What is the Role of a Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack developers have wide knowledge base, though their knowledge may not be deep, but they can handle all the work of technical stack. In simple words they are “Jack of all trades”. From conceptualization, designing, coding and database management, Full Stack web developers can handle entire range of work of website development services.

What are Full Stack web development services?

To understand full stack web development services firstly you need to understand what term ‘Full Stack’ actually means. The term ‘Full Stack’ is not related to just IT or software/web development. Full stack companies leverage their experience and expertise in extending services that are beyond traditional marketing, commercial and technology skills. See for example the companies that are categorized as Full Stack companies and you find names of Netflix, Uber and Airbnb prominently in that list. These are not technology companies, but these have changed the way people watch TV programs, travel or go on vacations.

So, Full stack website development services mean use of frontend tools like Angular.js, Ember.js or React and backend tools like Netstack, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP etc. Full stack website development services use databases like MongoDB, MySql, and NoSql etc. and do not stick to just one like SQL. Full Stack web development services mean delivering a product or service that covers entire value chain, does not rely on one technology or third party services, innovate with velocity and develop absolute luxury.

Expectations from Full Stack developer

Companies while hiring full stack developer expect him to take over responsibilities from concept to ideation and delivery. Full stack developer would be expected to do following tasks in the best web development company.

  • Gather requirements, create technical specification and architecture document, and giving project timeline.
  • Work with system infrastructure, choose OS and hardware.
  • Create and manage APIs
  • Write front-end code and should have knowledge of one or more technologies.
  • Write back-end code, and create, manipulate and query database.
  • Should have knowledge of SCRUM/Agile/Kanban etc.

Skills of Full Stack Developer

Many industry experts believe that Full Stack developer is nothing more than a linguistic jargon that has surged and will vanish soon or will get replaced with another fancy term. These experts say that people before rise of this term were Full Stack Developers as they touched every component of website development.

However many believe that Full Stack development signifies better product and services in lesser time and efficient use of ever-growing and ever-changing world of development tools, services and databases. So, here are the skills that distinguish a Full Stack developer and normal programmer.

  • Full stack developer should be able to build front-end from static prototype to high performance attractive UI. Full Stack developer is expected to be expert in one or more technologies like HTML, Javascript, AngularJS, React etc. and capable of developing flawless appealing UI. The UI creation has to be compatible with web and mobile environment which means designs need to be responsive. FS developer should be an expert in designing web and mobile app UI. 
  • FS developer should possess ability to create, manage and integrate REST APIs. Should also possess expertise in one or more technologies like .Net Stack, Java, Ruby etc. Knowledge and expertise over back-end programming languages adds another flavor to the skills of FS developer. Like .Net Stack may have advantage for custom development where as Java may gain for products that may run on single server or distributed over multiple servers.
  • FS developer should be proficient in database management. Capability to create, understand and manipulate database queries, knowledge to differentiate between relational and non-relational database with expertise in syntax of XML/JSON, is a must. FS developer should also be well-versed with reporting tools, knowledge of peculiarities of relational database, and should have sound expertise to connect database with back-end programming language. Developer is also trusted to choose most suitable database for specific projects.
  • Web architecture is another essential skill that a FS developer should possess. Companies hire Full Stack developers to handle complex and lengthy project which is possible only through well-structured and planned code, database and file system.
  • Knowledge of creating documents and understanding of development methodologies like SCRUM/Kanban etc. is actually the skill which differentiates FS developer from normal programmer. In old team hierarchy this job was given to project managers or SCRUM master but with Full Stack developers in the game this is a necessary skill for a full stack developer.
  • Git is web-based open-source repository hosting service. It is version controlled system that lets developers see the modifications made by joint coders. It also helps in maintaining architecture and structure, and also testing and removal of bugs. Knowledge of Github and other services is another skill which FS developer should possess.
  • Knowledge of basic algorithms and good grip on data structure helps in improving code quality. One should be master in handling in branches and hash tables and stack, heaps and procedures.

How Full Stack developer is advantageous?

Know why there is so much buzz about Full Stack developers or development. Even the best web development company would boast of having team of FS developers over their website and social media posts. There are few advantages that FS developer carries with his profile. Here are few top ones that give clear picture why such developers are in demand.

  • Can take charge of project and ensure fast and timely delivery.
  • Exceptionally fruitful for creating MVPs.
  • Expertise in Front-end as well as back-end programming and in handling database.
  • Knowledge of cloud-computing solutions and services and is able to utilize most efficient services.
  • Capable of creating documents caters to design structure as well.
  • Phenomenal in support, maintenance and updates because of complete knowledge of project.
  • Can handle team working as SCRUM master and ensure smooth development.
  • Proves cost-effective. With knowledge and expertise of entire technical and management stack full stack developer proves cost-effective and increases profitability.

There is no doubt, that skills of Full Stack developer can be decisive in starting and seeing through development of project. It is one resource with multiple skills with few deep ones and is best option to save time, avoid errors and make best use of investment.

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