How to Develop a Fitness App like MyFitnessPal?

How to Develop a Fitness App like MyFitnessPal?

Today’s generation focuses a lot on their fitness, physique, and looks. They are ready to take considerable actions like going to gyms, yoga sessions, etc., to achieve their goals. Technology is now in almost every industry and aspect of life, fitness is no different. The tech industry is excessively making advances in every industry, there are Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal that can help users to maintain their fitness progress. The global fitness app market is $1.21 billion in 2021 and can move up to $5.41 billion by 2030.  The fitness apps generally have features like monitoring their nutrition, tracking their fitness goal, personalized workouts, and more. If you are planning to develop a fitness app, this guide will help you. 

Insights on Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal
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Insights on MyFitnessApp

MyFitnessApp was launched in 2013 and became profitable in 2018. They expanded services in more than 100 nations with unique features. Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal is not easy to develop, there are many fitness apps available in the industry, but there are features in their app that are not available.  

Why Do You Need to Build an App Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal?

Why Do You Need to Build an App Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal

Covid-19 was revolutionary in the fitness app industry due to more awareness and consciousness of health. People understand the importance of a healthy, fit, and clean body more than ever. We focus more on our fitness and health, technology helps us maintain these aspects. Apps like MyFitnessPal features activity levels for users to keep a track of everything. Similarly, there are many other benefits and reasons that make it important and profitable to create fitness apps. We are enlisting a few here: 

Inflated popularity: A first and foremost reason to build a Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal is the inflated demand for fitness apps. After Covid-19, the use of fitness apps has heightened due to more awareness. In addition, people are tech-oriented, so integrating fitness with technology gives more convenience to users. So, if you are a fitness app development company, now is the time to take on the market. 

Unique features: MyFitnessPal features like active levels are extremely popular. Similar to these there are features like free workout ideas tracking the progress of fitness, diet plan, monitoring everything, etc., attracting app users. So, if you are going to create a fitness app, these elements can bring a lot of results for you. 

Take advantage of the growing industry: Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal have entered the fitness industry with a strong impression and continue to do so. The industry is accelerating at an exceptionally high rate. By creating a fitness app you can make use of a flourishing industry and make your mark. 

Types of Fitness Apps like MyFitnessPal You Can Develop 

Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal

Fitness apps in the industry can vary as per categories, specifications used, or specializations that focus on a certain audience. As per your core fitness specialization, the fitness app can integrate a plethora of attributes to cater to the audience. Check out the types of fitness apps you can make: 

Workout Apps 

As the name suggests, the workout fitness app will pivot on the type of workout app users can opt for based on their requirements. Usually, in these fitness apps, there are elements like free and paid workout solutions. For the construction of these apps, development companies can enhance apps with exercises fitting different body types and fitness requirements. Workout Apps should have sections like training programs for abs, for losing weight, weight gain, lean body, and more. In addition, there are some advanced features like a timer-defining workout setup. 

Nutrition Apps 

Nutrition Apps focus more on the diet of the user, the food user is allowed and not allowed to eat calories, and other aspects of diet. If you know fitness or training a little, you might know fitness freaks focus on diet. So, creating a nutrition app can help cater to an audience who wants to focus on their diet plan every day. The nutrition app is simply a diet app that helps app users to follow a strict diet plan as per their goal and keep a track of their diet. In addition, features like calories, nutrition intake, etc., can help them plan better. Apps also provide age, body mass, and other features to users. App development companies can create a nutrition specialization app to cater to the audience. 

Calories Maintenance App

This app is somewhat similar to a nutrition fitness app that will keep a check on the number of calorie users based on their food habits. Users can fill in information about their daily diet and other details that will help the fitness app to count calories. So, fitness freaks who want to maintain their calories can use the calorie app and keep a check on their intake for calorie maintenance. In addition, you can lay out advanced elements like uploading pictures of the food, providing calorie counts of different ingredients, and more. 

