Online Sports Betting Mobile App development Cost and Features

Sports Betting Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Sports Betting Apps are rapidly growing or expanding their demands continuously with each passing day. Sports Betting, which is also called Betting, is certainly not a new thing in the market. Individuals gamble from an early time, and significantly, Betting or gambling is for individuals who are sports freaks. Sports like Rugby, Basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, football, and numerous other sports. Therefore, if we check the App Store or google play store, we can discover hundreds or thousands of applications identified with gambling or Betting. Sports Betting Mobile App Development makes the cycle simpler, also as individuals can bet from any corner of the globe and get the rewards simply by sitting at home.

In the earlier time, when a group of individuals watched Sports together some part of individuals used to forecast the result of the Sports game like who will be the winner of the game and the score of their favorite team or player. Furthermore, the individual whose prediction was true, he/she gets prizes of cash collected by everyone who has predicted the sum.

As we know that these days individuals are more directed towards the online platform for business, startups, different services, gameplay, and a lot more. So why not convert this Betting or betting game into a superior online betting app solution?

Online Betting Market Share and Size

Online Betting Market Share and Size

The worldwide online betting business sector size was esteemed at $53.7 billion in 2019 and is forecasted to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. The high internet penetration and expanding use of mobile phones among people for playing online games from their homes and public spots drive the market. Moreover, factors like simple access to online betting, sanctioning and social approval, corporate sponsorships, and celebrity support add to advertising development.

The growing accessibility of savvy mobile applications across the globe is additionally expected to fuel market development. Severe limitations on individuals’ movement are expected to affect land-based casino club tasks altogether.

Various players are moving to online betting because of the land-based betting lockdown. But the cancellation of significant games across the world is adversely affecting game betting, subsequently hindering market development.

Why Invest in Online Betting App Development

There are numerous approaches to betting on sports nowadays, and perhaps the most well-known way is by using a website or a mobile application. The online betting application development empowers clients to watch their favorite events live on a mobile phone. During the match, the application user can put down a bet and win some genuine money rewards. Probably the ideal approach to see online betting is an investment. It is identical in practically some other multiple ways.

The development of the online betting business has seen a few betting applications, for example, the William Hill application. The most famous sports betting is football, basketball, boxing, and hockey. The following are some of the benefits of sports betting apps-

Chance to Make Money

Perhaps the greatest thing about sports betting is that you find the opportunity to bring in some cash. It doesn’t make any difference how much cash you bet with; what affects you is that you can win a few bets toward the day’s end and get some cash.

Parting Shot

The various game betting applications like William Hill permits you to begin betting whenever you want. This suggests that you can start betting at whatever point and any place you need. Ensure you bet dependably and be set up to handle any loss. Being prepared for any outcome sets you up to manage your emotions.

Entertainment Virtue

The reason numerous individuals engage in sports betting is a result of the entertainment it gives. Although watching a live game is fun, it gets much more seriously fascinating if some money is included. Seeing your group can be fascinating and captivating; however, the issue is that your group may not play each day or in weeks, and that is the place where sports wagering comes right into it.

Easy to Start

Various interests expect you to follow specific standards and time to take part in them. This may direct to struggles if your timetable is shut time or you do not have the guides. The beneficial thing with sports betting is that you needn’t bother with any hardware or financial responsibility before marking. You need like $5 to start betting. You can also hold the opportunity to bet with a specific sum occasionally.

Things to Consider During Sports Betting App Development

Things to Consider During Sports Betting App Development

Any talented designing/development organization can craft sports betting applications, but you’re not searching for ‘any’ application development. When you need to do the best, search for the best to hire skilled application designers from a professional company. Consider the following points while hiring a sports betting app development company:

Designing Aspects of the App

Business entrepreneurs or new companies should check the design portfolio of the online betting application development organization. Furthermore, they should ensure that their guidelines of application planning are acknowledged worldwide. Planning the customized application is a vital factor that can add to its prosperity.

Support and Maintenance

Launching the application in the store by an online betting application development company doesn’t end their obligation. The organization should offer 24* seven maintenance and support services to the customer.

Latest Trends and Technologies

The sports betting software development organization needs to know the most recent innovations and trends incorporated in the betting application. The organizations should also seek after the latest manual and automation Quality Assurance and testing measures to affirm that the final application is bug and error-free.

