Which Platform is Best for eCommerce Web Development for My Project

Which Platform is Best for eCommerce Web Development for My Project

As everything goes digital the need for an online presence for your company is becoming more important. The good thing is that selling services and products online isn’t that difficult. Through an eCommerce platform, it is possible to quickly and easily market your goods online, without having to leave your workplace. There are a variety of options to pick from, so we’ve put together an inventory of the top eCommerce websites that you can choose from to build your new eCommerce project.

You are contemplating creating an eCommerce website for your company but you aren’t comfortable with web design languages. A good eCommerce site builder tool can be the best choice for you. The ECommerce web design platforms are designed specifically for those who don’t know how to code a website. ECommerce website builders offer simple alternatives to building a site starting from scratch.

1. Wix

It is among the most popular eCommerce site builders on the market. If you’re looking to build a brand new eCommerce site, however, you don’t have any prior experience with coding and programming, then Wix can make the process simpler for you. It’s a platform that can be used in a variety of ways especially designed for people who don’t have previous experience with web development. The website built with Wix can be SEO friendly and completely customizable using the drag and drop function. Wix has special plans designed specifically for ECommerce websites. All ECommerce solutions developed by Wix offer unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain, for one year. $300 worth of advertising vouchers, as well as visitor statistics.

One of the major advantages of making use of Wix is that all online transactions for Wix’s ECommerce store are Commission free. The majority of ECommerce Software platforms will charge you a modest Commission cost for all your sales. If you create an ECommerce site on Wix you can reduce your costs by hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. Here are a few other advantages of using Wix’s ECommerce plan:

  • 500plus templates
  • Mobile optimization
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Coupons and discounts
  • SEO tools
  • Global shipping
  • Wix chat

Its Wix Store management tool allows owners to monitor products, orders, and inventory with ease. It is also possible to add an online blog and design your logo without having to integrate other third-party plug-ins. The pricing options for Wix ECommerce include:

Basic Business – $23.00 per month

Enterprise unlimited– $ $27.00 per month

Business VIP — $49.00 per month

Enterprise – $500 per month

There are lower plans available, however, they are intended for portfolio or personal websites only. If you plan to accept online payments on the eCommerce shop, the business plan that is basic is the cheapest plan that can meet your requirements.

2. Zyro

It provides a user-friendly experience at a very affordable cost. Drag and drop tools are the best for first-time users because it permits users to arrange the design and appearance of the site exactly the way they like. Users can monitor the changes happening in real-time so that it is easy to create your site. With Zyro you can also advertise and sell your items across various websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. There are a variety of custom themes to choose from across the nine different categories. You are able to pick the one that is ideal for your company.

One of the features that make Zyro popular among other platforms is the power of its AI tools for business. These tools make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a powerful web page to promote your brand’s identity with:

  • Business Name Generator
  • Logo Maker
  • AI Heat Map
  • AI Content Generator
  • Slogan Generator

Its AI content generator assists in creating SEO-friendly content for your site This makes Zyro an ideal option for those novices in the writing of articles for their websites. Current plans, as well as pricing for Zyro, are:

  • Basic – $1.30 per month
  • Leashed — $1.79 per month
  • E-commerce – $8.99 per month
  • E-commerce plus – $13.99 per month

It is a fact that even the costliest plan can still be accessible. If you are looking to make high profits from your eCommerce business, it is best to opt for e-commerce service. It gives you unlimited storage space and bandwidth, along with the option of a domain for free. You are also able to accept online payments.

3. Squarespace

It is recognized by many as being among the top utilized eCommerce platforms around the world. This is due to its built-in e-commerce capabilities with its plans that aren’t provided by the majority of ECommerce web-building platforms. Another reason that most users are drawn to the template is because of its award-winning design. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro in web design or an amateur trying to design an amazing-looking eCommerce website. Squarespace is a simple ECommerce web design tools.

Anyone can build an ECommerce website for their company by using Squarespace. You can easily modify each element of your website with an intuitive and scalable drag-and-drop builder. It offers a wide range of award-winning templates specifically created for the creation of robust eCommerce websites. No matter if you sell products such as subscriptions, digital products, or even services, Squarespace Is your one-stop solution for all of your needs. With the assistance of the mobile app, you can effortlessly edit and manage your website while on the move. When you own physical places for your store then you can make use of it as a POS solution.

It includes SEO tools and analytics, as well as blogging tools as well as everything else you’ll need to ensure your store is an absolute success. There are four different plans to choose from, three of which are fully connected to eCommerce capabilities:

  • Personal – $12.00 per month
  • Business – $18.00 per month
  • Basic Commerce- $26 per month
  • Advanced Commerce – $40 per month

Start with the Commerce basic plan as the minimum requirement to start your business. As you develop your business acumen develops, you’ll require more options to upgrade to a more advanced Commerce plan at any time.

4. BigCommerce

It is a dependable and reliable eCommerce, web-based builder. The B2B specific features, such as bulk pricing rates and customer groups, as well as price lists that are custom-designed, as well as quotes management, create an incredibly flexible platform for eCommerce site design. The primary advantage of Bigcommerce is the fact that it is specialized in multichannel sales. Each plan can be connected to sell on Pinterest, Amazon, Facebook, Google shopping, Instagram as well as POS. For businesses looking to reap the benefits of Omnichannel sales, Bigcommerce must be top of the list. Since it provides a lot of important features in the package, Bigcommerce is not suitable for those who are new to the field as it includes additional features that make it more complicated. The platform is utilized to create huge ECommerce websites in a short time. If you’re a start-up it is possible to pay more for certain features that will not be used.

If you’re looking to add a wide range of ECommerce and site customization options without having to pay for extensions, Then Bigcommerce is the best choice for you. The prices for Bigcommerce include:

  • Standard – $29.95 per month
  • Plus – $79.95 per month
  • Pro – $249.95 per month

The pricing of Bigcommerce is similar to Shopify. Even though Shopify is slightly more user-friendly, Bigcommerce offers a lot of options.

5. Shopify

Shopify is considered to be one of the most well-known and utilized eCommerce platforms currently in use. There are more than one million eCommerce websites created with Shopify. This number is increasing rapidly. Shopify is among the most effective and simple-to-use ECommerce websites on the marketplace currently. Furthermore, this online-based CMS offers everything you need to set up as well as manage an E-commerce store. Start with Shopify’s collection of 70+ free and premium themes. Each theme is customizable to how you’d like. Additionally, you can add additional functions and features to your shop by downloading apps through Shopify’s Shopify App Store. One of the biggest advantages of the use of Shopify is that transactions can be processed by the platform. There is no requirement to join third-party processors using the built-in Shopify payment gateways that accept payments.

More than 100 payment processors have been integrated with Shopify and you are able to choose a different payment processor among the options available. All plans of Shopify come with Unlimited email forwarding and web hosting, with unlimited bandwidth and content delivery to ensure optimal performance. With Shopify you can also complete other tasks including creating drop shipping, focusing on abandoned shopping carts POS tools, and managing rates for shipping as well as customer account accounts. The plans provided by Shopify include:

  • Shopify Basic- HTML0 $29.00 per month
  • Shopify – $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify – $299 per month

Get in touch with a Shopify specialist if you are planning to build a strong and flexible eCommerce website for your business using the Shopify platform.


If you’re planning to build an ECommerce site that offers an all-in-one system, then there’s no better choice other than those on the list below. These are the top options to build a brand new eCommerce store starting from the ground up. If you’re not sure and need help, you can work with an eCommerce website development firm to provide feature-rich and flexible solutions for your company.

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