Mobile App Development

What type of iOS app you can make using Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform open-source mobile SDK with which you can make iOS apps. Although this SDK needs bit more update to mature yet so far the trends have already declared it as popular platform for cross-platform apps. iOS app development has been costlier in fact costliest when comes to app development. Any iphone app development company would charge more for iOS apps majorly because of tight control of Apple to use latest models of phones and operating system, and also because Objective C and Swift programmers are in scarcity hence are on higher package. During iOS app development, many times developers encounter limitations and cannot use certain features without going around the problem. All these factors make iOS app development costlier and challenging.

The hybrid or cross-platform app development companies provide easy way out by delivering an app that runs on iOS and android platform both with reasonably satisfactory functionality to fulfill objectives of business. Flutter app developers are another addition to the list of options businesses now have to get cost-effective app for their ventures.

Ever since flutter came into market people have started using it to develop apps that fit in the budget range of majority of clients, although other platforms like React Native are still more popular and more apps are being developed in these compared to flutter. So if you are planning to get an app developed in flutter and not through any iphone app development company you should consider following crucial points before making a decision.

Fast coding

Flutter uses Dart – an object oriented programming language, and comes with rich widgets along with facility to create custom widgets. The UI is easy to develop and handle and provides great look and feel. The hot reload makes developing the app and designing easy and much faster. Developer or designer can make changes in the code and see them straight away without a restart. This facility reduces development time considerably as compared to iOS development and provides more cost-effective app development.

However the libraries and support of flutter is rich but it needs more development to fulfill requirements of native development. If you need complex and bigger app the developers may need to develop certain functions on their own that can demand more time. The development cost and time increases with complexity of apps.

Fast apps

Flutter app development dishes out applications that run faster. There are technical reasons why flutter delivers faster apps in which you can scroll down without cutting or breaking. When apps are developed in flutter for iOS the look, feel and speed matches native apps and give user similar experience.

Same app for older phones

Even if you are using an older model of iPhone or iPad, flutter apps work perfectly and as good as these work on latest models. This is one advantage which weighs heavier in favor of flutter development as iphone apps may not function properly on older models. Apple’s strict policy to urge users to keep switching to newer models and OS makes many newly developed apps incompatible. With flutter app development companies can be sure that all types of users whether using an older model or latest are able to access their app.

One code for two platforms

You can use one code for both iOS and android platforms. If you get an app developed specifically for iphone users and in future need its android-version as well, flutter app developers can float android version of app in no time. This saves valuable time and money that gets spent in native iOS app development and then one more time for Android app development.

Flutter is out of nascent stage?

As said earlier here flutter is making enviable progress in popularity right from the moment of its launch. It was launched in 2015 but recently the sudden rise in its popularity has brought it in top 30 SDKs used for developing apps. Many experts dedicate the popularity of flutter to growing popularity of other hybrid or cross-platform technologies. It is also an open-source which means development cost is much lesser than other established technologies. 

After mentioning all this it is important to understand flip-side of the story. Flutter needs more additions to mature as complete cross-platform mobile SDK. The whole idea of flutter revolves around widgets. It comes with its own widgets and does not use OEM widgets. These widgets look like native to iOS apps Cupertino. The UI is designed by using widgets for buttons, menus, fonts, styling etc. and it also provides facility to create custom widgets.

Flutter uses Dart as programming language and does not need javascript bridge. Flutter app developers need to learn Dart for efficient Flutter app development, though it is easy to learn and master. The size of flutter apps is another major concern. The normal size of flutter app is much higher than native apps. Play store accepts apps not bigger than 10 MB and any flutter app can measure up to 20 MB.

If your app needs to communicate with other devices via Bluetooth flutter development can cost more time and money and even after that you may not get as smooth functionality as native apps provide. Flutter app developers need to develop this feature separately and then add to main flutter app. If your app demands any rare or native functionality developers may need to burn more oil to get this feature accommodated in flutter app, as flutter library still needs some serious enhancements. To solve such problems developers are pushed to go around the problem to find a solution.


