Know Temu App Development Key Features and Success Story

Know Temu App Development Key Features and Success Story

There are high chances you must have heard of the Temu app due to its highly discounted offers. Be it home decor items, clothing, shoes, or beauty products, Temu has almost every product you could ever wish for. Despite being this familiar to Temu, can you confidently answer each question you get asked about it? We somehow assume ‘No’ as the answer to this question as people are often found laying interest in the discounted products offered by Temu rather than being eager to learn about the success story and key features of the Temu App development. 

The primary motive of this article itself is to brief on the above-mentioned terms in relation to the Temu app. However, if you wish to learn every single aspect of Temu app, as mentioned above, you will have to go through a detailed study of this article and make sure not to skip reading till the end. 

Everyone is aware of the fact that hard work is the only element that backs the success of any business, and the same goes for the Temu app. However, there is much more to the elements backing the success of Temu app, and this article is inclusive of all you need to know.

Apart from the success story, we have collected every possible piece of information regarding the customer-friendly features of Temu app so as to help customers like you be aware of every inch and corner in terms of detailing the Temu app. 

What is the Temu app?

What is the Temu app?

Temu app is a newly introduced online shopping app that provides a variety of products ranging from beauty, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, décor items, and much more, and that too at a price that no other shopping app can offer. Over the past few months, Temu app has grown high in demand and has even managed to surpass some of the most successful shopping websites like Amazon in terms of selling run-rate, which itself seems surprising. No other shopping app has been witnessed to reach such heights of success within a little time as Temu did. 

Due to its lower price markings, Temu app has gained the trust of over 20 million users, and that too just within a time of five months. Still, with plenty of other apps in the marketplace, Temu is somehow able to pave its way to success. Some people are with a mindset that it is too early for the Temu app to be successful, but it is the uniqueness and discounted prices offered by the app that has helped it succeed.  

Market Stats of Temu app

Market Stats of Temu app
  1. Since its launch in September 2022, Temu had about 50 million app downloads overall, getting it counted in the top 10 most downloaded shopping apps, and that too at a worldwide approach. 
  2. The US app store has had the most downloads in relation to the Temu app and has also granted Temu the first place in the download section, and the bars are only believed to rise with each day passing. 
  3. Both the app store and play store have granted Temu the place of being the most downloaded shopping app on a worldwide basis, as Temu has sold over 10 million goods to its customers thus far.
  4. Daily installs of the Temu app approximate roundly 1,85, 000 that even the most popular shopping websites are not capable of competing. 

Temu’s growth in the competitive market has witnessed a threefold increase over the past two months and has even worked as a threat to the most successful shopping sites in the competitive market. Temu app has been in great demand in the US market and is only downloaded the most in the US app store. The US, by far, has been the largest marketplace for Temu and is believed to stay the same in the future. Temu has only seen dominating its competitive brands in the market and has held a strong status in the market thus far. 

Temu’s cheaply priced products convert them into easy-to-grab products, and people get easily convinced to make the required investment in its products. More than 90% of the Temu app has been in the US only, and the company will only be seen boosting the same numbers in other countries as well. If things go in the way they are currently, Temu is believed to earn dominance over every single company in the market, be it the US or any other country.

Temu App Success Story

Temu App Success Story

Temu app is known to have experienced success in a not-so-long period, and hard work is not the sole element backing its success. If you surf the internet, you will be getting your hands on multiple success stories behind Temu app, but not every story can be trusted. 

For any company to succeed, it takes gaining control over a variety of elements, including the customer’s trust and loyalty, brand recognition, admirable brand value, and many more, and Temu is known to successfully achieve every single one of these. All this has been possible as Temu didn’t stay in the learning phase for long and achieved its long-term goals in a short period. 

Still, after all these factors, competition stayed a threat as Temu adopted a new approach to working, thus resulting in Temu app development. Unlike others, Temu described itself as a pure-e-commerce firm which simply means it does not manufacture its own products and only works on the basis of other merchants, manufacturers, and customers. 

What made Temu so popular?

Being popular in the current era is not as easy as it was a few years ago due to the rising competition in the market. There can possibly be no field that can be considered a competition-free field, hence making it difficult for all businesses to prosper. There was no such thing with the Temu app as it became popular in a blink of an eye, at least this is what the customers think. 

However, it takes more than hard work for a shopping website to become popular on the global level and surpass its competitors, who have held a stronghold in the market for multiple years. It took only four months for Temu to become the most downloaded free shopping app in the market. For those not aware of the reasons behind this, here are some points you need to go through. 

 Celebrity endorses

Celebrity endorsement is by far the best means through which you can get your business to be known by each and every single one of your target customers, along with the section of society you don’t even wish to target. All you need to do is make the correct choice out of all the celebrities within your reach and Temu worked way perfectly in this task. Temu app went with multiple celebrity endorsements, thus letting millions of people know about the Temu app. This is the first marketing strategy that helped Temu with the level of brand recognition it desired for. 

Low price game

A low price for a lovable product is always known to be highly capable of attracting as many customers as you want out of it. Low-priced products provided by Temu attracted customers like no other strategy could, even if given double the time taken by Temu. Along with low-priced products, Temu also provides coupon discounts, cash bonuses, and much more that can never let go of a customer that easily. Even if a customer is not much interested in buying products, low prices have the power to convince people way more easily than any other marketing scheme can.    