Personal Training App

Personal training apps can be paid or free fitness apps as per your app model. This type of app allows users to take virtual training from virtual trainers for all the features that a trainer provides in the gym. Thus, users receive a real-time experience with gym trainers. In addition, application developers can also create advanced fitness app elements like ai trainers. Users will receive benefits like the exercises users need to perform, food options to take, weight management, and more. 

Hybrid Fitness App 

A comprehensive fitness app or hybrid fitness app is a type of app that uses a plethora of features and specializations integrated into one. All the above-mentioned app specializations and their features are part of one app. It offers users a single platform to fulfill their fitness requirements. 

Steps to Create an App Like MyFitnessPal 

To assemble a cross-platform fitness app from scratch, you need to follow some steps. These steps will ensure you are moving in the right direction or will hit your goals. Here are some steps for building a fitness app: 

#1 Research and Analysis for Target Audience and other aspects 

First things first, you need to conduct research on everything from scratch. Learn about the fitness app industry, closely follow a Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal, research its target audience, etc. On research and analysis of information, you will understand what will work for you, and which specialization you can opt for creating a fitness app. When you understand the specialization, make sure you know who your target audience is, where they are, what the demographics of the fitness app audience are, etc. These aspects will help you design other elements of the fitness app. 

#2 Core features and UX/UI design of the App 

After analyzing the market, and target audience, and deciding your app specialization, it’s time for core features. Plan all the features you want to offer your target audience, what your fitness app will look like, and more. Create apps and designs based on these core features and planning. These core features will make important elements of your app that will attract an audience. 

#3 Testing, implementation, and launch 

After you have the design, features, and everything you need for your app, it’s time to test it.  Test your app, get feedback from your target audience, and rectify all the issues required. After implementing the changes and all features you want to offer, you can launch your app. 

Essential Features Like MyFitnessPal App For Your Fitness App

Now that you know how to create apps, and types of apps, you already know what you’re going to create. So, let’s find out what essential features you must have in your fitness app: 

Simple customer acquiring 

For counting calories, tracking fitness, and more you need some details of users. So, when you ask a user or your customer to log in and sign in, your onboarding procedure should be simplified. No user will make an account if your process takes too much time or has a complicated user interface. So, make sure you keep customer acquisition procedures simple. In addition, you can integrate social media log-in to make it easier and quicker. Your application process should be over in two or three clicks, if possible, in one click. 

Monitoring Progress 

Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal

Tracking fitness is a must-have feature of a fitness app, irrespective of specialization, the track should be there. This app feature is critical for users to monitor their progress and accomplish their fitness goals. Fitness goals can vary, similarly, app specializations can vary, so based on these aspects you can incorporate the progress or tracking feature. Everyday tracking feature will help users to know where they are in their fitness and goal and how much improvement is needed. In addition, you can provide integration of tracking features with wearables or manual feeding. 

Dashboard for users 

The dashboard is another must-have feature for fitness apps where users can see important elements at a time. With a dashboard, users can decide whether they want to proceed with exercise, what they can eat, where they are in their fitness journey, and more. However, as a software development company, you must ensure a simplified user interface for the dashboard. Complicating and including everything on your dashboard will make your app user confused. In addition, they will feel frustrated making it difficult to use the app, so keep your dashboard simple. 

Push Notifications 

Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal

Let’s just accept, not all people are as disciplined as we think, they need a push for their fitness goals. Push notification features will remind users about their fitness goals, tracking, and more. Sometimes if you miss diets, your fitness goal will be left behind. So, to make sure your users come back to the app and follow their fitness goals, you need push notifications. It can encourage your users to follow their fitness goals and increase the usability of your app. 

