Cost and Features Involved to Build Medicine Delivery App

Cost and Features Involved to Build Medicine Delivery App 

Did you know that by 2025, the global healthcare market will be worth around $109.25 billion? This market, which had a value of about $45.65 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach approximately $109.25 billion by 2025, is likely to rise at a CAGR of about 14.26 percent from 2019 to 2025, according to research. Every person uses medications at some point in their life. Additionally, waiting in those long lines to get medications can be annoying, especially for sick people. Additionally, people frequently experience the problem of not being able to find their medicine medication at a pharmacy. But happily, the best answer to this issue is healthcare Medicine Delivery app development. It is advantageous for both pharmacies and customers, in addition to being good for consumers.

During this outbreak, the use of applications for medication delivery has skyrocketed, saving many lives. So, read on until the conclusion if you’re interested in learning how to create a pharmaceutical delivery application and how much it will cost.

Why Should You Invest In A Medicine Delivery App?

Everyone agrees that the pharmaceutical industry is essential to the survival of humanity. With the arrival of COVID-19 in 2020, this claim becomes even more pertinent. To stop the virus from spreading during this pandemic state, people have isolated themselves and avoided social situations. And for whom people are having difficulty meeting their daily food, shopping, and medical needs. Applications for medication distribution are among the most life-saving tools now accessible in such situations.

Business analysts claim that during the past several years, demand for React Native Application Development has grown significantly. reports that Google searches for health-related terms rose by over 300% during COVID-19.

Since everyone now owns a smartphone, creating an application that enables users to browse through the available medicine and have those medications delivered to their homes or places of business may be the most persuasive marketing strategy for a business. Because of this, it is a great time to invest in these types of healthcare delivery systems.

The medical industry offers many opportunities for success, but if you are not careful when developing the app for your healthcare firm, customers can ultimately choose your competitor’s app and outcompete you in the market.

Benefits Of Medicine Delivery Applications

Applications for drug delivery benefit patients as well as pharmacists. The delivery system may function more effectively and order administration may be made simple by a feature-rich application created by an android application development company. The following reasons support the aforementioned claim:

Benefits For Pharmacists

• The best approach to increasing pharmaceutical sales is this one. Building these applications is crucial for pharmacists for this reason.

• If a pharmacist uses a medication delivery app, they are not required to keep an inventory record for each order they fill. Because the program effectively delivers fast updates to pharmacists, they may replenish it before the stock runs out.

• The applications give pharmacists access to customers who are currently out of their reach. Many customers have to travel further to buy essential medicine because of regional restrictions. But enterprises can also satisfy those customers’ needs with the aid of these applications. The clientele of the company increases as a result.

•The application features a feature that analyses the regular clients’ monthly needs. It will act as a reminder to keep such meds available and on hand. As a result, the iOS application development company’s apps improve the efficiency of the distribution process and provide better customer service.

• Pharmacists could provide greater discounts and promotions on the total cost of the purchase to entice new customers. Furthermore, a reward or incentive system for loyal consumers can be implemented using these technologies. Customers receive reward points as a result of their purchases, which they may then redeem for greater discounts on future purchases.

Benefits for Users

• Using these programs will save you time and effort as a consumer. You have to put up with the inconvenience of standing in line for hours to buy if you go to a pharmacy. Additionally, you might have to visit multiple pharmacies in order to buy the meds you require if you don’t get all of the medicine on your list. However, anyone might order all of those medicine from the comfort of their home by using online pharmacy application development services.

• These apps can offer medical assistance to its users in times of need in addition to dispensing medicine to them. Through the app’s video call feature, the on-call doctors will assist you.

• If you go to your local pharmacy, you can pay with cash or a credit card for your medicine. In contrast, clients using applications for medicine delivery are given a choice of payment options, in addition to COD, including UPI, card payments, online banking, and others. You can also be eligible for rewards if you utilise specific online payment methods.