Referral code

In order to attract customers on a large scale, Temu worked with the assistance of referral codes, using which customers can earn cash and further use the money for buying their desired products on the Temu app. Not only this strategy helped customers earn money, but it also convinced them to share the Temu app with their close ones, thus helping in Temu app development along with helping it get acknowledged by others and grow free of any hindrance. 

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is never known to work against the growth of a website, as no user would like to take their eyes off of a place that comforts them and provides them with a welcoming environment. Seeing this as an advantage, the Temu app hired officials who provided the app with the best interface they could and clearly saw its upper hand over the competing apps. Each feature is designed in accordance with the comfort of the customers, and each product can be navigated with a single click of the search button. 

Business Model of Temu app

Business Model of Temu app

Defining a business model for the Temu app can be a confusing task, but with the help of some points, we can get plenty of things in your knowledge.

Low prices

Low-priced or discounted products have always been the top priority of the Temu app so as to attract a large customer base. Low-priced products are highly capable of exciting customers and help gain exposure, thus convincing them to put their money into the products on sale. The moment Temu ignores using low prices as their business mode, customers will start flocking their deals, and the growth of the app might come to an end.


Advertisements are a great way of promoting a newly set up business on the online marketplace, no matter the country. Temu has received unimaginable counts of customers just by using advertisements as its business model. Tik-Tok is known to be the main element behind Temu app development as it helped Temu get recognized by its target customers, along with a little hint of celebrity endorsements. 

Wide variety of products

Having a wide variety of products to offer to customers fuel up the chances for customers to make a deal with the online app, and the Temu app is often seen using this as their business model. With a wide array of products, the customers get multiple options to choose from, and the chances for them to get their desired items become all the more high. 


These days almost every company works with the assistance of subscriptions so as to boost its revenue, and this business model is never known to work against the growth of an application. By buying a subscription, users can get access to premium features and even get their hands on extra discounts that any user without a subscription cannot get. 

Working on the basis of commission

These days, working on the basis of commissions is considered a favorable option, and many people are seen opting for this as their field of business. This business model is known to be the most effective one of all adopted by the Temu app as it does not require a single amount to process the amounts further amongst the customers and traders.

Advanced features of the Temu App

Multiple modes of payment

These days, people have access to different modes of payment ranging from credit cards, debit card, net banking, and online wallets, and some have stayed with the cash-in-hand option this far. Not every customer accessing the Temu app uses the same mode of payment, hence making this issue troublesome. However, the Temu app has resolved this issue by providing the feature of multiple modes of payment that allows the customers to use whatever mode they wish to use to pay for the products they have added to their cart.

Delivery tracking system

There have been rumors about the delayed delivery of packages with the Temu app, which is often reported to be frustrating. Despite having reliable excuses for this misconduct, late deliveries can never be satisfying for the customers, seeing which Temu app has provided delivery tracking features using which customers can monitor their package from the moment it gets dispatched to the time it gets delivered.

How to build an app like Temu

Seeing the boosted growth of the Temu app, thousands of people get convinced that it is a profitable business option and eagerly show their interest in building a similar app. However, things cannot go in the way you wish for them till you do not hold the required information on this topic. From finding a reliable team to gathering the required amounts, there is much more to building an app like Temu. If you wish to get yourself working in the same field, here is a step-by-step guide that can help you achieve your goals in no time.


Choosing a domain name

The very first step to opening an app like Temu includes choosing a domain name through which the customers can easily visit your shopping website, and it needs to be in relation to the brand name you choose for your website or app.  

Choosing the right platform

If you wish to get your online shopping app to succeed amongst the rising competition, you will have to make a wise choice among the variety of e-commerce platforms within your reach. If you find yourself incapable of making the right decision, you will have to get yourself working under a team having the required knowledge in this field. 

Designing the app

Your online shopping app needs to be designed in such a manner that it provides a welcoming environment to each customer visiting your app. By any chance, if you do not choose the required design for your app, there will be fewer chances for your app to withstand the competition and help you earn your desired amount of revenue.

Choose the correct products.

In order to get your online shopping application to reach the gates of success, you will have to make the best choice in terms of the products you will be offering. Not having the latest products might wear off the excitement in your customers to invest in your app. 

Go with multiple testing.

Once you are done with carrying out the above steps, the next step would be checking your app before the final launch to make sure there are no errors that can cause your app to fail. You can appoint highly capable experts of android app development and iPhone app development for this task.

How to build an app like Temu


Temu is by far the most downloaded app in the US market and is continuously working on expanding in other countries as well. In order to get a detailed knowledge of this app, you can connect with the experts at Exato Software. 

Temu App Development FAQs

Q. How long does it take to build the Temu app or something similar?

A. The time of development largely depends on the choice of features and complexity of the application and the expertise of the developers you choose for the project.

Q. Is the Temu app legit?

A. Yes, the app is completely legit and safe to order from.

Q. How much does it cost to develop an app like Temu

A. Developing costs may vary from $20,000 to $60,000 depending on the functionality, technology, integration, UI/UX, customization, and other development factors.

Q. Is building an app like Temu easy?

A. Yes, if you have an expert team working along your side. However, if you are not a professional and opt for a DIY approach, it might make it very difficult for you to come up with favorable results.