Flutter no doubt may prove as technology for future but right now it is great for making lighter apps or MVPs. It is certainly getting up to give some serious competition to React Native and other cross-platform technologies. If you need complex app for iphones right now it would be advisable to go for native development or choose other hybrid technologies. But if you need fast mobile app development and attractive powerful UI and not any critically important rare or complex functionality you can safely choose Flutter. Now Flutter 1.7 is already available with latest enhancements and solutions for many initial obstacles.

web development

What is the Role of a Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack developers have wide knowledge base, though their knowledge may not be deep, but they can handle all the work of technical stack. In simple words they are “Jack of all trades”. From conceptualization, designing, coding and database management, Full Stack web developers can handle entire range of work of website development services.

What are Full Stack web development services?

To understand full stack web development services firstly you need to understand what term ‘Full Stack’ actually means. The term ‘Full Stack’ is not related to just IT or software/web development. Full stack companies leverage their experience and expertise in extending services that are beyond traditional marketing, commercial and technology skills. See for example the companies that are categorized as Full Stack companies and you find names of Netflix, Uber and Airbnb prominently in that list. These are not technology companies, but these have changed the way people watch TV programs, travel or go on vacations.

So, Full stack website development services mean use of frontend tools like Angular.js, Ember.js or React and backend tools like Netstack, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP etc. Full stack website development services use databases like MongoDB, MySql, and NoSql etc. and do not stick to just one like SQL. Full Stack web development services mean delivering a product or service that covers entire value chain, does not rely on one technology or third party services, innovate with velocity and develop absolute luxury.

Expectations from Full Stack developer

Companies while hiring full stack developer expect him to take over responsibilities from concept to ideation and delivery. Full stack developer would be expected to do following tasks in the best web development company.

  • Gather requirements, create technical specification and architecture document, and giving project timeline.
  • Work with system infrastructure, choose OS and hardware.
  • Create and manage APIs
  • Write front-end code and should have knowledge of one or more technologies.
  • Write back-end code, and create, manipulate and query database.
  • Should have knowledge of SCRUM/Agile/Kanban etc.

Skills of Full Stack Developer

Many industry experts believe that Full Stack developer is nothing more than a linguistic jargon that has surged and will vanish soon or will get replaced with another fancy term. These experts say that people before rise of this term were Full Stack Developers as they touched every component of website development.

However many believe that Full Stack development signifies better product and services in lesser time and efficient use of ever-growing and ever-changing world of development tools, services and databases. So, here are the skills that distinguish a Full Stack developer and normal programmer.

  • Full stack developer should be able to build front-end from static prototype to high performance attractive UI. Full Stack developer is expected to be expert in one or more technologies like HTML, Javascript, AngularJS, React etc. and capable of developing flawless appealing UI. The UI creation has to be compatible with web and mobile environment which means designs need to be responsive. FS developer should be an expert in designing web and mobile app UI. 
  • FS developer should possess ability to create, manage and integrate REST APIs. Should also possess expertise in one or more technologies like .Net Stack, Java, Ruby etc. Knowledge and expertise over back-end programming languages adds another flavor to the skills of FS developer. Like .Net Stack may have advantage for custom development where as Java may gain for products that may run on single server or distributed over multiple servers.
  • FS developer should be proficient in database management. Capability to create, understand and manipulate database queries, knowledge to differentiate between relational and non-relational database with expertise in syntax of XML/JSON, is a must. FS developer should also be well-versed with reporting tools, knowledge of peculiarities of relational database, and should have sound expertise to connect database with back-end programming language. Developer is also trusted to choose most suitable database for specific projects.
  • Web architecture is another essential skill that a FS developer should possess. Companies hire Full Stack developers to handle complex and lengthy project which is possible only through well-structured and planned code, database and file system.
  • Knowledge of creating documents and understanding of development methodologies like SCRUM/Kanban etc. is actually the skill which differentiates FS developer from normal programmer. In old team hierarchy this job was given to project managers or SCRUM master but with Full Stack developers in the game this is a necessary skill for a full stack developer.
  • Git is web-based open-source repository hosting service. It is version controlled system that lets developers see the modifications made by joint coders. It also helps in maintaining architecture and structure, and also testing and removal of bugs. Knowledge of Github and other services is another skill which FS developer should possess.
  • Knowledge of basic algorithms and good grip on data structure helps in improving code quality. One should be master in handling in branches and hash tables and stack, heaps and procedures.

