Best Android Frameworks for App Development in 2022

Best Android Frameworks for App Development in 2022

There seems to be no end in sight to the ongoing Android vs. iOS argument. However, one aspect that casts a negative light on Android App Development is that it takes a lot longer. And regrettably, this is accurate given the platform’s fragmentation. How about if we told you that we can prevent it? Android Frameworks for App Development are useful in this situation.

These frameworks enable developers to produce excellent Android apps with fantastic features more quickly. You can only create apps that stand out using frameworks, given that there are over 2 million apps available in the Android store, which controls about 85% of the market.

Here, we’ll talk about the top 11 frameworks for developing Android mobile applications. We’ll go into more detail about each of these and highlight some of their key characteristics.

React Native – The Best Android App Development Framework

React Native is a cross-platform app development framework rather than only an android framework. META, formerly known as Facebook created this framework in 2015.

The need for React native app development companies has been increasing quickly as a replacement for React. React Native has quickly established itself as one of the greatest products available.

One of the best aspects of this framework is that programmers may use the same code to create apps for iOS and Android. As a result, react native app development is relatively quick and affordable.

This platform’s first place on the list of android frameworks is a result of a number of its characteristics. And we strongly urge you to take this into account for your project to design an Android app.

Corona SDK Framework

Corona SDK, as you could have inferred from the name, is an open-sourced SDK framework. Released in 2009 it is a tested technology and in use for more than ten years.

This framework is unique and has one specific objective. How to make games for Android?

This framework’s straightforward syntax enables developers to make amusing and aesthetically beautiful applications. The best part is, that it offers ease of development and quick time to market

You can benefit from a variety of Android games and mobile app development services supported by Corona.

jQuery Mobile App Development Framework

There is a good probability that you have heard about JQuery if you’re trying to recruit professional developers for the creation of android apps.

This is a top HTML5-based cross-platform development framework. The fact that it is among the greatest Android frameworks for iPhone app development should go without saying.

Amazing features, a sizable community, support for various technologies, a quick time to market—this platform has it everything. The nice thing is that you can also make web apps using this, in addition to mobile apps.

To create all other solutions, developers only need to write a single piece of code. It makes the development process much simpler for developers and is likable for clients.

Sencha Touch Framework

One of the most popular Android app development frameworks is Sencha Touch. And this one differs from all the others we’ve talked about thus far. This framework targets producing native Android applications.

For this reason too, it is also recognized as the greatest Android programming framework.

Next, the framework employs HTML5 and JavaScript. As a result, mobile applications can be developed that are dynamic, reliable, and scalable.

Sencha Touch is a tool you should use if you want to build an application that performs well and aids in the expansion of your business.

Xamarin Framework

When it comes to hybrid app development services, Xamarin is one of the most popular options among clients. This open-source Android Framework created by Microsoft is a favorite of developers all around the United States of America.

Dotnet is at the core while UI/UX is developed in this framework.

It becomes even more powerful and alluring to businesses when integrated with other mobile app development tools, like Visual Studio IDE.

Appcelerator Titanium Framework

Out of the few libraries specifically designed for Native Android App development is Appcelerator

This is one of the greatest Android frameworks for app development. It is based on JavaScript and is open source.

Flutter Framework

Well, this is a name that everyone who is knowledgeable about developing mobile apps is familiar with. Google, a major player in technology, developed and owns Flutter SDK.

This platform’s open-source framework enables programmers to make powerful cross-platform applications.

As a result, this platform made use of a single codebase and Google’s proprietary Dart Language. As a result, it is used for app maintenance and support along with Flutter app development.

NativeScript Framework

Telerik is a well-known software provider with its headquarters in Bulgaria. It supports open-source NativeScript. It is without a doubt one of the best Android frameworks for app development, but it also functions as a framework for hybrid apps.

This framework is an SDK, to be exact. As a result, it depends on JavaScript, TypeScript, or Vue.js. This enables the construction of mobile apps with ease

AppsBuilder Framework

With no coding experience required and no need to employ an Android mobile app development business, users may create apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and HTML Web apps with App Builder, a cross-platform app creator.

There are frameworks that go by the name of “White Label Apps Development”. These appear as simpler to use and more efficient. But they come with many drawbacks as well. Read this blog post, The Good, Bad, and Ugly of White Labels Apps, to fully grasp the idea.


The most recent, fully functional Android app development platform is this one. To get this open-source up and running all you need is HTML layout, CSS, and JS files. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript experts may use Framework7 with ease. This top-notch framework for creating mobile applications puts an emphasis on creating the best user experience and simplicity.

SproutCore Framework

The comparison of Android mobile app frameworks is now complete. You could have found one that works for your project after looking through all the Android Frameworks for App Development. All that’s left to do is work with specialized mobile app developers to build your own.

jQuery Mobile App Development Framework

For real assistance, speak with a well-known android app development firm first so they can assist you with it.

As you can see, there are many different Android frameworks available, and each one has a special set of features that can be applied to the creation of any kind of app. Each of these solutions, which have all been embraced by the biggest IT firms in the world, has the potential to overtake another as the best framework for developing Android applications.

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