users Salesforce would definitely relish for adding new industries in its favoured user list. Every new or old industry now relying on latest technology for cost-effective, error-free and fast and efficient services new changes and relevant features are essentially needed. Salesforce seems to be on right track and making its moves with timeliness and accuracy.

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