How Full Stack developer is advantageous?

Know why there is so much buzz about Full Stack developers or development. Even the best web development company would boast of having team of FS developers over their website and social media posts. There are few advantages that FS developer carries with his profile. Here are few top ones that give clear picture why such developers are in demand.

  • Can take charge of project and ensure fast and timely delivery.
  • Exceptionally fruitful for creating MVPs.
  • Expertise in Front-end as well as back-end programming and in handling database.
  • Knowledge of cloud-computing solutions and services and is able to utilize most efficient services.
  • Capable of creating documents caters to design structure as well.
  • Phenomenal in support, maintenance and updates because of complete knowledge of project.
  • Can handle team working as SCRUM master and ensure smooth development.
  • Proves cost-effective. With knowledge and expertise of entire technical and management stack full stack developer proves cost-effective and increases profitability.

There is no doubt, that skills of Full Stack developer can be decisive in starting and seeing through development of project. It is one resource with multiple skills with few deep ones and is best option to save time, avoid errors and make best use of investment.

web development

Key features of successful website development

1. Not major but main key feature of successful website development is captivating design with strong aesthetic appeal and message.

It is the first glance over website that forms an opinion for more than 80% of users. In such a less time what it can be that can compell a user to stay on website and check it out further. The design and aethetics of website is what that leaves the first impression. In many surveys it has come out that first appeal of any website improves or shatters image of the company. Full stack web development is preferred these days because of catchy looks of design which captures user attention.

2. Website design that fit in different screen sizes and appeal to user is another key feature of successful web development. Here again, full stack web development is what is preferred to create designs that make website appear worth surfing.

Most of the users if not all, prefer websites to look good on mobile. More than 60% of retail websites are approached through a handset. This is massive number that makes responsive design a necessity and its strong appeal as valuable as gold. Responsive design with modern aspect ratio is telltale sign of quality website development services.

3. Loading time is vital sign of quality website development services. Shorter loading time impress users and prevent high rate of sudden abandonment.

If images take too long to load, or website itself takes more than 2 seconds to come on screen it can turn off the visitor. Nearly 45% of total visitors do not turn again to website after any such bad experience. It is vital to maintain images, loading time and links for a good user experience. Work of best web development company would reflect through short loading time and smooth image uploading.

4. Click to action or CTA over homepage is part of good design and well-laid out website that leaves a very positive impression over user.

Any user would like to get straightforward directions on any website. Searching for what to do in order to use the website can be a big turn-off. One would like to see clear instructions about next step after landing over website.

5. Content quality and its presentation.

Approximately 6 seconds is the time that user gives to content. The best web development company always pays due attention to content and its presentation. Placing content that explains the site content in summary in most compelling manner at right place. Supporting content with images and illustrations and use of sophisticated methods to make site interactive is extremely important feature of successful website development.


What are top 10 most used Azue Services

Azure is part of Microsoft cloud computing services and was launched in 2010. Since then, it has grown in popularity. Nearly 90% of Fortune-500 companies are using Microsoft Azure, previously known as Windows Azure for managing their diversified business. The deeply integrated Microsoft Azure cloud solutions allow enterprises to build, deploy and manage from simple to complex apps easily. It supports wide range of programming languages, databases, devices, frameworks and operating systems. Extensive range of Microsoft Azure cloud solutions has made it so popular in short span of time.

Along with exceptional IaaS and PaaS facilities the security of Azure is another feature that makes it outstanding. It has been designed with Security Development Lifecycle or SDL which keeps data and information highly secured. It can access data in SQL and NoSQL and comes with facilities to get business insights for better decision making. Azure uses C#, C++ and Visual Basic as programming languages. Consultants can develop cloud computing solutions and its hybrid capabilities that can work in combination with various Virtual Private Networks ensure regular improvement in performance of these applications.

To gauze the capabilities of Microsoft Azure services understanding its major features is important. Here is list of top 10 Microsoft Azure services that are used most commonly and are major reasons for radical growth in popularity of this platform.

1. Virtual Machines or VMs

This is one of the main features of Azure cloud computing services. You can create virtual machines on windows or Linux platforms easily. You can create these virtual machines as per your needs like compute-optimized machine, memory-optimized or general purpose machine etc.

