Car Wash App Development- Enhance your Services and Boost Revenue

Car Wash App Development- Enhance your Services and Boost Revenue

Service apps that allow you to avail of service on demand have greatly benefited most people. They have eliminated the long queues and the wait time and provide enhanced productivity. You don’t need to spend your whole day just to get a service. You download the app, use it to book an appointment, and the service provider comes to your doorstep. One such service which apps have revolutionized is car washing. 

It could take most of your day to get your car washed earlier. Thanks to car wash apps, that’s not the case anymore. You can get your car squeaky clean without wasting the whole day. The service is very convenient and efficient, so we are seeing more and more of these cars wash mobile apps coming up. But is it a good business to invest in? What are the things to consider before getting your car wash app developed? What will it cost you to create a car wash app? If you have pondered these questions, you’re at the right place. We answer all these questions and many more in this post. This will be your ultimate guide to getting a car wash app developed. Read on; 

Car Wash App Revenue and Usage Statistics 

Car Wash App Revenue and Usage Statistics 

The market size of the car wash service is valued at $11.85 billion in the US alone. The industry is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of 3.1%. Another useful stat is that more than half of the car wash payment is made in cashless mode. By integrating various payment methods into their car wash apps, businesses can leverage this and provide an easy payment option to car owners. This is also a significant reason why many of the existing car wash businesses in the US are opting for mobile apps. 

What Is A Car Wash App?

A car wash app is exactly what it sounds like, an app to get your car washed efficiently. It is a convenient way to clean your dirty car without wasting most of your weekend. There’s also an aggregator car wash app which provides a platform to communicate between customers and service providers. Think of it like this-you download the app, check the car wash services near you, sort them according to convenience and rating, and then select one of them to avail of their services. 

While these are two models of car wash application, they have more or less the same features and development stages. 

Why Invest in Car Wash App Development?

There are several reasons why a business should invest in car wash app development. Here are some of the major ones; 

The value of the market is expected to reach US $17.34 billion by 2027. This data is after considering the impact of COVID-19 on the market.  This growth will be further fuelled by increased urbanization and an increase in purchasing power parity. By investing in a car wash app, you get to invest in a growing market with fantastic future expansion potential. A billion-dollar booming market is a good enough reason for any serious entrepreneur to consider supporting it.  

A car wash app can help you serve your customers by offering personalized services and getting feedback. This will help you form strong relationships with customers, further increasing customer retention and brand loyalty of car owners to your business. 

Another way in which a car wash app is an excellent investment is the competitive edge you get. More and more businesses are getting online; you are missing out if your business is not online. If you already have a car wash business, it is high time to get an app for the same. This will help you streamline your process better, make your team more efficient and increase revenue.   

Things to Consider During Car Wash App Development

You must consider a few things before developing your car wash app. These are;

Platform: You need to know which platform you want your car wash app to be compatible with. Do you want an Android, iOS, or an app compatible with both platforms? The right answer to that question depends on your business model and also your budget, considering the fact that developing an app for both platforms will cost you almost double the amount.   

Features: Your app development team needs to know all the features you need in it before any work starts. This will help them plan the frameworks and user interface accordingly. These features will help you stay ahead of your competitors.  

User Experience:  No one likes to feel like they are solving a puzzle when using an app. This is why you need to make your app easy to navigate. User experience is at the very core of the success of your app. 

Security and privacy: You need to prioritize safety and privacy for your app. Your app should protect the data of users and transaction details and ensure the app is not prone to cyber-attacks. This will help you win the trust of your users. 

Payment Gateway: You must integrate the various payment option with your app. This will ease the payment options and will also make it secure and reliable. 

What are the Challenges that you need to face in the best Car Wash App Development?

Integration with various APIs

To develop the best car wash app, you need to integrate it with various APIs like payment gateway, messaging services and geolocation services. This is challenging because they all come with different security protocols and architecture.  


Scalability is a huge challenge for car wash app developers because the app needs to handle the increased customer base swiftly. Because of this, your app needs to be designed keeping in view the increased traffic in the foreseeable future. Cloud computing services will play an important part in making the app scalable. So, the app development company has to be proficient in it.   


With increased internet penetration and use, cyber-attacks have become increasingly common. Because of this, your app must be secure so that users can trust you with their data. Robust security measures should be taken by developers to ensure this.  

All these challenges are massive issues for a business, but they can definitely be overcome with the right app development company.  

Benefits Of Car Wash Apps

For customers;

A car wash app provides the following benefits to customers; 

Saves time

A car wash app saves the time of customers. They don’t have to waste a whole day of their weekend trying to get an appointment for car washing. Users can book an appointment on any day to get their car washed.    


Car users can book car washing appointments from the comfort of their homes and don’t even have to drive to a car wash place. They can reserve a doorstep appointment with the app. Several apps don’t even require the customer to be present while the car is being washed. This is incredibly convenient for the customer. 

For Car Washers

Car washers get the following benefits when they opt for a car washing app for their business; 

Streamlining the process 

A car wash app streamlines the various processes of the car washing business. Detailers get to better understand the customers’ needs through the valuable feedback they get from them.   

Wider customer base 

Car wash apps help serve detailers to a more extensive customer base because they are not limited to their geographical locations. Detailers can provide doorstep car wash service to even a distant customer. 