Safety and Security

In online betting application development, the safety and security of the application is the most important factor. There is a threat of low-quality replica applications hitting the stores before the original one is launched because the betting application development organization takes no security measures. The idea of the application needs to stay private before the final application is launched in the market.

Challenges with Online Betting Application Development

Challenges with Online Betting Application Development

There are a few obstacles that you may catch even before betting application development. You need to thoroughly consider a few points to make a betting application that works legally and is permitted to be used by people in general.

Publishing in the App Store

In July 2017, Google reported that designers could publish betting applications in the Google Play Store. However, there are some strict guidelines to keep young clients from downloading applications of this kind. For example, it’s needed to have a betting license from the specified country. Additionally, the Play Store demands that publishers should make their betting applications free.

To publish your betting application in the Apple App Store, you need to follow the set of rules given by Apple. They’re quite like Google’s. For example, any betting application needs to be associated with a business with a license and a geo-fence.

Deciding UI/UX

How to make a betting application that brings a ton of clients? It would be best if you focused on easy to use and intuitive UI/UX plan. As indicated by the latest trends, applications need to have a basic interface without unnecessary components that can divert clients., It’s common to coordinate some animations. For example, you can add motion or animated changes to the screens. Individuals are visual creatures, so you need to focus on design to deliver worth to end-users. It’s smarter to partner with qualified creators who can make a quality interface.

Getting License

The essential task is to get an online betting license. It’s the best way to enter the betting business. It’s impossible to promote the betting application and gain clients without a license.

Each nation has various rules and guidelines for getting an online betting license. First, you need to examine the jurisdiction of a specific country or state. You can speed this process up by partnering with a certified legal lawyer.

Integration of Payment System

Making a betting application requires carrying out a few payment strategies to make the transactions quick and simple. As a result, a great amount of payment framework suppliers is ready to partner with betting platforms. Among the most famous ones are Stripe, NETELLER, and Skrill.

Most Popular Online Sports Betting Applications

The mobile application industry thrives with an expansive range of sports betting applications, which are coming in all sizes and sorts. Unfortunately, each sports betting application you find in the market isn’t something very similar and perfect. So, you have multiple scopes to change over those issues into features. Some of the most popular betting applications in the market are:


This driving mobile betting application comes for iPhone and iPad gadgets, and it offers a huge option for in-game marketers; clients can watch games and LIVE events. Moreover, its flexible plan enables clients to effectively and rapidly explore available categories and events. This application is ideal for individuals who like to put down bets even at the final moment.

William Hill

This iPhone application appreciates the highest rank in the App Store. It is visually engaging and offers clients extraordinary in-game markets and odds rates. A part of its astonishing features, like betting protection, is only available only in the mobile form, urging clients to install the application on their mobile phones.

Paddy Power

Clients love this application due to its simple-to-use functionality. However, the motivation behind why most of the clients love this application might be because of its capacity to consolidate numerous features in one place. This application enables its clients to watch games, and put down bets, and offers an in-built casino. Also, it additionally attracts clients with deals and promotions sometimes. Therefore, many consider this application to be the best iPhone mobile application for betting available for users.


This application attracts clients with its spotless design and simple-to-use menus. Currently, there are two mobile applications accessible that bear this Betfair name. One application is an exemplary sportsbook with a wide range of information, best rates, details, and so on. The second is a mobile trading application that enables clients to put down bets and get prizes.


This application, also called Bodog, turns out to be among the biggest and most established online sportsbooks in business today. Bovada is a handful of betting applications to accept bets from the United States and cover all significant sports in the United States, like hockey, soccer, b-ball, baseball, and many more.

Key Features of Online Betting App Development

In the early days, when the first betting application was launched in the market, the application was coordinated with fundamental features like placing a bet, cashing out, and checking the score. Later as innovation emerged, further developed features were presented in the application, making it more adaptable for clients.

There are some other features also like providing a live status of the match, choosing the category of betting, viewing information about each player individually, and many more. And all this is done on a smartphone by a single app only.

There are some different features such as giving a live status of the match, picking the class of betting, seeing data about every player independently, and more. And this is done on a mobile device through a single betting application.