2. Active Directory

This is another most popular and one of the key features of Azure cloud computing solutions. Azure Active Directory or Azure AD is unlike Windows Server Active Directory which is on-premise facility. Azure AD gives rights to access applications running Microsoft Azure and on-premise environment. However Windows server active directory can be synced with Azure AD using AAD sync. By creating active directories enterprises gain considerable security from cyber encroachments and attacks. This requires single sign-on which makes accessing apps from anywhere simple. It also segregates rights and authorities of internal users and allows maintaining external users simultaneously.

3. DevOps

It is most appreciated Azure cloud computing services which allows planning, tracking and discussion among teams very simple through agile tools. Azure DevOps services are ideal for building, testing and deploying with CICD as it provides access and collaboration with unlimited cloud-hosted private Git repos. Along with these Azure Devops server provides Azure Test Plans, Azure Artifacts and extension platform where you can access 1000+ extensions from Slack to Sonarcloud contributed by community.

4. Cosmos DB

Cosmos DB is Azure database that comes with high availability and low latency. It can be distributed globally with transparent master-replication. Cosmos DB is described by Microsoft for planet-based applications. It comes with single-digit latency in reading and writing data and 99.999-percent availability. Its elastic automatic-scaling matches demand with capability and comes with wire-protocol endpoints for API connectivity with MongoDB, SQL, Gremlin, Etcd and Table. Data sets in NoSql, MongoDB and Cassandra can be migrated smoothly to CosmosDB. This Azure database has been designed to handle mission-critical enterprise level workloads, keeping cost under control and smooth down or up-scaling.

5. Azure API Apps

Azure API apps have been developed for developers and vendors/publishers to provide them with means to create, develop, use and manage RESTFul Web APIs for their software/apps. Azure API Apps provide –

  • SaaS connectivity
  • Integration with Azure App services like Logic Apps, Mobile Apps and Web-Apps.
  • Automation and management of process of creation, versioning, deploying and managing APIs.
  • And, to create APIs in any languages such as Java, Python, .Net etc.

6. Azure Logic Apps

Enterprises need mechanism to automate business processes and integrating application for smooth working. Azure Logic Apps provide exactly the same which make this feature one of the top features of Azure cloud services. These are also called as ‘Server-less Apps’. These apps provide a mechanism for application integration and workflow definition in the cloud. Logic Apps is fully managed IPaaS with inbuilt scalability.

7. Azure CDN

Azure Content Delivery Network with the help of local nodes placed globally offers high-bandwidth and reduces latency time in delivering content to users. It caches content that is frequently used by user and also accelerates dynamic content by leveraging various network optimizing tools like CDN POPs.

8. Azure Bot Framework

This is one of the crucial features of Azure. Bots reduce time and save money. Users love to interact with Bots as these are available 24/7 and provide precise answers. Azure Bot Framework provides tools and services which developers need to integrate bots over different platforms without worrying about other details.

9. Azure Disaster Recovery

In matter of few minutes you can setup a recovery VM in different Azure region to secure the data. Site recovery is one of the major concerns of enterprises which make this feature very important for Azure users. Azure Site recovery is simple to setup and use. Applications running over multiple virtual machines are free from recovery issues. By enabling Site Recovery you can ensure compliance of industry regulations such ISO 27001.

10. Azure Backup

This feature of Azure secures data in Virtual Machines, SQL workloads and also in on-premise VMware apps. It is cost-effective and protects data from human errors and ransomwares. The central backup management portal of Azure manages entire activity and resources efficiently.


Azure cloud solutions come with massive variety which most of the time can lead to confusion. Enterprises need to focus on value of services to build an effective cloud environment. To make optimum use of Azure services knowledge and expertise over AWS is vital. However Azure itself has a very easy learning curve. Developers can develop apps using C# or C++ and Visual Basic which makes it easier platform. Pay-as-you-go option makes it cost-effective. Even medium or small industries can think of using these services managing against budget constraints and carry out a gradual shift.


Benefits of Full Stack Developer for Startups and Small business

The first thing that comes to my mind after hearing Full Stack Developer is variety of experience. But when it is related to startups or small firms, the very obvious reason why Full stack devs are more important than mere frontend or backend developers is – economic viability.