Advanced Features of a Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal 

Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal

Similar to essential features, there are advanced features that you have to implement. These features can vary and can become your distinctive point to attract customers. If you want to create a fitness app, these are some advanced features of Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal you can implement: 

AI Chatbots: Chatbots are now common, but highly interactive for users. If you cannot have a team in place to handle customer queries 24×7, AI chatbots can be helpful. By analyzing and researching your target audiences, you can understand what are the common queries your audience might ask. So, it uses these queries to integrate into AI chatbots to handle customers anytime on the app. Moreover, it will give your app a unique feature and you can attract more customers with distinctiveness. 

The advanced trainer features: Similar to queries, there are common issues or goals that most people want to fulfill to achieve their fitness. So, to handle these aspects, you can incorporate AI trainers in an app that will provide special training to users. It will not only encourage personalization between the app users or target audience but also allow users to experience real-time gym training facilities. So, you can try to integrate advanced trainer features into your fitness app. 

Blockchain payments: Blockchain has become excessively popular, based on your target user base, you can provide a blockchain payment facility. You are developing a fitness app, so you will incorporate some monetization features. These monetization features should be offered with excellent payment options including blockchain will become your distinctive feature and increase user experience. 

3D visuals: If you are spending time on your app and ready to use high-level technology, 3D visuals can also be a great advanced feature. You can use 3D visuals of various exercises or workouts on your app for users to know what they are supposed to do. Compared to basic videos or photos, 3D visuals can bring a better experience. 

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like MyFitnessPal? 

When planning to develop a Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal, a budget is important. There are high-level technologies like the integration of AI that can cost a lot. Similarly, if you keep every element of your fitness app on a high scale, your cost will enhance. So, planning a budget for a fitness app becomes important. In addition, you have to incorporate things like how you will monetize, whether you want to give a free MyFitnessPal feature or want to begin with a subscription. From deciding your UX/UI design to the server, everything will decide your cost. When developing a fitness app you need a mobile application developer, project manager, or a mobile application development company to create it for you. 

If you consult a company, they can consider a few things for the development of a fitness app such as 

  • Your UX/UI design 
  • Type of features you want to add and their complexity level 
  • Use of technology for development 
  • Use of servers and other technical requirements 
  • Time takes to develop a fitness app. 
  • Operating system to develop- Android, iOs, or both. 

These above-mentioned factors will decide the total cost. If you are wondering how much it costs to create an app like MyFitnessPal, consider these factors. Consult a developer or development company and find out the detailed cost of development. On average, it can cost $10,000 to $50,000. However, if you are planning for an in-house development team, it can cost even more as hiring each employee along with buying technical requirements can go higher. 

Fitness App Like MyFitnessPal


If you are planning to develop a fitness app, this guide is helpful to you. You can find everything from insights on the popular MyFitnessPal app to features and how to develop a fitness app. The app market is flourishing, if you place your foot in the right way, you can attract users and growth in the industry for your business. From research to implementation, creating an app with precaution for the right audience will decide the success.

To develop a fitness app, you can hire expert developers to build an app from scratch to launch. 


Q. Is building a fitness app profitable? 

A. Yes! Apps like MyFitnessPal are great examples of fitness apps being profitable. If you approach the right audience and create the right features in your fitness app, you can attract an audience and with time turn it into a profitable model. 

Q. How much time will it take to complete a fitness app? 

A. If you are going to make a basic fitness app, it will take around 600-700 hours. For developing an advanced fitness app, it can take more time. Basically, it will depend on your app design and features. 

Q. How can I make money with a fitness app? 

A. To make a profit or monetize your fitness app, you can incorporate in-app purchases, and monetize different elements of your app like offering a subscription for advanced features, a subscription for trainers, etc. 

Q. What makes a fitness app successful? 

A. Trending features, optimization of the platform, and engaging content for the target audience can help you pull an audience on the app. Thus, giving fitness app a chance to grow. 

Q. What is the main objective of a fitness app?

A. The key objective of fitness apps is to help users with workouts, nutrition and diet planning, weight management, and reaching a fitness goal. 

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