Most Popular Top-Rated Car Wash Applications

Most Popular Top-Rated Car Wash Applications

Mobile Wash

Mobile Wash is one of the most popular car wash apps in the US. They have one of the largest networks of car detailers in the country. They provide on-demand doorstep car detailing. You can get instant quotes from professional car detailers from the app. The app also offers other services like booking/scheduling car wash appointments and discounts. Add-ons like a clay bar, paste wax and water spot removal are provided to users with the car wash. 

Sky Car Wash

Sky Car Wash is another leading car wash app in the country. They provide instant scheduling for a car wash. You can add your location details, and the company sends professional detailers to wash your car at your doorstep. Car owners also have the option to choose various kinds of car wash like a waterless car wash. The waterless car wash is a favorite of eco-friendly car owners. The app also offers a monthly subscription to regular users.   


Washos is another popular car wash app in the US. They offer on-demand doorstep car wash options from professional detailers in 90 minutes. Provide five different monthly car wash and detailing services. They also provide waterless car wash service for environmentally conscious car owners; you can even choose not to be present when your car is being washed. You book the appointment, and the company will do the rest at the scheduled time. 

Wash Doctors  

Wash Doctors is one of the largest car wash apps in the UK. They offer to clean your car at your doorstep, and the fantastic reviews on the Apple store are testimonials of their excellent work. 

Know the Best Car Wash App Development Advanced Features.

Your app must have some great features to ensure you have a winning product with your car app. Some of these features are listed below;

User profile 

A user profile is a handy feature for the app. You get valuable data about your user, and there’s a higher chance of brand loyalty after users sign up on your app. To allow easy signup and login options, app developers must integrate signup and logins with the Gmail and Facebook accounts of the user.  

Customized services and packages 

Car users are different and require different packages. Some may opt for a waterless car wash service or doorstep service, while others may prefer to get two or three of their cars washed at the same time. This is why you need to provide customized services to your users. You should also offer monthly packages to regular customers. Many leading car wash apps like Washos have this.   

Multiple payment options 

As we discussed earlier, more than half of the payments are made in the cashless form in the car wash industry. You must leverage this through your app and include multiple payment options. To ensure this, you must allow credit card and debit card payments. Many online wallets like Amazon Pay have come up recently and are pretty popular with users. The app developer must integrate these online wallets with the app.   

Push notifications 

Push notifications 

Push notifications are a great way to remind your customer about the ending monthly car wash, new offers, services and almost anything. This is why app makers should include push notifications in the app.   

Chat and In-app calling 

Chat and in-app calling options allow users to call and enquire about the services and charges. This feature removes a few roadblocks and allows users to access your services. 

Location enabled 

Most car wash businesses can only provide their services in limited cities. You have to have location enabled in your app to let your customers know what cities you serve and how far you are from the customer. 

Enable reviews 

Reviews are a great way to assess how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are with the service. This helps you provide better service by doubling down on whatever is going well and improving wherever you are lacking as a business. 

CRM Integrations

A Customer Relationship Manager is an excellent way to streamline the whole process of customer management. It helps you provide better services to the customer. CRM integration is essential whether it is logistics app development, wallet app development or on-demand car app development.  

Loyalty Programs  

Many apps have loyalty programs that reward loyal customers. It is an excellent method to promote brand loyalty. Share it with your app developers if you also want to do the same. They will ensure that you have one that rewards loyal customers for their loyalty to your business.  

Technology Stack for Car Wash Application Development

Technology Stack for Car Wash Application Development

Front End- JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Back End- Ruby, Python, and Node.JS

Cloud- AWS, Google Cloud

Database- MySQL, MongoDB

Geolocation services- Google Maps 

Push notifications- Apple push notification or Firebase Cloud Messaging 

Payment gateway- Stripe, PayPal, MasterCard

Team Structure for Car Wash App Development

A good team simplifies the work of developing a car wash app. To create a robust app that gives tough competition to even the industry leaders, this should be the proper team structure; 

  • Project Manager
  • iOS Developers 
  • Android Developers 
  • UX/UI Designers 
  • Front-end Developers 
  • Back-end Developers 
  • Quality Analysis Testers 

Cost of Car Wash Application Development 

The cost of development of a car wash application depends on several factors;

  • Platform
  • Features 
  • Location of talent 
  • Support & Maintenance

Depending on these factors, the cost of a car wash app development can be anywhere from $9000 to $30000 for a single platform. For both iOS and Android, this could cost almost double that amount.     

Car Wash App Development


Q. What is a car wash app?

A Car wash app is a mobile application that allows car owners to get their cars cleaned at their doorstep conveniently.  

Q. What are the mandatory feature for a car wash to have?

Some features like location enabled, payment gateway, chat, and call options are mandatory for a car wash app. Without these, your app has no chance of competing with the industry leaders.   

Q. How much does it cost to build a car wash app?

Depending upon several factors like platform, customization, and location of talent, the cost of building a car wash app can range from $11000 to $45000

Q. How much time does it take to develop a car wash app?

Depending upon several factors like customization and platforms selected, the time taken to completely develop a car wash app can range from 12-20 weeks (3-5 months).

Q. In what ways is a car app helpful for businesses?

A car wash app is helpful in several ways for business. From streamlining the whole process to bringing new customers for the business, a car wash app is a fantastic investment for the business with the potential for significant ROI.      

To Conclude

The car wash app industry is booming; this is the right time to invest in it. It is beneficial to both the customer and the business. To ensure you have a winning product, you need to hire a car wash application development service like Exato Software. 

We have the expertise, track record and team that could provide you with the best on-demand car wash app.   

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