Create an app: get off to a flying start in 4 steps

Before you read on, stop! Creating an app may seem like a big hurdle now, but it’s not. If you compare making an app with climbing a mountain, reaching the top is far away. But if you start taking that first step, you will get there. Maybe you should rest on the way, have a drink or even spend the night; it goes in small steps. But … once you reach that top, you have such a beautiful view that you have already forgotten the outward journey!

So just like climbing a mountain, developing an app starts with small steps and intermediate milestones. With the steps below you will climb to a successful app.

1. Keep your motivation

It is important that you stay focused on your app. You will have to invest money and time and it will not always be easy. But in the end your app idea will be a success! The important thing is that you persevere. How do you keep your motivation high? Write for yourself why you started this app project. What do you want to achieve? What is your target? Who do you want to help? By reflecting on your ideals in the meantime, you will find motivation to continue, even if things go wrong. In addition, share your idea with friends and colleagues; they will help you improve your idea. Don’t be afraid that people will steal your idea, it hardly ever happens. 

2. Determine the market feasibility

Fun, such app idea but it has an after developing app developer will be well used. And how do you know if people are going to use your app? Right! Because the app is valuable to them! We know from research and practice that the most useful apps are becoming popular!

Whether your app will be a success can therefore only be determined in one way: by talking to your target group in advance. They are the only ones who can indicate whether they see value in your idea. 

You sometimes hear the comment “But people don’t know what they need or like.” And that’s right… if you do research the wrong way. For example, the question “would you use this app?” is answered yes by many people, regardless of the idea or the app. Therefore, ask your target group about their current behavior, what problems this causes and how much they have left to solve that problem. Because how do you make an app successful without knowing whether your app solves a problem for your user? A prototype is an ideal way to support this research. You don’t even need an app developer for that.

3. Make a prototype

An idea for an app only really comes to life when you have the app fixed and can touch it. Then people will see and experience what your app can do. You build a clickable prototype for about 10% of the price of an app. With this you test with the target group, make your friends enthusiastic and convince financiers and colleagues. You can find more about prototypes in this article about Making money with apps, which is the same whether you are going to make an iPhone or Android app.

4. Talk to an investor or your boss

Fact: building an app is expensive. The prices vary between $2,500 and above $100,000. On average, having a custom app made costs $19,000. 

Do you make an app that fits in well with the company where you work, or the industry you work in? Then go to your boss or any connections you have to provide financial support. 

If you make an app for yourself, a boss who invests is of course not an option. It is very wise to look around for successful companies, organizations or parties that can benefit from your app idea. Can you think of some parties that way? 

It is important to convince these parties of the value of your app idea. This is possible with a strong business case, for example. Or because the app matches their strategy. So get them in time and convince them with an app prototype.

Create a comprehensive roadmap for an app

With the above 4 steps you can get off to a flying start with your app idea. In addition, these are also globally 4 major steps in the app development process. Do you want a more extensive version of ‘The roadmap for apps’? 

I have made a step-by-step plan so that you can see exactly all the steps associated with making an app. Below you will have direct access to the step-by-step plan by entering your email address. You will immediately receive an email with access to the step-by-step plan.

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