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Benefits of Full Stack Developer for Startups and Small business

The first thing that comes to my mind after hearing Full Stack Developer is variety of experience. But when it is related to startups or small firms, the very obvious reason why Full stack devs are more important than mere frontend or backend developers is – economic viability.

As a startup or a small firm running with budget constraints, you want to latch on every single penny that is flowing out of your funds to pay salaries. Why am I talking about salaries? Well this is the biggest vent that funnels out your valuable funds really quickly. So, anything that saves actually earns for startups and small firms. Full stack development is one of those improvements in work style that is growing in popularity because of its money saving prospects.

In startups or small businesses full stack development services are cost-effective. How? Salaries of Full stack developers are sky-rocketing and are expected to grow by whooping 27%, if I have obtained stats from correct source. But if even my source is not 100% correct give them a leverage of 5-10%, still it is very impressive number, isn’t it.

So how full stack development services or website development services by a full stack developer are cost-effective? There are few critical benefits along with economic feasibility that make services of a costly full stack developer cost-effective.

Smart development

If we talk about startups most of these start with MVP before they turn it into a web product. Any Full stack development company or a developer can help building a MVP and taking it further to turn it into a web product. In general, full stack developers are excellent web-app developers. They can add exciting features that take user in higher league of experience. Person taking care of whole stack development can handle UI as well as connect these to other supporting systems, this kind of expertise help gain quicker ROI particularly from a new product.

Full stack developer can see a project from 360-degree perspective. Mostly such developers have worked on variety of projects. The varied experience gives them in-depth knowledge of web and app development that comes more than handy during conceptualization and development. Their advices can prove to be more than creative in improving market reception of web product.

As far as small businesses are concerned hiring a website development company for their web presence through B2C platform may not give them cutting-edge over competition as much as a multi-technology project would. A full stack developer would use PHP, CSS, Java script, even angular, node.js and python for smart options and catchy looks. Animation and graphics are added plus of full stack development services.

Cost saving

Well, this is one part not so hard to guess. An experienced full stack development company can offer much more options in terms of technology, design and features at much competitive prices than others. Team of full stack developers in a startup gives varied skills, sharp approach and faster development process as these developers carry out development by taking entire picture of project in their mind. This kind of approach is much different and cost-effective than what two separate teams of frontend and backend developers offer.


If any small business hires a full stack development company to take care of development of web product, the full stack developers can take entire ownership and do justice with it. All the solutions related to presentation, development and user acceptance are in-house. The development process runs fast and accurately and results come much earlier. Lesser turnaround from concept to delivery means less investment translating into more profit for small businesses.

For any startup providing web or mobile app development services, team of full stack developers can move from task to task and utilize best available software and tools for specific tasks or critical functionality without incurring extra cost. The delivery time is much less, no hiccups during development process and product deployment is easier. The major benefit is ease in handling changing requirements. Most of the development processes run in shallow water because of demand for abrupt changes and new challenges that were unseen during conceptualization. An expert team of full stack developers is able to handle such bottlenecks easily.

The T-shaped developers

Full stack developers are called T-shaped developers. The functional and disciplinary skill chart of a full stack developer forms a T like shape where horizontal line represents his/her ability to apply knowledge across different situations, and vertical line represents deep knowledge. T-shaped developers are more efficient and productive compared to I-shaped developers with minimum ability to handle different situations but come with deeper knowledge.

Pros and cons

I am not a big fan of jack of all trades and master of few, many times I have seen lack of in-depth knowledge with variety of skills and experience, fails to do justice with task on hand. But when comes to companies building a MVP or small businesses getting a web product developed, the varied experience and skills can be more cost-effective and efficient. Whether it is startup or small business full stack developers are good bet but with precaution, if your product is niche and requires deep understanding better go with experts who have worked in particular area for years. But if your product demands smart-work than herculean effort, full stack developers are better options.


With more experience and exposure full stack developers can go deep into few skills compared to others. This only adds extra flavor to their skill-set and make them more productive and efficient. Spilling some of your funds over full stack development is safer option as it can deal with major problem areas and see through creation of MVP and product more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Troubleshooting is another area in which full stack developer can be of immense help. S/he can tackle codes and UI and can even understand the project much easily. Finding flaws in coding, design or concept is much easier for a full stack developer compared to others. So, it is not just cost-effective option but a smarter way to work for startups and small businesses.

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