The User Panel

Key Features of Online Betting App Development

User Registration

This is the very first section on which the user lands after opening the betting application. Users have to create a new account to access the features of the application.

Live Game Status

The live feed is one of the best features to integrate in the betting application. Users can easily see the ongoing status of the match on which they have placed bets.

Multiple Payment Options

Money is the most important thing in betting applications. So the app needs to be integrated with the most secure payment gateways for fast and secure transactions.

Betting Instructions

This is the most beneficial feature for new users. They can know about the basics, benefits, and concepts for placing bets successfully.

Player Details

The users must be aware of the complete information of the players on which they are placing the bets. This makes the betting process easy for users.

Updates About Upcoming Matches

This feature notifies the users of upcoming matches and schedules with fixed times and dates.


There are some questions that every user has about the application. Integration of the FAQ section in the app will help them to get answers to their questions.


The users in the application will be from every corner of the globe. So the must have the feature of multiple languages so the users can view it in their desired language.

The Admin Panel


The admin also has to register themselves in the app to access the details and information of all the registered users. Admin also has to update the winner/loser after the match ends.

User Management

All the registered users are managed by the admin through the admin dashboard. Admin can also access information of the users to manage the bets and amount.

Manage Prize and Payment

All the money received during the bets is managed by the admin. Admin also transfers the winning amount to the winner as per the betting terms.

Receiving Winning Odds from Bookies

Bookies are the most important part of sports betting. They update the admin about the odds that are favoring the winning team.

Declare Winner

After the match ends, the admin analyses all the users and declares the winner as per the result.

Technology Stack for Betting Application Development

Choosing the right technology is the most important factor in app development. There are various technologies available in the market that you can use for app development. But the selection of the right technology is always a difficult task. You must choose the technology which keeps your app secure, flexible, and robust. Here is a technology stack that you can follow for sports betting software development.

Picking the right technology stack is the main factor in application development. There are different frameworks and technologies accessible in the market which you can use for application development. But the choice of the correct framework is an exhausting task. You should pick the technology which keeps your application secure, adaptable, and robust. Here is an innovation stack that you can follow for Sports Betting Mobile App Development.



AWS and Google

Cloud Environment

HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MongoDB


Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, Centos

Universal Operating System

Mail Chimp Integration, Mandrill



Data Management


Powerful Programming

Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo

SMS and Phone Verification


Push Notifications

Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache, Flink

Real-Time Analytics

Team Structure for Sports Betting Mobile App Development

The development team is the most crucial aspect of Sports Betting Mobile App Development solutions, so you must know about the specification of each individual. The ideal team required for developing an online betting app is:

  1. Project Managers
  2. Team Managers
  3. Technical Experts
  4. Business Analysts
  5. UI & UX Designers
  6. Frontend and Backend Developers
  7. Quality Analysts

Cost of Developing Online Betting Application

Estimating the specific cost of betting applications isn’t simple, however, it is possible to figure out the normal or estimated cost. Essentially, the cost relies upon features, platforms, and the country where you are intending to develop an application. As the salary of designers varies as indicated by the country.

Cost of Developing Online Betting Application

U.S.-based designers: – $60 to $240 each hour Eastern Europe-based engineers: – $50 to $130 each hour Japan-based engineers: – $50 to $200 each hour

U.S.-based developers: – $60 to $240 per hour

Eastern Europe-based developers: – $50 to $130 per hour

Japan-based developers: – $50 to $200 per hour.

As indicated by the details of USA designers, according to the following activities, it is not difficult to calculate the assessed cost of sports betting app development.

  1. Technical documentation: 40 hours – $800 to $4000
  2. UI/UX design: 60 Hours – $1200 to $6000
  3. Front-end and Back-end development: 400 Hours – $8,000 to $ 40,000
  4. MVP testing: 80 Hours$1600 to $8000
  5. Polishing and bug fixing: 40 hours$800 to $4000

By analyzing the above-mentioned information, it can be estimated that the cost of developing sports betting software will cost you around $20,000 to $40,000. But the cost of developing a sports betting app with the most advanced features will cost around $60,000 to $70,000.

By investigating the above-mentioned data, it is assumed that the cost of betting application development will be around $20,000 to $40,000. But, the cost of crafting a sports betting app with the most progressive features will be around $60,000 to $70,000.

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