As a startup or a small firm running with budget constraints, you want to latch on every single penny that is flowing out of your funds to pay salaries. Why am I talking about salaries? Well this is the biggest vent that funnels out your valuable funds really quickly. So, anything that saves actually earns for startups and small firms. Full stack development is one of those improvements in work style that is growing in popularity because of its money saving prospects.

In startups or small businesses full stack development services are cost-effective. How? Salaries of Full stack developers are sky-rocketing and are expected to grow by whooping 27%, if I have obtained stats from correct source. But if even my source is not 100% correct give them a leverage of 5-10%, still it is very impressive number, isn’t it.

So how full stack development services or website development services by a full stack developer are cost-effective? There are few critical benefits along with economic feasibility that make services of a costly full stack developer cost-effective.

Smart development

If we talk about startups most of these start with MVP before they turn it into a web product. Any Full stack development company or a developer can help building a MVP and taking it further to turn it into a web product. In general, full stack developers are excellent web-app developers. They can add exciting features that take user in higher league of experience. Person taking care of whole stack development can handle UI as well as connect these to other supporting systems, this kind of expertise help gain quicker ROI particularly from a new product.

Full stack developer can see a project from 360-degree perspective. Mostly such developers have worked on variety of projects. The varied experience gives them in-depth knowledge of web and app development that comes more than handy during conceptualization and development. Their advices can prove to be more than creative in improving market reception of web product.

As far as small businesses are concerned hiring a website development company for their web presence through B2C platform may not give them cutting-edge over competition as much as a multi-technology project would. A full stack developer would use PHP, CSS, Java script, even angular, node.js and python for smart options and catchy looks. Animation and graphics are added plus of full stack development services.

Cost saving

Well, this is one part not so hard to guess. An experienced full stack development company can offer much more options in terms of technology, design and features at much competitive prices than others. Team of full stack developers in a startup gives varied skills, sharp approach and faster development process as these developers carry out development by taking entire picture of project in their mind. This kind of approach is much different and cost-effective than what two separate teams of frontend and backend developers offer.


If any small business hires a full stack development company to take care of development of web product, the full stack developers can take entire ownership and do justice with it. All the solutions related to presentation, development and user acceptance are in-house. The development process runs fast and accurately and results come much earlier. Lesser turnaround from concept to delivery means less investment translating into more profit for small businesses.

For any startup providing web or mobile app development services, team of full stack developers can move from task to task and utilize best available software and tools for specific tasks or critical functionality without incurring extra cost. The delivery time is much less, no hiccups during development process and product deployment is easier. The major benefit is ease in handling changing requirements. Most of the development processes run in shallow water because of demand for abrupt changes and new challenges that were unseen during conceptualization. An expert team of full stack developers is able to handle such bottlenecks easily.

The T-shaped developers

Full stack developers are called T-shaped developers. The functional and disciplinary skill chart of a full stack developer forms a T like shape where horizontal line represents his/her ability to apply knowledge across different situations, and vertical line represents deep knowledge. T-shaped developers are more efficient and productive compared to I-shaped developers with minimum ability to handle different situations but come with deeper knowledge.

Pros and cons

I am not a big fan of jack of all trades and master of few, many times I have seen lack of in-depth knowledge with variety of skills and experience, fails to do justice with task on hand. But when comes to companies building a MVP or small businesses getting a web product developed, the varied experience and skills can be more cost-effective and efficient. Whether it is startup or small business full stack developers are good bet but with precaution, if your product is niche and requires deep understanding better go with experts who have worked in particular area for years. But if your product demands smart-work than herculean effort, full stack developers are better options.


With more experience and exposure full stack developers can go deep into few skills compared to others. This only adds extra flavor to their skill-set and make them more productive and efficient. Spilling some of your funds over full stack development is safer option as it can deal with major problem areas and see through creation of MVP and product more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Troubleshooting is another area in which full stack developer can be of immense help. S/he can tackle codes and UI and can even understand the project much easily. Finding flaws in coding, design or concept is much easier for a full stack developer compared to others. So, it is not just cost-effective option but a smarter way to work for startups and small businesses.