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4 ways to mobilize your business

How often do you use your smartphone during the day? When do you wake up while waiting in line at the cafe when you receive a message? The fact is that we already live in a digital world where everything exists within the dim blue light. This includes your company.

Every business, without exception, must be present on consumers’ mobile devices. This also applies to small businesses, as their products and services are also in demand in the digital world. This is how a business, regardless of its size, can become mobile.

1. Take your website for a mobile test.

This is not just a recommendation, but a requirement: Your website should be optimized for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. If you are not sure that it meets this condition, it is easy to test it without having any technical skills. Just open your website on your desktop or laptop, and then on your smartphone or tablet. If the size of the text and images changes according to the screen size, then you have hit the ten. If not, it’s time for a change. With adaptive design, your website will not only be functional on mobile devices. You’ll be able to optimize it more efficiently for Google and attract more visitors.

2. Use mobile advertising.

Using a mobile advertising program is another important tool to reach your potential customers. Why is this so? You should be aware that not everyone who is interested in your product is looking for it directly through their mobile device. Mobile ads attract this type of customer. For example, if you have a pizzeria, these ads will appeal to people who simply use the keyword “pizza” for Google search and are located in your area.

To be able to really stand out from your competitors and maintain your market position in the long run, take advantage of a mobile application, created especially for your business. It will help you to develop your mobile marketing strategy through direct messages to users, creating a virtual zone, depending on the location of the user, links to social networks and many other tools.

3. Mobilize your customers

When building your mobile presence, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Do a survey to find out how “mobile” your competitors are. Find out exactly what attracts new customers to your business and what makes them come back again. This information will be the basis for the creation of your mobile website and mobile application.

As we illustrated earlier, your customers use their smartphones almost constantly – take advantage of this. Using a mobile app and a mobile website at the same time will help you keep them as well as make them loyal to your business. Let them get the most out of what your company has to offer directly on their mobile devices.

4. Be adaptable and use a native application.

Adaptive web design is the basis for winning customers in the mobile space. When someone opens a web browser on their mobile device and uses Google search, your adaptive website and therefore your business will be easily found. A native application created specifically for the respective platform such as Android or iOS, for example, will make the customer come back for more. It is at the heart of building customer loyalty.

A native app will allow you to retain customers. You just have to use its presence on their mobile devices for maximum effective marketing. While lining up in the cafe, for example, you receive a message on your smartphone that after two more purchased coffees, you will receive one for free. Guarantee that you will go again!

Take advantage of the opportunities of the digital world by providing your business with a competitive place in it. Consumers already hold mobile devices in their hands. Make them build a solid relationship with your business through them.

Take the first step towards building a mobile website and mobile application for your business. Send an inquiry.

Offshore Development Team

How and why to choose the right web agency?

Choosing a web agency may seem like a simple action that requires a few clicks on Google. In fact, using search terms such as “web agency”, “website development” or others, the results are not lacking. But what is the real quality of these results? How to choose a web agency that really knows how to grow your business and give value to your online investment?

Attention because I am not talking about those “all inclusive” services at 99 dollars or so, which literally pollute the market and which I consider suitable (perhaps) for the small shop under the house (if they really need a website). I speak of the choice of a “serious” web agency for the selection of which we often rely only on the price, as if this were a sufficient yardstick to establish seriousness and skills.

Actually I would say that the choice of an agency is a very delicate thing, which deserves a lot of attention as it is a strategic decision for your company.

Not being online today is a limit that only a few can afford. If you are looking for a web agency that can guide you in the most correct strategic choices and carry out your online projects in the best way, it is good that you keep in mind some factors and maybe base your choice on them.

1. The website

The first factor is certainly the agency’s website! I already wrote it in a previous articles, the saying “the shoemaker goes with broken shoes” does not suit web agencies and communication agencies. If an agency communicates badly through its site, how do you think it will behave towards your work? Exactly… better let it go and look elsewhere.

2. Portfolio / Case History

The second relevance factor is the references. Who is not proud of their jobs, customers or success stories? Well, if among the works carried out, the clients mentioned or the case studies, there is nothing relevant or that captures your taste or your attention, perhaps it is not the agency for you.

3. How do you approach your project?

Assuming you have selected the agency to contact, the question is: how does it relate to you and your project? Do you carefully evaluate your requests? Is it proactive in the preliminary analysis phase? Are you trying to speak your language or are you just filling your mouth with barker terms? Does the interlocutor you relate to give the impression of knowing what he is talking about or is he more of a seller looking for customers and commissions?

4. The technological factor

As far as you can understand, does the agency plan to adopt modern and innovative technologies? What CMS do you intend to use? What vision do you have of mobile consultation and therefore of the responsive factor? How do you deal with design? What guarantees of assistance, support and platform upgrades does the agency offer you?

5. Goals people, goals…

As simple as true: “if you don’t set a goal you don’t know where you’re going!” and therefore it is essential to immediately ask the right questions and establish what the objectives you want to achieve are. If it is not the agency itself that deals with this issue first, perhaps it is better to look elsewhere.

6. Cost and value of the project

Undoubtedly, in the end it all comes down to reading that last fateful page of the document of specifications and conditions of supply called estimate. Cost is undoubtedly an important factor in every project (not just the web), and costs will inevitably vary from agency to agency based on the various factors listed above.

In this regard, in my opinion there are no absolute rules to be respected, even if the good old saying of the grandmother “so pay, so eat” is always very current. But here it is not just a matter of spending because, if you invest 500, 5,000 or 50,000 dollars, if the investment does not generate any return or value, it will still be “money thrown away”.

If possible, ask for objective data on the return on investments in e-Commerce (obviously related to your sector). Compare yourself about the tangible results that a blog can bring to your brand reputation. Evaluate the conversions that the new website will generate and so on… Data is important. Shopping is important, but achieving certain results is priceless!

For everything else there is (hopefully) the web agency that you will choose.