Top Medicine Delivery App In The Market

Capsule Pharmacy

It is a veritable cocoon of numerous pharmacists and a sizable amount of pharmaceuticals. With pharmacists preparing your specified order, the business runs like a courier service.

It is currently one of the biggest medical facilities in the 25th ward of West New York, New York. It’s likely that this mobile application development company will soon expand its operations to Staten Island.

Customers can receive information from the application concerning drug dosage and administration schedules. You can also choose the time, place, and address for your purchase. Similarly, you can select the accelerated services, which ensure that the drug will arrive within two hours of placing the purchase.


One of the most cutting-edge healthcare apps using robotics and artificial intelligence now on the market, it may provide clients with services like same-day delivery and many others.

The application’s management system, known as QucikFill, enables the company to offer same-day delivery to its customers and gives them access to more than 1.5 million physicians nationwide, creating incredibly effective business procedures.


The CVS Healthcare Corporation recently purchased the American business CVS. The company started operating in 1996, and by 2016, it had expanded to become one of the biggest US pharmacy franchises. The company was ranked seventh among the biggest companies in the US in 2017.

Customers at CVS can also purchase general products and cosmetics in addition to medicine drugs. Additionally, they offer their customers seasonal things like gift cards and prepared dinners. The company operates a massive network of clinics that offer more than 1,100 medical services to patients.


One of the easiest-to-use programs is NetMeds. Customers could order medications using the app at any time and from any location because it is easy to download. You can enter medications, and the application’s artificial intelligence will review them and recommend the best treatment for you.

Before making a purchase, you simply need to choose the quantity and place it in your virtual shopping cart. The main selling feature of the NetMeds application is how quick, easy, and straightforward the process is.

Additionally, this program offers features including the ability to schedule test laboratories and an on-call physician consultant. Users can review and rate the medicine, keep track of their orders, and recommend them to others.


One of the biggest eCommerce corporations in the world, Amazon, owns and operates Pillpack, which provides consumers with free pharmaceutical delivery. The company’s owners developed a robot-assisted packaging technique to maximize the efficiency of the shipment process for this application.

Must-Have Features In A Medicine Delivery App

A medicine delivery App can be made in a number of ways. An application for medication distribution typically includes the following modules:

  • App for Customers
  • App for Pharmacies
  • Admin Panel

We’ve compiled a list of the must-have features for each of the panels described above.

Features For Customers Medicine Delivery App 


Account creation for users should be possible within your applications. There are several ways to implement this feature, but integrating social login to speed up the login and registration processes is the most efficient one.

Management of profile

Consumers should be able to enter their name, credit card number, and shipping address after successfully creating a new user profile. A “lost password” option should also be included in the profile administration.

Include prescriptions

Users should have the option to upload medicine for expert validation. Users should be able to upload prescriptions in a number of other forms, such as images from the phone’s gallery, PDFs, and others, using this functionality.

Search medicine

Customers use medicine delivery services mostly to look up particular drugs. Therefore, having a robust medication search feature is essential because it will help users find the goods they’re looking for in your app swiftly. Users should be able to apply more filters and limit their search to specific categories, brands, or medications with similar effects.

Payment Options

The use of digital payments grows yearly, and the pharmaceutical industry won’t be an exception. You must therefore make it possible for customers to pay for their products without leaving your app. Make sure you provide a range of payment options so that clients have a choice.

Ratings and comments

Customers ought to be able to voice complaints and provide feedback regarding the goods and services you provide. You must therefore have a feature that enables users to provide consumer feedback. You can turn social proof into a very successful strategy for consumer attraction and retention by creating a frictionless shopping experience.


There are numerous approaches to provide this functionality. You can use this feature to alert customers about new drugs, upcoming sales, and special offers; or you can go a step further and alert them when the supply of drugs they regularly; use to treat specific chronic ailments needs to be refilled.

Order Monitoring

For those who are busy, this feature will be invaluable. Give customers the option to track their purchases on a map to see when their order will arrive.

