Free Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Free Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android in 2022

Digital face-swapping is a technique that has garnered widespread acceptance among the audience utilizing social networking media nowadays in a world where everything is rapidly adopting an artificially intelligent medium to do things.

With the aid of a technology called face swapping, you can automatically swap faces, or digitally paste your face onto someone else’s face.

On both Android and iPhones, there are several online, free face-swapping applications that offer spectacular effects and enable realistic face-swapping capabilities.

The greatest free face swap applications of 2022 are discussed in this post and can be found on both the Apple Appstore and the Google Play Store.

Here I will take you through some of the best face swap apps you can find in 2022.

10 Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android Devices in 2022

Before continuing, it’s crucial to understand that the outcomes you’ll be able to obtain will depend on the face-swapping capabilities of the program. The faces in the images you combine must be clearly visible for a face swap to work, so feel free to experiment with other picture combinations before selecting the one you like best. Okay, let’s have a look at the face swap apps that will add a little entertainment to 2022. Visit the Wondershare Video Community to discover more innovative video ideas from other makers.

How to Face Swap on iPhone & Android

1. Snapchat: Best Free Face Swap App

The most popular app that allows users to exchange faces with others is Snapchat. The facial filters on it are actually rather good, even if you don’t want to believe the hype. It is one of the most adaptable apps as a result.

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Simply move your finger over the area of the screen where the face is located while taking a picture or a video until a variety of faces emerge at the bottom of the screen. Simply look for and touch on the Face Swap option’s icon. The next step is to take your next social media platforms snapshot or video.

2. B612

The B612 is primarily a beauty and filter camera with a Face Swap feature that is frequently used to take beautiful selfies. The face switch option can be chosen from the menu by clicking the Smiley symbol after the app has launched. You must include two persons in your shot because the feature only operates in real-time. Once you’ve turned on the face swap feature, all you need to do is begin filming or taking pictures and the app will switch faces for you.

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After downloading the program, all you have to do is click the smiley icon to finish. It is among the top face app substitutes and is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

3. Reface App

Reface is one of the greatest face swap applications because of how well it functions and lets you create deepfake films. It enables you to do weird celebrity face swaps and immediately share them with your pals. Reface-created face-swapped films and GIFs have been quite popular on Facebook and Instagram.

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You can use a wide variety of GIFs, memes, video clips, and fragments from some classic movies in Reface to make fresh face-swapped GIFs and films. Surprisingly, the developers continually introduce new templates. Using this software, you won’t ever miss out on new stuff. You can save the media in your image gallery using Reface as well.

4. FaceApp

Another free face-swapping program is called Face App, and it is available for iOS and Android smartphones. The best face-swapping program is this one, and you can use it to see how you’d look if you were the other gender. Because of this distinctive function, it has been quite popular among young people and is one of the greatest face-swapping and funny face alternative apps out there.

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Although you can download this program for free, you might need to upgrade to a more expensive version if you want a few extra features. Therefore, use this app the next time you want to experiment with a filter that simulates what you may seem like if faced your friend and you swapped faces.

5. Cupace

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Not only are amusing and interactive memes made using this program, but also face-swapped images and movies. This software is the greatest option for you if you enjoy checking out and making memes on social media. Space is especially well-known among the younger generation, who are primarily teenagers. Both Android and iOS smartphones can get the app without charge.

6. Face Swap Booth

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If you choose to install this software on your Smartphone, you may put your face over a single photo as many times as you like, swap faces across numerous photos, change faces with celebrities, and much more. You can concentrate on finding ways to make your pictures as fun as you can by using sophisticated face identification technology to accurately alter the faces in all photos. The only drawback is that in order to use all of the app’s functions, you must upgrade to the premium version.

7. Photomontage

Last but not least, one of the top Android photo editing apps for creating stunning face swap photographs is Photomontage. Despite the app’s lack of automation, its straightforward user interface would make you an expert in no time.

Just send just one picture to switch the faces. Use the rubber tool to erase the face after uploading. Put a fresh image in its place, then drag the old one behind it. By now, you should have a stunning face-swapped image.


Although MRRMRR appears to be a typo, it is a fantastic program for changing faces. There is a huge demand for this app among iPhone users. MRRMRR has a wide range of distinctive characteristics. You can transform into anything once you’re in front of the camera, from the Joker to Barack Obama.

Additionally, MRRMRR’s face detection technology is cutting edge because it tracks your facial expressions and features in real-time while using various edits and face-swapping procedures. You may also quickly store and distribute your face-swapped pictures and videos.

9. Face Swap Live

Because of its interactive face-swapping capabilities, Face Swap Live is quite well-liked. Users of this software can exchange a single photo as many times as they’d like.

This app’s unusual features, such as the ability to swap faces between various images, swap faces with various celebrities and movie scenes, etc., have also contributed to its popularity. Filters can also be added to your solo selfies using Face Swap Live.

10. Face Blender

By replacing your face with any image, the Face Blender app lets you make amusing selfie posters. The app is very user-friendly because it automatically recognizes the user’s face on the template. Then, it adjusts the orientation and angle of the face to fit it into the frame.

With Face Blender, all you need to do is click a picture and select a template to blend your face on that specific template. Additionally, if the template doesn’t meet your needs, you can add additional images from your image gallery. The face-swapped images that arise are usually amusing.

Concluding Statement

We all like a good laugh, and that’s exactly what face swap applications provide. Being your buddy or a celebrity might be enjoyable for you as well as your social media followers. Try one of the face-swapping applications we suggested in this article to add some more humor to your social media posts. 

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