Fast reordering

This is a useful feature that helps your customer save time. Users can set up their medications to be automatically refilled every week, month, or year. For people with chronic conditions, the scheduled delivery function is essential.

Features For Medicine Delivery App 


You must include this capability in your online medicine delivery App if you want to support the sale of medicines by third parties. Vendors have to be able to create an account and fill out a simple form with their personal data.

Management of Accounts

After creating an account, vendors must be able to enter and modify their firm information as necessary.

Management of Orders

This capability ought to help pharmacies process and manage orders, handle returns, manage refunds, and validate prescriptions.

Digital Prescriptions:

Pharmacies should have access to and control over prescription files.


This feature is essential since a pharmacist needs to be able to take direct payments via the application; find out about all active payments, and control their flow.

Order History – Provides pharmacy employees with previous order information.


Pharmacists should be able to learn more about sales and payments thanks to this functionality. Accessing data on sold goods, recognizing blockbusters, spotting surges in demand for a specific drug, and gaining other critical commercial insights should be possible for pharmacists.


An effective discount program can help pharmacies boost sales. You can either create a system with pre-established standards for discounts; or you can give pharmacists the freedom to come up with their own.

Features For Admin


A comprehensive dashboard for managing orders, delivery, customers, and third-party providers.


All client orders placed across all registered pharmacies should be accessible to admins.

Customer Service –

Administrators should be able to get in touch with users for clarification so that they are not left in the dark if they have any questions or issues.

Technology Stack for Medicine Delivery Application

Medicine Delivery app should have a complex backend design because they are made up of many different parts. A well-chosen technology stack guarantees that the development of these apps will go smoothly.

Front-End of Medicine Delivery App 

This is the application’s client side. Users can interact with the visible things in this section.

LanguageSwiftJava or Kotlin
IDEXcodeAndroid Studio
SDKCocoa TouchAndroid SDK

Back-End of Medicine Delivery App 

This project’s server-side element correlates to all background processes.

LanguagesPython, Node.js, Ruby
Web Framework Flutter
DatabaseMongoDB, MySQL
Web ServerApache

Application Programming Interface

This protocol outlines the channels of communication between the front-end and back-end of an application. APIs are also used to quickly connect an application; with resources from third parties.

Payment GatewaysPayPal, Stripe, GooglePay
AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Tool
EmailTwilio, MailChimp
StorageCloud Storage, On-Premise 

Cost of Developing a Medicine Delivery App

The sort of healthcare software development company you work with is one of several variables that affect the price of medication delivery apps. The following are a few factors that affect how much it costs to create medical delivery apps.

The platform for Development

A business owner can create an application for the distribution of medications on either Android or iOS. The investment needed to develop an Android app; is typically lower than that needed to develop an iOS equivalent.


The location of the development is also important because; European and North American developers charge more to create an application. For new businesses, outsourcing development to developers in India may be the best option.

Timeline of Development

Businesses are billed according to the number of hours needed to construct an app by developers. The project duration and cost will increase in direct proportion to how sophisticated the required application is.

Features of Medicine Delivery App 

Implementing fundamental functionality can be done for a lower development cost. High-end capability, however; could come at an additional expense.

Integration of a Third Party

You may build a feature-rich application at a cheaper development cost by integrating third parties.

Calculation of Costs Medicine Delivery App :

If you look at all of the core development components and outsource the creation of your app, you can pay close to $20,000. However, creating such an app can cost between $30,000; and $40,000 if you take use of all the special features and want to provide your consumers with top-notch services.


Applications for medication delivery are definitely beneficial to the healthcare industry. With the help of this initiative, patients and doctors may interact quickly and get sound medical advice without having to wait for hours. Patients get treated more quickly thanks to doctors’ ability to treat them effectively. Most significantly; these platforms raise people’s standards of living. We hope this blog post has allayed your concerns about the specifications and price of developing a medication delivery application.

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